silver lake


ok, i’m a little bit ashamed. see, i found myself at this amazing house and all i had was my cameraphone. or phonecamera. a camera in a phone. as opposed to a camera without a phone. which is seeming kind of anachronistic at this point.

ok, some context. i was in silver lake and i went to go visit a producer friend of mine at his house. i’d never been to his house, so i worked under the assumption he lived in a nice, normal house.

oh, but no. he lived (and lives) in a palace. this beautiful rambling palace overlooking the reservoir and the mountains in the distance. it felt like northern italy, if you pretend that silver lake reservoir glinting through the trees is some very small part of lake como.

no one’s sure if this was a silent film stars palace or a chewing gum magnate’s palace. but it’s a beautiful palace in the middle of silver lake with snow covered mountains in the distance (my iphone camera wasn’t up to the task of taking pictures of snow covered mountains in the distance, sorry).