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Hey guys, so I’ve really run across some issues in my life lately and am financially not able to keep up with them. I do not want to compromise my home or my bills/credit, but I cannot afford the time to deal with these issues without having to do so….

I’m hoping that this course of action can help me, as I was successful on my trades the last post I made, and was really grateful for the outcome. Thank you guys. <3

So, without further ado, I am selling my things and my services.

Please, feel free to reblog, and feel free to ask me about anything. I am truly in need of assistance for the first time in a long time and would love any help anyone could give!


-Moss Agate wire wrapped pendant, this has a copper spiral threaded on it 12.00

-Rose Quartz wire wrapped pendant, this has a copper spiral threaded on it 12.00

-Sodalite wire wrapped pendant 12.00

-Garnet wire wrapped pendant 12.00

-Fire Agate wire wrapped pendant 20.00

-Flourite Point wire wrapped pendant 25.00

*All wire wrapped pendants come with a leather cord that has a clasp (:

-Bronze Scarab Necklace 10.00

-Bronze Scarab with abalone necklace 12.00

-Silver Hamsa necklace 10.00

-Silver Claddagh necklace 7.00

-Silver Om necklace 7.00

-Silver Crescent Moon charm necklace 7.00

-Red Jasper necklace 10.00

-Grey/White/Navy Agate Slice plated necklace 10.00

-Unakite and Aventurine necklace 12.00

-Sodalite Necklace 12.00

-Chevron Amethyst Cluster Slice necklace 12.00

-Polished Abalone Disc Engraved with tribal design necklace 12.00

-Orange Moonstone Sun Necklace 12.00

-Quartz point Black ribbon Choker necklace [Adjustable]. 12.00

-Peridot point pendant 7.00

-Quartz Point Plated pendant 12.00

-Silver Om with 7 Chakras pendant 12.00

*All pendants come with a leather cord that has a clasp (:

Wish Fulfillment Necklaces:

*These are filled with dandelion wishes, and gemstones. They are Little vials with a cork that is sealed on.

-Amethyst gemstone 11.00

-Rose Quartz and Quartz gemstone 11.00

-Citrine and Peridot gemstone 11.00

-Green Aventurine gemstone  11.00

-Wire wrapped dreamcatcher earrings 15.00

*These have a turquoise stone on them and quartz point for the ‘feather’.

-Agate Slices: There are 5 of them. 10.00/each;   2/15.00, 3/25.00, 4/30.00, or all 5/40.00.

*^I have these super thin but really big agate slices that have been plated around the edges in silver. They would make great altar accessories or coasters, or anything really. Even décor.

-Huge solid banded agate chunk tea candle holder, fits 2 candles. 15.00+7.00Shipping [This thing is decently heavy]

Handmade Goods

-Handmade scrying mirrors: I have 4. 13.00/each+4.20Shipping

*Bundle deals available if you would like more than one. There is a $1+ extra on the shipping for the extra packaging to keep them safe.

-Handmade birch wood Elder Futhark Rune Sets. 20.00/each+5.00Shipping

They come in these paper mache storage boxes that I hand painted with a stave on the lid. I only have a Aegishjalmir [Helm of Awe] and Gennir stave on hand, but can paint a new box/lid if you so desire, its not a problem at all!

*I can seal the runes if you like, but it will take an extra 2 days [approx.] to do with dry time included.

-Lavender Sugar Scrub 10.00/each

-Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub 10.00/each

-Peppermint Sugar Scrub 10.00/each

*All of my scrubs are made with organic and raw ingredients. Please let me know in advance if you have any allergy concerns.

I can make a lot of different scents/blends, just ask if you have a scent you like or prefer, I can more than likely make it.


I have a lot of handmade votives, small pillars, and these little round bubble looking candles. Just ask if you are interested!


I still have a decent stockpile of herbs that are for sale.


