silver metal crystal


Fantastic piece of native silver on display at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show that even appears to have face terminations on it.


Microscopic crystals of silver metal growing at the tip of an aluminum wire

Growing Silver Metal Crystals by Electrochemistry

The procedure is fairly simple. Just apply an electric current between a silver anode and an aluminum or silver metal cathode while they are immersed in silver nitrate solution. The silver ions from the anode will deposit on the cathode.

The crystals are microscopic so to see them the solution is placed under a microscope. A glass slide may be placed over the solution to keep the surface flat so you can see it better.

The crystals grow in different shapes depending on concentration and current applied.

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We’re a little over a month away from the Tucson Arizona Gem and Mineral show, perhaps the most famous exposition of gem crystals on Earth every year. Here’s a tour through the 2015 show with some examples of the amazing specimens you can find at this show. #MineralMonday