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do you have any info on the coat color genetics of spryfeatborzoi's gray dogs? they're so stinking cool!

OOOH Yes yes yes I do! They’re what we call silver, or chinchilla! 

(photo by @spryfeatborzoi)

Silver/Chinchilla occurs when the dog has at least one copy of dominant black (KB), two copies of Eg grizzle (or one copy + recessive red, which hasn’t been tested/confirmed in borzoi yet), and at least one copy of Ay sable!

So in genotype speak, it typically looks like this KB/- Eg/Eg Ay/Ay

Not to be confused with reccessive blue dilute (d/d) which also lightens eumelanin– silver/chinchilla is different, though it does similar things. Sometimes pigment in the nose is lightened slightly, though usually not to the same degree as true blue dilutes. The way I usually tell the difference is that silver/chinchilla dogs will sometimes have lighter pigment around the eyes, and the overall silvery color will be uneven– a bit like smudged charcoal.

Here’s another silver/chinchilla borzoi puppy:

This is what silver/chinchilla looks like when it’s paired with Brindle (KB/Kbr Eg/- Ay/- )– a cutie little silken puppy that lives across town from me!

And since you asked a color genetics question and I’m a complete helpless color genetics nerd, I’m going to dive into some awesome facts about Eg and how it interacts with other pigments. Honestly I think Eg is probably the coolest allele in domestic dogs so whenever the opportunity arises, I talk about it. So if anyone cares to read my complete nerdy ramblings, click below!

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10, 16, 24, 46

Thanks for requesting! Hope you like! <3

10. “Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.” 

“It’s creepy.”


“No, Betty, it’s creepy; utterly and overwhelmingly chill rising.”

Gripping the glass of soda tighter inside his hand, Jughead moved an inch further behind Betty’s shoulder, her lose blonde curls ticking the tip of his nose as he rested a palm at the small of her waist. They were firing hushed whispers back and forth all this time that they were sulking by the rich red and mahogany decorated buffet table, examining the scene of female gushing and gibberish baby coos in front of them.

“Explain to me one more time how your mom agreed on this birthday fiesta taking place in hell?” Jughead raised both eyebrows, eyeing his girlfriend’s profile, illuminated by the huge chandelier at the center of the gothic living area, now decorated with dark blue and bloody red ribbons.

“Polly wants the twins to have a normal childhood.” Betty quoted her sister for the hundredth time. “This includes them getting to know all their grandparents; at least the ones that are left and the ones that are not cold-blooded killers.” It had been a year and a half since the Jason Blossom case had been solved and even though everyone was still grieving, the twins’ birth had been a silver lightening mist the darkness of it all.

“Having their first birthday party at Thornhill is highly beyond normal, if you ask me.” He returned in sarcasm behind her, as always.

“When Cheryl puts something in mind, she rarely gives up.” Betty reminded him, shrugging a shoulder.

From her spot on the carpet, holding little Lizzie up, Poly announced that it was time for presents, making all the guests around murmur in excitement. The new mother grabbed Betty’s and Jughead’s first and smiled to the couple, the two teens sending a genuine grin back.

“When can we go?” Jughead’s murmured through his smiley teeth.

“Are you not having fun?” his girlfriend teased in fake disbelief, sending him an amused glare over her shoulder.

“Oh, as enjoyable as it is watching two oblivious looking babies being tossed around while that great-grandmother from Hades is practicing witchcraft in the shadows,” Jughead frowned, sending a glance at nana Rose that was sitting by the fireplace “I’m really ready to flee at any moment now.” He nodded in uneasiness, taking a sip from his drink and gulping loudly.

“That bad?” Betty bit her lip not to laugh.

Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.” He threw in total apathy.

“Wow…” Betty dragged the word. “The horror, indeed…” she teased him more at the luck of enthusiasm in his tone regarding their love life.

He just shrugged, teasing smirk dancing on his chapped lips.

“So what do you say?” he brushed his chest against her back, the hand that was creeping on her waist, moving a little further down to play with the hem of her skirt on her hipbone. “Me, you, the backseat of the truck?” he proposed deliciously against her ear, smirking when feeling her shiver lightly at his words and biting her lip.

“Jughead!” Alice Cooper’s imposing voice made the couple jump and Jughead lash backwards a few feet away from Betty in fear. “Come take some pictures of the moment.”

“Why did I agree on this?” he hissed in a groan and grabbed his professional camera from beside him on the table, a birthday gift from his father that he quite enjoyed lately. Apart from being Betty’s official boyfriend, he was responsible for capturing in film that sickening lovely family gathering.

Betty laughed, giving him a short but sweet peck on the lips. “You love me that’s why.” She beamed up at him and he just rolled his eyes, a blush coloring his cheeks and an equal happy smile tugging his lips upward. “Stop brooding; I promise you’ll have me naked in that truck by the end of the night.” She winked and he snapped a picture of her, while walking cockily to her family in front of them, sending her a sly smile full of promises before doing a character one-eighty in a blink, dropping to his knees and pulling faces to the birthday babies, appearing like he was the most mother-approved boyfriend material. If only they knew, Betty smirked foxily against her glass, feeling a blush creeping at her cheeks.

