silver haired girl

Little drawing! (of @melvnin on insta, I’ve been informed! She’s gorgeous hello hi)

Kintsugi (”golden repair”/”golden joinery”) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with gold.

I love the philosophy behind it that the more times we break and are repaired, the stronger and more beautiful we become. 


So yesterday my ex told me that our year long relationship was just him wanting to fuck the asexual.
I’m sorry but have you seen me?!
I’m a fucking goddess.
And asexual or not; I’m the best that you’re ever gonna get.

It’s been such a while i didn’t finish any personal non-fanart drawing ! °o°
Concerning this character, i drew her a few times but never in any digital drawing. I am searching for a name for her, in case i drew her again ^^- Btw, like every clothe she is wearing is on my wishlist *3*