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Gorillaz Humanz House Party Locations

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51.51532, -0.13214
England, London, Soho Square

34.09864, -118.26158
America, Los Angeles, Silver Lake Meadow

-23.58741, -46.65763
Brazil, São Paulo, Parquet Ibirapuera

4.66807, -74.09892
Colombia, Bogotá, Jardin Botánico José Celestine Mutis

-33.44158, -70.68186
Chile, Santiago, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural

40.75358, -73.98345
New York, Manhattan, Bryant Park

50.84674, 4.35251
Belgium, Brussels, Grand-Place de Bruxelles

22.30207, 114.15485
Hong Kong, West Kowloon Cultural District, Nursery Park

19.35297, -99.17291
Mexico, Mexico City, Vivero Coyoacán

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The Joker x Reader  * How it all started* (Part 1)

Prequel to : The Joker X Reader 4 (part 1)

The Joker X Reader 4 (part 2)

    You enter the club, inhaling the scent you missed so much: cigarettes, alcohol, perfume, sweat, all blending together in an intoxicating cocktail. The music is blasting in the speakers and the strong base is making the ground shake. You are heading towards the bar when you are grabbed and pushed on the dance floor.

  “Dance with me, beau…”, the guy says, trying to make a move on you.

   “Get lost!”, you shriek with a bitter look on your face, not letting him finish, while slapping his hand away. “I didn’t give you permission to touch me, did I??”

    He ignores your request, reaching for you again. You dodge his hand, move a step closer and firmly squeeze his crotch, tightening you hold to the maximum. The young man tries to push you away but he can’t: it’s not the first time you’re doing this. He whimpers in pain, hitting your arm. You won’t let go. “You were just leaving, right?”, you smirk, finally releasing your grip. The guy bends over, covering his probably already bruised pride and slides down the glass wall, squinting his eyes in pain.


    The Joker is upstairs in the VIP lounge, watching everything that’s going on in his club from behind the smoky windows. He suddenly starts laughing maniacally, crossing his legs. “Auch, I bet that hurt!”. Frost is glancing out there too, trying to see what amused his boss so much. “Frosty, who’s the girl with the lacy yellow dress and bright red hair?” J points out with his cane in the crowd.

     “Ahh,” Frost answers when his eyes find you. “That’s Miss Y/N,sir.”

     “That’s Y/N?!” the Joker grins. “We’ve been doing business with her for a while…Maybe I shouldn’t let you take care of things so much, Frost. I’m missing on opportunities to meet…” he pauses, biting his lower lip “…new people.”

    “Of course, boss” Frost smiles, nodding his head in agreement.

     J passes his fingers through his green hair, holding it in place for a few moments, watching you take a sit at the bar and order a drink. “Tell her everything she wants is on the house.”

    “Yes, sir” Frost replies, already on the phone.


     You start sipping on your whiskey when the bartender leans towards you: ”Everything on the house tonight, miss.”

  “What? Why?…” you ask, surprised.

  The bartender points towards the VIP lounge. “Boss says so.”

   “Oh, he’s here?” you lift your glass towards the smoky windows and mutter “Thank you”. You hope he saw it.

    He did.


    You end the conversation on your cell phone, debating on what to do with the information you just got.  After a few moments you decide, so you take your drink and you head towards the stairs. Up to the VIP lounge you go.

    “Hi, Frost”, you snicker, seeing he’s already coming for you.

    “Hello, miss Y/N, it’s been a while". You take his arm as he leads you upstairs. The heavy security moves out of your way.          

    “Can I see Mister J?”

   “He’s already expecting you, Miss Y/N.” Frost parts the gold beads for you and stays behind.

    You enter the luxurious room and your eyes rest on the green haired man sitting on the velvet couch. His white shirt is unbuttoned almost all the way down and you can see a lot of tattoos on his pale, toned body.

    “Baby doll,” he grins at you, revealing his silver grill, “we finally meet.”

    “Mister J, it’s a pleasure”, you reply with a flirtatious tone, continuing to analyze him.

    “Kitten, turn around, let me see you.”  You giggle, slowly spinning on your high hills, taking a sip of your whiskey as you face the Joker again.

     “Prettttyyyy…” he purrs, gesturing you to come sit on the couch.

      You take two steps towards him when your favorite song starts blasting in the club. “Mmmm, I love this song,” you sigh, closing your eyes, starting to swing your hips to the beat.

    “Mister J, dance with me,” you plead, finally putting your drink down on the mahogany table nearby. The Joker catches the serious look that lingers on your face for just a few seconds. He is a bit intrigued; he senses something is not quite right. Nevertheless, he gets off the couch and comes to meet you in the middle of the lounge. His eyes narrow, and before he finds himself in front of you, you hear his warning:

     “I don’t like games, baby doll. Are you going to tell me what the deal is? Or do I have to make you?”

    You immediately drop your fake bimbo act, completely changing your demeanor and tone of voice: “The SWAT team will raid this place soon, looking for you. I’d say you have about 10 minutes left.”

    “Hmmm…” that’s all you hear before you get pushed out of the away and he heads towards the exit. He suddenly stops in front of the door, keeping it open.

   “Are you coming?”


    He’s speeding like a lunatic on the streets of Gotham, almost hitting cars and people a few times. That seems to amuse immensely, he can’t stop laughing. What a strange, interesting man, you think to yourself, opening your side window so you can feel the wind in your hair.

   “Don’t worry, doll, I’ll tell Frosty to drop your car at your place tomorrow. Where do you live?”

  “It’s OK, Mister J, I’ll steal another one. Not very fond of the color of my current one anyway. I really love your purple Lamborghini”, you turn towards him, just to meet his intense, blue gaze. Why the hell isn’t he watching the road?