16.   “Please, don’t wear those jeans.”

“I thought women took longer to get ready.” Betty formed a teasing smile, plopping on the twin-sized bed on Jughead’s old bedroom back at his dad’s trailer.

“Thank God our relationship isn’t based on ridiculous gender roles then, little miss proud suffragette.” He shouted from the bathroom in his own teasing tone of voice.

Betty rolled her eyes. “What is taking you so long anyway?”

“I couldn’t decide amongst my wide range of ‘smart casual’ options of attire.” His snarky voice travelled through the small hall, earning a laugh from Betty and FP that was enjoying a football match in the living room.

“Ronnie just set that etiquette to help us. It’s just a normal Friday night out at Pop’s but with her friends from New York, no big deal.”  She stated while scanning the book Jughead had left open against his covers.

“Whatever. I’m ready to get this over with.” He admitted with a sigh, lazy and squeaky footsteps bringing him at the threshold of his bedroom.

“Finally.” Betty groaned playfully, rolling over to get off the bed but stopping when looking at his outfit. “Oh no!” she formed a horrified expression. “Please, don’t wear those jeans.”

Upon seeing her reaction, Jughead’s face dropped. “Why not?”

“Just don’t.” Betty offered vaguely. “We still have time for you to go change.”

“Um, that’s my only clean pair?” he replied sheepishly. “Plus, I don’t see the deal breaker here.” Rising his eyebrows in confusion, he buried his hands in the front pockets of the jeans in question.

“Maybe it’s the fact that you have them since sophomore year?” she offered back with a cute grimace.

“So what?” Jughead continued being clueless.

“So everything!” his girlfriend replied in exaggeration. “Juggie, they are too small.” She bit her lip not to laugh.

“No, they are fine.” He refused with a firm shake of his head.

“I’ve mended that back pocket more times than I can remember.” She replied cleverly. “Plus, don’t get me started about how worn out they look.”

Jughead’s mouth opened in shock. “You don’t like my clothes?”

Betty rushed to correct him. “I don’t like those jeans.” She nodded in confirmation. “I hate them, to be honest.” Her statement earned an offended gasp from the boy across her.

“I was wearing those jeans when I first kissed you.” He admitted in a small voice, examining the jeans and running a palm at the side of his thigh in thought. “I can’t just throw them away.” He spat incredulously.

Betty smiled, standing up and walking to him. “Well, as sweet as this is,” she took his face in her palms, caressing his cheeks lovingly “I promise you, you can still kiss me all you want with a new pair of those.” She bopped her nose against his, Jughead bouncing his head back to look at her concerned.

“Are they really that bad?” he frowned defeated.

Betty tilted her head in thought, amusement painted on her pretty face. “Let’s just say that they’ll look better on JB at this point.”

“Geez, thanks a lot, babe.” Jughead sent her a side glance filled with offence.

“You’re welcome.” She laughed. “Now go get changed; put on those nice black ones you got.” She suggested with a smile and a caress to the end of his hair on the back of his neck.

He thought for a second before agreeing with a sigh. “What about my shirt?” he wondered, fisting the material of his flannel and looking at her with clueless boyish eyes.

“Oh, the shirt looks damn fine.” Betty colored the word with girly appreciation before leaning in to whisper against his lips. “So fine that maybe I’ll get to take that off later tonight.”

24.   “The skirt is short on purpose.”

“You should come pick me up from cheerleading practice more often.” Betty sighed against Jughead’s lips, fingers gripping the lapels of his denim jacket tighter and angling her head to deepen their kiss. They were at the school parking lot inside FP’s truck, making out for what seemed like hours now, relishing in the feeling that there were no more killers threatening the calm of their small town.

“And you should wear this uniform more often, period.” Jughead replied in a husky voice, his palm drawing entire maps at the extent of her long legs that were bare and sprawled over his lap, loving how smooth and shapely they felt under his wandering hand.

The girl giggled against his opened mouth, sliding even closer to his muscular chest. “I thought sensitive and tortured artists like you didn’t give a damn about silly stereotypical male fantasies.” She teased him, running a palm down the front of his S t-shirt.

Jughead tugged her lower lip between his teeth, groaning a little under her touch. “Some things are considered classic for a reason. And I’m not an alien; the fact that I don’t drool like a jackass Bulldog over every scantily clad cheerleader doesn’t mean that I don’t have dreams about mine.” He breathed deeply while attacking her again, his bony fingers reaching the hem of her blue and gold skirt, as his tongue kept twirling sensually against hers making Betty whine and mewl in excitement. They had started testing the waters and exploring each other with every chance they had, experiencing the fire of this new world of intimacy and leaving each other breathless and begging for more every time they were alone in the darkness of her room or the small space of his father’s truck.

