silver gold pearl necklace

My stim drawer!

[description: a drawer lined with green cloth, containing (from top left to bottom right), a light brown slow rise bread squishy, a chewy necklace of silicone pearls in silver, black, gold, and light green; a black and green fidget cube, a dark blue metallic Tangle, a golden ship’s wheel fidget spinner in a round aluminium case, a chewy necklace with a blue silicone star bead and a yellow-green silicone anchor pendant; a pale yellow Pompompurin squishy, a yellow-green Keroppi squishy, a white switch, a black switch, a glow in the dark green Klixx, a chewy green silicone broccoli]

Amethyst necklace/tiara belonging to Queen Alexandra, wife of Edward VII (1901-1910) 

The tiara is of foliate garlands decorated with 5 hexagonal amethysts set as swing centers within circular wreaths, alternating with pear-shaped scrolls, set with 13 European-Cut diamonds weighing approx. 8.5 carats, 69 European-Cut diamonds weighing approx. 10 carats, rose-cut diamonds, weighing another 5 carats approx., numerous smaller diamonds, mounted in silver and gold.