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the only real problem with the original series is that they started it when the manga was still being written, so instead of waiting for the manga they just kinda made stuff up ahaha, but hey if you enjoy it great! I only watched a lil tbh

Yep yep. Besides it being wrong, I’ve heard that the ending is really sad and awful, in a way that’s not fun? But I can always go rewatch brotherhood to feel better. ; )

I’m trying to judge it independently, shrug. Kind of as an AU fanfiction that was started mid-canon and then totally branched off, which is. pretty much what it is??

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Oh my god I’m laughing… The ancient fma….. Where the plot just sorta careens off the side into obscurity. Are you gonna watch the au movie too? :3

you know what. yes. if I’m watching 2003 I might as well go ALL THE WAY and watch the movies too b/c I am apparently anime trash who will devour anything related no matter the quality.