“What kind of dreams do you have about me, Juggie?” she whispered, fingers caressing down his jawline and hooded eyes connecting with his hazy ones.

“You don’t even wanna know.” He replied in the same tone, stealing a glance of her legs and licking his lips involuntarily.

“Maybe I do.” She went on sensually, dropping some kisses against his neck that made him start panting and throw his head back against the glass in pleasure, bony fingers sliding against the hair at the back of her scalp as her teeth started getting demanding and bruising. “Tell me.” He felt her breathing against his irritated skin and he shivered, the fingers of his other hand gripping the side of her thigh.

“It’s mostly about you in that tiny skirt.” He choked on his words, eyes darting down to catch a glimpse of her expression and decide whether or not to continue. Upon seeing her green orbs dilated with desire and her lips bee-stung and dark red from his kisses, he went on in a raspy, sexy voice. “And nothing more.”

He watched her bit her lip, bringing a thump to free it before caressing the abused skin, making her lips part in wonder, the action making his mind go spiraling in dark imaginative places. “You know, the skirt is short on purpose.” She teased in a low whisper, taking his hand that was resting on her thigh in hers and guiding it further under her skirt, the pads of his fingers touching the lace of her tiny panties and making his Adam’s apple bop at the nervous excitement that was building up at the tip of his stomach. “Me not wearing the uniform’s boy shorts? Again, on purpose.” She leaned to whisper in his ear before licking his earlobe and moaning slightly as the feeling of his fingers traveling up to the waistline of her underwear.

His own lips went to her ear and ghosted for a minute there before starting a sinful dance in coordination with his fingers. “I’m gonna dream about you again tonight. But first, I’m gonna show you what my dream will be about.”

46.   “Babe, I need you to stop kissing me and let me do my jo-OH my God!”

“Juggie, are you done with the chapter?” Betty’s voice travelled down the hallway of their apartment before her bare feet brought her to her husband’s study, her five month pregnant belly making an appearance at the door seconds before her.

Barely looking up and sending her a tiny smile, Jughead’s typing fingers never stopped their marathon on the keys of his laptop. “In a minute.” He murmured, drowned in his world of ingenious plots and murder mysteries.

“I want you to come cuddle with me.” She pouted ever so lightly, one of Jughead’s flannels dancing just below her behind with every step she took towards him on the desk. She rounded his chair and laced her arms around his neck from behind, making him huff a chuckle at how more demanding she had gotten during those five months.

“Go lay down, stardust. I promise you, I’ll be next to you right away.” He kissed the back of her palm lovingly before going back to typing.

“You’ve been inside this room all day now. And I’ve missed you. Bad.” She colored the word with a tiny moan, leaning to scatter light kisses against his cheek, ear, neck, her palms caressing the front of his chest over his grey t-shirt. Pregnant hormones and all, she wanted him 24/7 in every and each situation they were in.

“You are distracting me and this is going to take me longer to finish.” He pointed out in his usual smartass voice, his eyes fluttering a tad at the sensation of her soft lips against his skin.

“Juggie, when was the last time we had fun in this room?” a deep sigh left her lips before they landed on the sensitive spot behind his ear, nibbling the skin there, as her hands crept under the hem of his t-shirt, fingers brushing over his collarbones and digging at the top of his bare chest, making him shiver.

Her husband could feel his eyes roll inside his skull at her words and the images of them multiple times on top of that very desk, his office chair, the couch next to the door, against the door. Blinking a few times to regain sanity, he brushed his fingertips over her forearm to stop her from continuing. “Babe, I need you to stop kissing me and let me do my jo-OH my God!” his husky words of sexual haze and warning turned louder in alarm as he left something poking his side from behind. “Were you seriously going to try tickling me right now?” he threw her an incredulous side glance over his shoulder.

“I was not—” she paused in disbelief herself “did you feel that too?” she loosened her hold of him, standing a little more straight up, lips pushed together in thought.

“Yeah, I did…” he turned around in his chair to face her, eyes scanning her in concern upon seeing her drop her hands to rub the sides of her round stomach. “Is everything alright?” he lashed forward to place a palm against one of hers.

“I think maybe-OH!” Betty’s words cut midsentence as she jumped, palms going to the center of her belly where she felt the force of a fierce kick, green eyes round and in the verge of tears upon looking down at her husband in glee.

“Is he…?” following her palms, Jughead tried to utter the words but the confirmation of another kick stopped him as he watched in bewilderment the plaid material of his shirt stretch under his slayed fingers.

“Our son is kicking, Juggie.” Betty confirmed his own thoughts in a high pitched sob, happy tears streaming down her glowing face, before taking her husband’s hand in hers and guiding it against her skin to the place their son was communicating with them for the first time. “You are asking for daddy’s attention too, aren’t you, lovebug, huh?” she laughed despite her salty tears, biting her lip to prevent her face from breaking from immense love and joy upon seeing Jughead teared up too, leaning to place a fierce and loving kiss against her belly.

