silver laced sebright


Von’s Squad.

The litte Red guy is May, he’s really bold and the only one im 100% convinced is a tiny roosterlet. Idk what breed he is.

Tin is the silver laced sebright. She’s a fairy and a princess and almost certainly better than you.

Little Barred flufflet is Truffles. Almost a cryptid. Idk her breed either but all three were in a box of assorted bannies.

One day I’ll get a respectable photo of Cereal, my silver-laced sebright roo.  The camera loves nice sharp images of the ground though.   He acts like he’s ten feet tall but he could fit in the palm of your hand.  He’ll start picking up random stuff off the ground and throwing it down, aggressively scratching the ground, puff out his chest and crow, and do that sidestep macho dance when he wants to act tough.