   “Where…do…you…live?” he insists, pausing after each word, taking his hands off the wheel.

    “Umm..” you try to concentrate, pulling down on your short dress, “ Silver Meadows Hill.”

    “Fancy place”, he grins, with a sinister smile on his face. “Do they know what you do for a living?”  Hands on the wheel again, good.

    “They think I’m a dentist,” you confess, amused at the fact that this is very entertaining for him. He laughs again.

    “Well, actually I am a dentist; I went to school for that and I have a degree. It’s the perfect cover up.”

    “Beautiful and smart, I’m impressed,” the Joker winks and for some reason you fell your cheeks getting warm. That’s weird, you never blush. “Want me to take you home?” he suddenly offers, yanking the wheel and running over the curve.

    “No, not yet, I want to party some more. It’s my birthday today.” You don’t even know why you told him. That was stupid.

    “I’ll be damned, doll; we really need to party then. How young?” he asks, interested.


     “Ahhh,26, a good time to be alive,” he slams the breaks right in the middle of Gotham bridge. Holly crap, is he entirely crazy? You sure hope so. He’s definitely not boring.

    “Here, for you” he says, reaching for the glove compartment while leaning on your legs for support. You feel awkward but you resist the urge to kick him in the face like you normally would if some other guy would be doing this to you. He pulls out a box and leaves it in your lap, starting to drive again.

     “Are you sure?” you ask, uncertain, looking inside.

     “Yeah, yeah, I have another one, all yours”, J confirms, accelerating. You take out the beautiful gun that’s been personalized with diamonds and the Joker’s trademark clown face.

      “Wow, this is beautiful, thank you, Mister J”. Your heart is pounding, you love guns so much. You can tell this is an exquisite one just by holding it.

       “No problem, doll, I have to repay you somehow, right? How much money do you want?”

       “Oh, no money, Mister J, I don’t need pay for the information this time. But I definitely want this,” you chuckle, waving the pistol at him. He smirks, lifting his shoulders. “That’s fine,Y/N, I told you it’s yours. Oh, we’re getting there,” he raises his voice, excited.

       “Where are we going, Mister J?”

       “To celebrate!”, he replies, grinning his silver teeth at you. For some reason your mouth opens and you ask: “How old are you, Mister J?”

      “HA,HA,HA,HA!” his sinister laughter resonates in the car. “How old do you think I am, baby doll?”

      “Thirty…four?” you try to guess, but the truth is you find it hard to estimate.

      “Close enough,” the Joker smiles, scrunching his face like he heard the cutest thing ever. “ I saw what you did to that guy in the club,” he changes the subject and you get the hint.

     “Well,” you say, licking your lips, “I don’t like men to touch me without my permission.”

   “I touched you,” he replies and you can’t help but feel a bit of cockiness mixed with pride in his voice. “Does it mean I have your permission?” His eyes widen, waiting for the answer.


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How can you hold an image in your mind?
To see
To feel
To touch
To find yourself lost in the glittering illusion that gives credence to the parlance of emotion?
You spell it out,
Folding it
Rolling it
Wrapping it
Tight, and tighter still about My cerebellum, until I can taste the flavor of ink that drips from the font of your pen.
How can I offer thanks for the lover and friend that has thrown words into My face
Slashing them
Screaming them
Impaling them
Into the darkest parts of My measured mind, sliding them unaware under the door to taunt?
Handing them out like candy to tease Me until I, in turn, answer in kind.
To fall into the vortex of languages spell, drifting along the hidden currents that sparks wildfires in the core of creative intuition.
Flung high..battered and beaten against the walls that fight to hold you down, and rebelling with each soul dripping splatter of venom that marks your mouth.
Or sent running over moon drenched meadows , silvers and gilded, laughing
Until the words fade from the screen, only to find they have been left in burning marks on the insight that was given, the window to a soul opened for a tiny glance into dreams
Given freely                                                                                                    

Later that evening, Meadow Lark and Princess Luna got in a shouting match over which one of them was “the night”.  Canterlot Voice always wins out in the end though.

Guest appearances by Rusty Nail and Techno Wizard.

Don’t worry, it’s all fun and games between Luna and the kids.

The same cannot be said for Rusty Nail and Techno Wizard, who were unable to attend Nightmare Night this year due to being arrested for egging and TP’ing the Night Guard HQ.

Happy Nightmare Night, folks!


Working in the Vicinity of Narrative: Todd Hido and Darius Himes

Artist Todd Hido discusses his work and his latest monograph, Excerpts from Silver Meadows (Nazraeli, 2013), with gallerist, lecturer, writer and editor Darius Himes. Named for a street in the Ohio neighborhood where the artist grew up, Excerpts looks back on Hido’s upbringing and his dawning awareness of “the darker aspects of life beyond.

SS:  It was great, making everypony smile.  I even got to experiment a bit   I think that was when I earned my mark.  Meadow started helping, too, when I decided to stay ‘til close.  He was the first to notice it.

Red velvet raspberry swirl.  My first original recipe, and where it all fell into place.  I owe Miss Romancedy a huge thank-you, I think.


And so ends Silver’s Cutie Mark Story!  Yay!  *blows noisemakers*


Coffee Talk of

Gargle of [Who is suddenly a pegasus 'cause I’m a dummy…]

Seti of

Miss Romancedy of [I couldn’t resist the urge to draw that adorable floof of a mane!]

and Meadow Lark of ))

This is why I should never, ever be allowed to draw updates while at school.  At best, I will reverse colors and/or make small errors.  At worst, I get your species wrong.  X///X

Everyone wound up super washed-out, and I’m really upset about that.  Colored pencils only get me so close, but it’s closer than this!  At least Meadow isn’t green this time…


Dead Meadow

“Sleepy Silver Door”