“Hey there, little man, I’m your daddy… And you will always have my devoted love and attention, no need to worry about that…”

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Hogwarts AU feat. Hinata and Kakuzu and Hidan. No prompt, just wanted to write something without thinking about it.


Hinata crept out just as the sun was coming up. She didn’t wake any of the girls in her dorm, and when she got down stairs there was only Kiba passed out on the couch in the common room. His familiar was flopped across his belly, snoring softly.

She headed out to the Quidditch pitch with nobody in Gryffindor tower the wiser. It was cold outside, and the sky was a kind of luminous slate, dim but lightening even as she walked. The grass was icy and damp and her breath steamed in the air.

The Slytherin Quidditch team was already in the air when she made it down, although it looked more like play than practice – Sasuke seemed more determined to put the quaffle through Naruto’s head than through any of the hoops, and Naruto was laughing loudly, calling out increasingly rude challenges as he diverted each attempt.

As Hinata came closer, he flipped in mid-air, using the bristles of his broom to smack the quaffle away from the hoops. The sky was lightening to silver grey as she climbed up to the stand, and it caught Naruto’s bright hair fiercely in its light.

“You haven’t scored yet,” he reminded Sasuke cheerfully.

Hinata cringed a little, because it didn’t take a genius to know what came next.

Naruto bellowed, somehow surprised when Sasuke flattened himself to his broom and sped toward him. One pointy elbow connected with Naruto’s belly, sending him into a shrieking spin in mid-air which was halted only by the painful intervention of a goalpost.

The quaffle went through the centre hoop with a whoosh and a ding! from the scoring charms.

“That’s a foul, bastard!” yelled Naruto, although he didn’t sound like he was very upset.

Even from her distance, Hinata could see Sasuke look at the quaffle, then at Naruto and then back to the quaffle. She could imagine the telltale narrowing of his eyes.

“Hey, what–”

Predictably, he hurled it at Naruto’s face. It made a loud whap when it connected.

“That’s her, isn’t it? She’s the only Gryffindor here – Hey, Hyuuga, right?”

Hinata turned, alarmed at being addressed.

She blinked once, slowly, and felt her stomach knot up. She knew the people approaching her, but only by reputation. They were both older than her - fifth years. The reputation she knew them by was… not good.

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Western AU Prompt :) Darcy/Steve Darcy's family owns a horse breeding ranch. Steve moves into the neighboring ranch & decides to buy a Friesian horse from Darcy. Darcy & the horse cared deeply for each other so the horse kept running back to Darcy until Steve finally decides to ask Darcy out :D

When Cupid Has Hooves

 The sky was darkening as Darcy finished up with her daily chores at the ranch. Winter was just around the corner, which meant that the air already held that bone-chilling nip. All she could think about was locking up, dressing down, and slipping into a hot bath. The sound of trotting and an excited huff behind her promptly nixed that idea. She sighed and turned around.

 Bear, otherwise known as the most annoying horse in the world, trotted up to her. He reached down, placing his nose firmly into her hair, knocking her hat off. She had trained Bear herself. He was the finest Friesian their ranch had ever bred, and she had known that he would fetch a pretty penny. Which was why, even though she loved the stupid horse, she had sold him when the offer came.

 Of course Darcy never would have simply let him go to just anyone. So many of the people who came out her way were rich bitches looking to fulfill their childhood dream of owning a pony. To them the horses were nothing more than an accessory to stuff in their Barbie Dream Ranch. They didn’t understand that horses were a commitment, even more so than dogs. They weren’t pets, they were companions. Bear’s owner though understood this, being an honest to God cowboy from up in Wyoming.

 He had waltzed onto her ranch, took one look at Bear and knew he had found his horse. Too bad Bear didn’t see it that way. Rogers lived on the neighboring ranch and had moved Bear there after the purchase, not that he stayed there. Bear had been with Rogers for three months, but every night it seemed that Darcy had to trot that stupid beast right back to his new barn.

 With a shake of her head she took off towards Rogers’, safe in the knowledge that Bear would follow after her like a puppy.


Steve was just sitting down to his meal when he noticed movement from out of the window. He shook his head when he noticed the petite woman being followed by the overgrown puppy that was his horse. He couldn’t help the small laugh when Bear gave a “gentle” nudge to her back, tripping the woman slightly.

 When Steve had bought this old ranch, this was not what he had been expecting. He had grown up on a ranch in Wyoming. After his parents had died, leaving him with no relation to care for him, the Barnes, family friends, and taken him in. He had only been seven at the time. He had lived with them, learning how to be a cattle rancher, until he was eighteen and joined the army.

 He had signed up with his best friend and brother Bucky, only Steve was the only one to return. After everything, Steve didn’t feel as though he could continue to live with the Barnes. Too many memories, too much guilt. But he was a cowboy at heart, and it seemed you just couldn’t take that out of him. When he had found this old ranch in Colorado, he decided that maybe it was time for him to start out on his own.

