silver noodle

So like… I had a dream… that Samir had a clone. Because I guess even my subconscious has to make everything clones. But anyway I recently realised I had to intro a whole bunch of new characters and plot stuff in order for Roots to work… so this is Pyotr. Probably. I have a plot thing in my head for him… but I don’t have all the details worked out. The holes in Roots keep making it a bigger more unruly story….

anonymous asked:

Me and my fiancé just got a smoke point Maine Coon kitten earlier today and we can't for the life of us choose of a name for him! Any suggestions? For those too lazy too Google what a smoke point looks like, he's black with some silver flecks on him and will possibly have a silver mane. Thanks!






any suggestions that anyone else has are more than welcome!!!