-Anything that does not have the Shipping added next to the price is $3.00 for Shipping. The only items that are not 3.00 for shipping are the Agate tea candle holder, the Runes, and the Scrying Mirrors.

-I can do or make a lot! I also have certain things that many look for that I have that I just can’t think of offhand.

-Oh! Currency is in USD. I Ship from the USA. I can ship internationally/Canada, but, you will have to pay the shipping.

Like I said, I’m in a really, really dumpy situation and need any help I can get financially. Please feel free to message me, I do not bite; I love to help people, even if it’s just a point in the right direction. <3

For pictures, please visit my page and Search “delete later’. That Tag has all of my pictures for this sale except for the scrubs, mirrors, runes, herbs, and candles.

Please message me @theegoldenndragonn or email me

French Perfume Part 13

Crowley x reader

Summary: Reader receives a gift from a secret admirer. Reader learns about her special gifts.
This part of the story Crowley and the reader have been dating for a bit with some complications.

Warnings: language, smut, spells

Word Count: 2.3 K

Catch up here: French Perfume Series 

Barely sleeping last night, you were positively buzzing around the bunker.  Even folding laundry had a new special kind of joy for you.

Crowley had found you about a dozen silver Hamsas, if this spell worked he wanted to make sure you always had one if you needed it.

Two days later, a FedEx box showed up, Crowley and you looked at the box and held each other’s hands. “This is what we’ve been waiting for, Baby.”

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it along to 10 favorites.

10 facts about me…

1. When I was five years old, I told to my family that I want to study art and became an artist. I’ve never changed my mind and Im studying art for an eight years now.

2. My aunt gave me her “powers” and her occult heritage. She was an artist too, she was very strong female and she was really witchy and powerfull woman. She died when she was 50 and the day before she was hospitalized, she gave me her jewelries - silver Hamsa, some gemstones and many other things… Now I’m walking in her steps.

3. As a capricorn, I was always prematurely adult. I was suicidal at nine, weed smoker at fourteen, alcoholic at seventeen and now I am mother at my twenty-two :D

4. I am snob when it comes to taste in movies. Also in music, but not so much. When someone reccomends me a bad movie, he has automatically some minus character points and I’ll never watch any other movie he’ll reccomend :D

5. I also experienced some drugs. Not just weed, I had LSD many times, mushrooms and the worst thing I’ve ever tried was crystal meth. And there’s an interesting story behind this, because… 

6. I was raped by my ex. He was often forcing me to sex and once he violenty raped me. I was too afraid to broke up with him, I let him to manipulate with me and then one day I realized what he’s doing to me. He hated drugs, alcohol, cigarettes… so I decided to have a week full of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. After that week, I found enough of courrage to broke up. After this, he was weirdly stalking me for about two months, then I tried to do some magic to destroy all the leftovers of feelings and all the ways that leaded him to me - and he’s harmless now (hashtag metoo) 

7.  I hate cons and all the weird geek meetings. I have many geek friends, lolitas and cosplayers and japan-lovers and gamers and LARPers, but when I visited some cons to enjoy time with theese people, I felt absolutely terrible. I hate organized “fun” and full programs, the fact that it’s happening mostly in schools, everyone is socially awkward (even with alcohol), too many weird perverts,…

8.  I am jealous when it comes to art. If someone is more popular, i am soo envy :D i only like and support humble artist, i hate when artists have too high self-esteem.

9. I tried to be vegan, but I just love raw meat. I could live without milk, I could live without eggs, I could live without chickens and pigs, but I just need some red beef once in a while. I also enjoy the fact that the animal prematurely died and that it was bloody and cruel. I think I somehow need to get the energy of this kind into my body.

10. I like kinky aesthetic, i enjoy wearing harnesses and chockers, but BDSM makes me sick. I just hate that when Im wearing some awesome gothy things - ripped stockings, silver chains, leather jackets… and people think that I might like kinky things. Because the image of sexual violence just makes me wanna vomit and cry.

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