 The first thing he did was purchase himself a horse. He had a truck back in Wyoming he planned on driving down someday, but what he really needed was a horse. He had spoken to the people in town, all of them directing him to the ranch beside his, Silver Lightening Cutting and Draft Horse Ranch. He had expected it to take a while, but the moment he set eyes on Bear he knew he could never own another horse. The problem was Bear didn’t seem to like him very much.

 Steve walked out onto the porch, leaning against the post as his neighbor stomped up in front of him. Miss Darcy Lewis was a couple of years younger than him, and more than a head shorter. Not that any of that mattered, the woman was a force to be reckoned with. And boy, if he didn’t want her. She was feisty, smart, and beautiful as all get out. He had almost asked her out the moment he purchased Bear. The lack of date hadn’t been his nerves, but the tall, dark British man that had slunk his way into her office.

 Loki or something, had been a professor of Shakespearian literature on loan to Colorado State from Cambridge. He also so happened to be Miss Darcy’s boyfriend. At least he had been. Last he heard the man had returned to England.

 “Got a present for ya.” Darcy pointed her thumb behind her. She had no need to look, she could feel the stupid animal’s breath on her neck. Instead she looked up at the man on the porch. If there ever was a man where you could see God’s work, it was him. He stood leaning against a post, legs encased in denim, and his flannel shirt untucked and unbuttoned almost halfway down his chest. Darcy didn’t normally like bearded men, but Rogers somehow made it work.

 “Gee, thanks.” Steve laughed and hopped down off the porch. He took up the reigns and gave a gentle tug. “Come on you dumb beast.”

 Darcy laughed when Bear stood his ground, tugging in return. Steve just shook his head before straightening out his hat.

 “Sorry again for him. I’ve even added extra locks on the barn, but he still figures his way out.” Steve pushed behind him when Bear nudged his shoulder.

 “Guess I should have mentioned he was an escape artist before you bought him. He used to do this all the time. Used to wake me up in the middle of the night whining beneath my window.” If the creature had been human, Darcy would have called him lovesick. Something that she was sure could be used to describe herself when it came to the man before her.

 “Makes one wonder why you parted with him.” Steve nudged back when Bear once again pressed against his shoulder.

 “I knew he would be in good hands.” Very nice hands, big hands… hands that were currently on her trying to keep himself up after Bear had pushed him too hard.

 “Shit, I’m sorry…” Steve sprang up and moved back, his face growing hot as he realized just where his hands had been.

 Darcy straightened her shirt, her own blush rising on her cheeks. “That’s alright.”

 For a moment the two of them just stood there, neither looking at each other or knowing what to say. Bear shook his head, stomped his foot, and once again nudged Steve in the shoulder. Though with less violence this time.

 After pushing the horse back, Steve cleared his throat. “Hey, there’s supposed to be a dance over at the community building this Saturday. I was wondering, well only if you wanted to, that is, would you like to accompany me?” He could have kicked himself, he sounded like some wet behind the ears little boy.

 “Um, yeah, I would love to.” Darcy beamed up at him. “I would like that at lot.”

 “Good, good.” Bear huffed behind him, bringing his attention away from Darcy. “Uh, I should probably get this idiot back to the barn.”

 “Probably. Night, Steve.” Darcy waved as she headed back home.

Steve stood watching her until he could no longer make her out. Bear, behind him, huffed again. And had anyone been looking they would have sworn that the horse had rolled his eyes in fond exasperation.


 Author’s Note: Wow, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize that this was still hanging out unfinished. Sorry that this took so freaking long to finish. Hope you still enjoyed it, even if it was late.

     Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.  

Thunder cracks across the slate gray sky,

And I feel it rumble in my chest, shaking my heart in it’s cage of bones.

Hail the size of dimes beats relentlessly against the roof,

And I feel it pounding in my head, beating down all thoughts not of you.

I sigh over a cup of earl grey, watching the rising steam form prophecies,

And though the heat fills me from within, it only serves to remind me how cold I truly am.

O Great Zeus, Enthroned upon towering storm clouds draped in shadow,

With silver edged lightening upon your brow and in your grasp,

Drown this parched land, removing the stench of pollution with cleansing rain.

Softer now, the hail has faded and the rain whispers to me,

So soft that I have to look and see it is still there.

The reds and yellows of fall, the last touch of summer green,

Seem brighter now, under the coat of clouds that sinks lower in the sky.

Fog descends through blocks of streets,

Washing away the miasma of the city as it rolls over buildings and under artificial lights.

Kurt X Reader - Winter at Graymalkin Lane

Ch.01 – The first time I saw you.

Kurt P.O V.

It was getting very cold at the school. The fireplaces were always lit now, the kids with fire abilities never letting the flames die down so nobody would catch cold. It was to be my first winter in America. First winter with friends, where I was safe.

It was Sunday, so it was fairly quiet inside the mansion. Everyone else was either sleeping in, or at the mall. Kurt was reading. Jean gave him a most interesting novel to read, about a mad scientist who tried to create life from death.
Jean was in the room, playing chess with Scott. He was losing, and growing ever frustrated no matter how many times Jean tells him that she is not cheating. Peter is asleep on the sofa opposite the one claimed by Kurt, the speedster stayed up all night watching old movies as usual.

After several minutes of quiet, interrupted only with the occasional curse from Scott, they all heard a car coming up the driveway. Kurt and marked his page before standing. Peter woke and joined him at the window in moments, curious about who was arriving.
“This was today? The professor is gonna telepathically kick my ass…” and with that he vanished, Jean hurrying after him. Kurt and Scott shared a puzzled look before heading downstairs to see what was happening.

Mystique was helping Beast wheel in what looked like a hospital bed, a young woman was strapped onto it, and out cold. She looked like a prisoner, which made Kurt bristle immediately.

“Vat is going on here?” he asked, stopping at the top of the main stairs. The professor looked up at him from the front door.
“She’s a new student here Kurt, she’s just a little unstable at the moment, we had to have her brought here sedated.”
Kurt frowned, not quite liking the sound of that. He teleported himself down the stairs to have a look at the newcomer. She was young, his age perhaps? The curves of her body hugged by the sheet that was strapped over her body. Her dark glossy hair had streaks of green in the fringe and bangs that framed her face, not unlike the bright blue that highlighted Kurt’s own hair.
“Vat is her ability? Is she a danger?” he asked, looking from Mystique back to the Professor. It was however Beast who answered.
“She has a very interesting gift, she can copy the abilities of other mutants simply by touching their skin.” He shows his gloved hands to Kurt, and so does Mystique. “We don’t know if she does it consciously or not yet, but she’s currently in possession of a rather toxic ability and we don’t want to take any risks. Once we have her in her room we’re going to try and get her to take a new, less dangerous ability.”
Kurt blinked, this was a lot of information to process. She certainly didn’t look dangerous. She looked calm, peaceful… maybe even….

He looked away and hoped he wasn’t blushing, helping the other two blue mutants to get the bed upstairs and to one of the empty rooms. Coincidently it was right next door to Kurt’s room.
“Who will be giving her a new power?” he asked, getting out of the way and flexing his tail slowly whilst the others unstrapped her and moved her into bed.
“Yours truly bro.” Kurt turned to frown as the silver speedster stood in the doorway with his trademark smirk.
“Surely not…. why not give her Jean…. Oh… maybe not Jean….” Kurt scratched his head a little, thinking.
Peter moved over to the bedside, watching as Mystique tucked the young woman in gently. Kurt supposed that Peter’s ability wasn’t really the worst, he just hoped the girl wouldn’t absorb his smartass attitude along with it.
“So what do I do…?”Peter asked, looking to Beast.
“Just hold her hand, we should be able to tell when her ability changes, if the reports are right.” Beast replied, packing up the hospital gear.

Kurt moved to the other side of the bed, looking down at the girl with growing curiosity. She was the first newcomer since everything happened with Apocalypse and the rebuilding of the school. He wasn’t going to be the new kid anymore.
Peter carefully took her hand in his, looking a fraction nervous. For a few minutes there was no change, then slowly the green in her hair began to lighten, turning silver just like Peter’s hair. There was a collective sigh of relief as Peter let her hand go.
“We should leave her to rest, sleep off the sedative.” Beast said, nudging Peter out of the room after Mystique. Kurt hovered a moment longer, watching the young girl’s face.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open, falling on him and his heart stopped cold.


Reader P.O V.

It was only for a few moments but you could have sworn you saw a young man with bright eyes and blue skin standing over you, but when your tired eyes blinked he was gone. Was it a dream….? Was it the sedative they had to use so I could be moved safely from the hospital….? A million questions swim around before everything slowly fades to black again.


It was hard to tell how many hours had passed when you woke, but it seemed to be late in the afternoon. You slowly push yourself to sit up, pulling the blankets around you to protect yourself from the chilly air blowing in through the slightly open window.

You had made it. You were really here. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. You’d dreamt of this place for years, but until now, it hadn’t been possible to come. Not until the accident anyway….
After another minute or so of quiet thought you get up, finding your suitcase of close and opening it. You pull on a simple oversized shirt and jeans, dig out a pair of socks and stuff your feet into your favourite pair old blue sneakers. It was time for something to eat.
Opening the door to what would now be your own bedroom, you guess the way to the main hall by the direction other kids are going.
You find your way downstairs, but stop when you reach the bottom. There’s a telepath, you can feel him in your head calling your name.

It’s alright, I am Professor Charles Xavier. You’re safe here. I’ll show you the way.

He sends you his memorized view of the mansion, so you won’t get lost. Following your new mental map, you make it to the kitchen where a few other kids are having an afternoon snack. You dig out some ingredients from the fridge and fix yourself a couple of sandwiches before heading outside.

You’re instantly glad you put your jacket on, because the winter breeze makes you shiver the moment you step outside. You wander the paths, looking over the pond and a large tree that looks like it was ripped in half by lasers or something.
You look around and see a group of kids your age in one of the open grassy areas, they are tossing a football between each other.
There’s two young girls, one with fiery ginger hair and one with black hair, this one is wearing a bright yellow jacket with hot pink sunglasses. Three boys are with them, one wearing strange red sunglasses, one dressed in silver with goggles on his head. The last boy…. It was him.

Blue skin and dark hair, and a long thin tail with a spaded tip? He looked like some kind of blue devil, wearing a bright red leather jacket and plain brown pants. He had only two fingers and a thumb on each hand, and as you wandered closer you could see his bright eyes, sometimes they appeared red while at other times they seemed golden.
He laughed at something one of the girls said, and you can see he has sharp fangs in his mouth.
Such a creature would certainly alarm humans. Hell he probably scared a few mutants in his lifetime. But with the others, his friends…. he looked happy. Friendly. He didn’t seem dangerous to her.

The boy with the red sunglasses said something to the others, and threw the football as fast as he could across the field.
Right at you.
You were certain it was going to hit you and you close your eyes tight in preparation for impact, but seconds later there was a strange *BAMF* and you felt arms around you.

Another *BAMF* later and you slowly open your eyes.
“Are you alright…?” a soft voice asks with an obvious German accent. You look up, your eyes meeting his. Both of you stop cold. The blue demon-boy was a teleporter!
“I… y-yes…. thank you” you stutter as he stumbles backwards to give you some space. He has a rosary dangling from one of his pockets which catches your eye, and he grabs it with a nervous swallow*
“I h-hope I did not hurt you…” he stammered, looking down as his tail lashes with uncertainty. He looks so nervous and innocent, you can’t help but smile.
“I’m fine…. thank you for saving me from that football.” You say softly, trying to reassure him that it’s alright. You tell him your name, which gets his attention again and brings his eyes to yours.
“I am Kurt… Kurt Wagner… but they also call me Nightcrawler…” he says, trying to smile as well. He seems so shy, but not so much as to run. You pull your jacket around yourself more as the breeze picks up again.
“It’s really nice to meet you Kurt…. I guess we’re going to be in class together here….. right?” you ask, secretly hoping so.
“Ah… yes… I have never been in school so I have much to learn here…. I am lucky to have friends and good teachers to help….” his tone warms, he seems to be happy being here. Whatever life he came from before must not have treated him well.
“I’m glad….. I hope I can learn to control my power…. so that it stops controlling me….” you say as you look out over the field, Kurt’s friends are huddled together watching the two of you, no doubt gossiping. You shiver and smile back up at the tall blue boy.
“Well…. I’ll stop bugging you now… see you later?” you turn back to the house. Kurt blinks and looks from his friends, then to you.
“Ah y-yes…. maybe you would like to join us for dinner….? Peter is getting pizzas and Scott has a new movie for us to watch in the living room.”

You can’t help but blush, he’s too sweet to be true. You nod shyly.
“I would like that…. thank you Kurt.”

Before your own shyness gets the better of you and you say something stupid, you find your feet have carried you back to your room on autopilot, in two seconds. You frown and look at yourself in the mirror, the green that was in your hair is now silver, the Professor must have given you super speed to replace your previous ability.

I sure hope Kurt doesn’t think I was being rude… running off like that….


CH2 >>

4. Imagine - Taehyung

His eyes like silver lightening scanned you and him, not blinking making sure not to miss a thing. Feeling a light squeeze in his chest, Taehyung clinched his jaw as his eye color turned even darker and profound. Jealousy was boiling in his blood as he watched you cheerfully talking, laughing and showing your gummy, beautiful smile he once fell in love with - to him. 

Taehyung was your classmate since ever yet both of you never had a proper conversation except simple ‘’Hi’’ in the beginning of the day and few polite smiles you exchanged on corridors while passing each other. Unfortunately you never got to know how precious those moments were to the guy that never got the courage to ask you out. 

‘’His damn and annoying laugh’’ Taehyung huffed, murmuring something under his breath. Seeing you with someone else was already painful for him however seeing you with someone he hated brought him to his peak. Taehyung hated himself and his shy ass for not being able to confess his feelings, for not being able to even go up to you and start normal conversation. 

‘’Y/N you have something your lip’’ The guy pointed at the corner of your lips, smiling widely and squinting his eyes. 

‘’Where?’’ You began to delicately touching your lips trying to get to the place he was pointing at but unfortunately you couldn’t feel anything on them. 

‘’Ahh let me take it off you’’ The guy cheerfully yelped and you nodded. His body slowly moved in your direction and his face got closer, feeling his hot breath against your skin. His eyes were not longer looking into yours, but were staring hungrily at your hard clenched lips. Taehyung’s body suddenly got stiff as he watched him getting closer and closer to your face, getting ready to kiss the lips he always wanted to kiss. The adrenaline jumped in his body pushing him in your direction. He himself didn’t know what is happening until he found himself in front of you. Tae’s eyes were full of madness and willingness of punching the face that dared to get close to you. All of sudden a manly, masculine hand wrapped around your arm and pulled you harshly away from the guy that was about to land his lips on yours. Feeling your heart beating by your chest as if it was about to jump out you looked at Taehyung who was still holding your hand, frozen and confused. 

‘’I need to talk to you’’ He uttered with his flat, deep and husky voice and pulled you out of the class. His steps were quick and you had to jog to keep up with him, still shocked with your bug-eyes, you watched Taehyung’s angry posture. After walking down the school corridor he found a storage room and pushed you inside, slamming the door after himself. Pushing you onto the cold wall, he pressed his body onto yours making sure you wont run away - not now when he finally got the courage to do what he meant to. 

‘’Tae-’’ You yelped quietly yet before his full name escaped your heart shaped lips, Taehyung shut you up with his. Not knowing what is going on, you followed Taehyung and closed your eyes. Taehyung kissed you slowly at first but as soon as he knew that you wont push him away he kissed you with a swift gradation of intensity that made you cling to him as if he was the only solid thing in the swaying world. One of his hands cupped your cheek, and the second was firmly basing on the wall you were leaning by, getting more comfortable around your presence. He was gently parting your shaking lips sending fierce tremors along your nerves. Before you could get the pieces of your mind together, your hands were on his chest feeling how strongly his heart was pounding. He felt so warm, everything; his lips that passionately caressed yours like no other guy ever did, his body that was pinned to yours - feeling the heat radiating from it suddenly making you crave for more and his warm heart that was beating only for you. He gave you a feeling that you never known you were able to feel. However before you were able to get your senses back, you knew you were kissing him back. 

‘’Y/N I beg you, be mine, only mine’’ Taehyung pulled away from your lips yet not from your body and cupped your other cheek, sweetly whispering into your lips. His hot breath against your mouth and the scent of minty gum he surely had before as he knew this will happen made you want more of his soft and kissable lips. 

‘’Gosh, I thought you will never say that’’ You answered him with the same whispering tone, not ruining the stirring moment both of you had. Moving your hands slowly from his warm chest - feeling his heart beat slowing down, you placed your palms on his back and snuggled into his chest, inhaling his cologne and fragrance of one of the best scenting perfumes. Immediately his eyes became lighter and the sparkles in them shined brightly from the joy. 

‘’I like you too Tae’’ You added, murmuring silently into his chest. His heart beat and his warmness made you comfortably close your eyes. No one ever knew but you had a big crush on Taehyung since ever but just like him you were never brave enough to let those three important words out. Happiness took over your brain knowing that he shared the same affection. 

Taehyung wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you even closer, resting his head on top of yours enjoying a fresh scent of your shampoo. The bliss he felt from finally having you in his arms couldn’t be compared to anything at that magical moment you both wanted to last forever, but unfortunately the bell rang, ruining everything as the math classes’ time came. 

greatjaygatsby  asked:

If Grantaire fainted at the sight of blood, what do you think he would be feeling when he sees his friends in pools of blood, or even Enjolras standing there with a group of guardsmen around him?

i think about this a loT ACTUALLY

see, he wakes up and he can smell it before anything else. that terrible thick iron scent filling his nose and mouth, and he knows exactly what has happened, and god, the last thing in the world that he wants to do is open his eyes, but he does anyways, because he knows that he has no other choice. 

and he sees his friends – just a couple, those who managed to get into the cafe – broken on the floor, crimson-soaked, and it’s more blood than he’s ever seen at once before, and the same grey dizziness as always begins to swarm through his skull, now matched by a plummeting sickness in his stomach, because he can see joly and combeferre and courfeyrac’s faces, and he knows that they aren’t breathing. 

and he could give up there – he could let himself fall beside them; he’s far gone enough that he knows he wouldn’t feel the impact of hitting the ground. but instead, trembling, he looks up. 

and across the room is enjolras, and he is untouched – red, as always, but not with blood. his eyes are bright and steady as they meet grantaire’s, and they pierce him, right through his head and his heart, electrifying him with just enough silver lightening to hold the faintness at bay, to bring him to his feet, even. 

and of course he’s shaking as he crosses the room, but he holds onto the brightness of consciousness, and he knows that he won’t have to force himself for too long, anyways. 

he says something. something like i am one of them, or they are mine, or i am theirs. his lips are numb; he can barely feel the words upon them.

he reaches enjolras’s side and scarcely manages to get out a desperate request before enjolras’s fingers are twining with his, holding him steady, filling his tingling cold skin with a strong, gentle warmth. 

he sees enjolras begin to smile. he knows he’s done enough, and the dizziness is closing in on him. 

his knees start to buckle, then, and the bullet pierces him before he can hit the ground. 

he doesn’t feel the pain.