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Favorite Greek/Roman Deity → Artemis

Let me sing of Artemis, Theia most high, most fierce of the deathless Gods. As a little maid She tugged on Her Father’s beard and asked for Her freedom. To this day no one can catch Her no matter how hard they try. She is bejeweled in dewdrops and stars, the light of the moon Her spotlight, the stage every corner of the wild world. With the flick of Her wrist arrows fly and She runs as if dancing. She is the wild in the soul of every woman today. If you hear Her call for you, run to Her lest Her arrows strike you for your impudence.

Her Name is Love

More ancient than the mighty sphinx
standing guard over his silken sands  
she arrives upon a wave of thunder 
holding tomorrow gently in her hands

Her silver tresses lightly laced in gold
will you dare to care and walk with her
offering up eternity to all who follow  
although far too many I fear will defer

The goddess scans the evening sky
a choir of angels joins in from above
beneath the silence serenely singing  
of grace unrivaled, her name is love

🔮Some random witchy tips!🔮

🌸 Globe amaranth is feminine, associated with Saturn and earth. It soothes emotional loss.

🌳Rowan is a fey tree that grants healing and strength. It is also a celtic tree month. 

☁️ White evokes space but also emptiness; break it up with other colors to set the theme of altars or rooms.

Fill a jar with nails and broken glass; bury it under the porch to protect a house from malicious spirits.

🌹 Rose is feminine, linked to Venus and water. This incense enhances positive emotions.

🌲Fir stands for youth and vitality. Use it to attract prosperity.

🌞The color of the Sun, yellow brings happiness and optimism. Brighten your day with it.

🍫Brown is an earth color, associated with things that are natural or organic. 

💎Iceland spar is a clear reflective stone whose air influence can double the power of any charm bag.

🌳Willow trees, which grow near water, aid lunar magic and processing grief.

🔥Opal’s brilliant colors relate to fire, helping to manifest grand ideas in the physical realm.

🍸 The chalice, a goblet often made of silver, channels goddess energy to cleanse.

💞Pink is innovative and feminine, a lovely choice for craft rooms or goddess shrines.

🍃If you catch a falling leaf before it touches the ground, you may make a wish.

🌳Mulberry trees often grow in hedgerows; they stand for knowledge, wisdom, and willpower.

💎Larimar is a blue water stone used for healing baths; it cleanses the body of infections or old traumas.

🌹The thorns of holly ward off evil and symbolize the dark half of the year.

🌚Gray represents practicality and moderation. Use it to avoid extremes.


Offering to Demeter I, The Eleusinian Mysteries, hand carved silver ring by Moon & Serpent

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth. She and her daughter Persephone were the central figures of the Eleusinian Mysteries that predated the Olympian pantheon.


@icarsus asks ⇥ helios or selene

 Selene was the Titan goddess of the moon. She was depicted as a woman riding sidesaddle on a horse or driving a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds. Her lunar sphere or crescent was either a crown set upon her head or the fold of a raised, shining cloak. She was sometimes said to drive a team of oxen and her lunar crescent was likened to a pair of bull’s horns.

FrostIron Fairy!Au

Photographer! Tony retreating from the spotlight after getting involved with drugs/ partying/ scandals with models and basically ruining his career. 

He ends up at renting a cabin deep in the woods, far away from the bright lights and temptations of his former life, and tries to deal with his depression.

Thor owns the cabin, and tells Tony that if he is still enough, sometimes the forest fairies will come and keep him company and Tony tells him “Only time I see fairies is when I’m high.” 

Lonely weeks go by and Tony finds himself reaching for the bottle less, and taking walks through the woods more, enjoying the silence and the chance to think. 

And then one day, he catches something out of the corner of his eye, the barest hint of light and maybe a laugh, but he isnt sure. 

So he grabs his camera and goes out again, and again and again and now he has the feeling that he’s being watched, maybe followed, and one day he simply sits and waits for whatever has been laughing in the trees to make an appearance. 

The fairy or sprite or whatever it is, is beautiful. Skin so pale it nearly glows, long black hair that he barest breeze lifts and tugs at. Wings so delicate Tony isnt even sure he is actually seeing them. 

“Hello.” the thing says quietly, and his voice sounds like its coming from far away, an odd echo to it. But its deeper than Tony thought it would be, smooth enough to make him shiver, and thats– thats an odd reaction to a fairy, he thinks. 

“My names Tony.” he offers. “You are– well Im not sure you’re real. But if you are, you are beautiful.” 

“Im very real.” the thing assures him, and jumps from the tree branch down to the ground, eyeing Tony with an amused look in its green eyes. “My name is Loki.” 

“Loki.” Tony repeats. “Have you been following me?” 

“You have been trying to capture me with that.” Loki motions to the camera around Tonys neck. “Why?”

“I wasn’t trying to capture you.” Tony denies, and then tilts his head. “Well sort of, but just a picture of you. It wouldn’t hurt.” 

“Hmm.” A low hum that seems to ripple through the air before reaching Tony’s ear. “A picture? Because you want to look at me?” 

“Yes.” Tony nods. “I was curious about you. Are you curious about me?” 

“Perhaps.” Loki smiles curiously, flashing sharp fangs, and Tony is suddenly very aware that the creature is wearing only the barest amount of clothing, that there is just lots of flawless skin standing close enough to touch, and that he very badly wants to touch and maybe taste and hear that low voice rise into something of a scream. 

“Oh.” the creature raises a delicate eyebrow. “You want me.”

Tony stammers and turns bright red and shifts his position so its not as obvious how uncomfortable his pants are at that exact moment. “Uh sorry. You’re not wearing a whole lot and um–”

“Interesting.” the creature crouches, crawls towards Tony with sinuous movements that are entirely too fluid to be human. “I have never had a human before.” green eyes spark and Tony swears they shift to red for the barest second. “Will you be gentle with me?” 


Sorry guys, I couldnt get this idea out of my head. Lets do some world building with it. Hit me up with questions/ideas in my ask box and lets write a story together. Ill turn on anon asks again for it!

Also, bad news about my grandma this morning, believe me when I say Id enjoy the distraction today, so please talk to me about anything and everything about this idea. All your questions, your ideas, let me have them. 

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photos by holly kerchner
seattle, wa
february 2017

Global Spell:  the Web of Protection

Hello, witches!  One of the practitioners over on the Discord server (WITCH HAVEN) wanted to create a spell that will be cast globally on March 28th (New Moon of March.)  This person put a lot of thought and effort into this, and I am happy to share it with you all.  There were many witches that came together and collaborated on this, so shout out to each of them for being grade-A badasses.  (I will link them below for kudos)


To protect the + Community (LGBTQIAPK) from physical, mental, and emotional harm AND to inspire respect, love, and acceptance from the global community. 


  • Craft a + symbol with the + Community’s rainbow inside of it.  (See example above.) 
  • Quartz, to amplify energy.


1.  Create your + symbol (graphic design, coloring, sewing, etc.) and while you are making it, visualize bright light pouring into the symbol.  Think about each group of people recognized, and not recognized.

2.  Cast a circle, invoking each element to aid in the energy/spell work.  Invoke deities if you have them.

3.  Inside the circle, begin meditating while holding the symbol.  The + signifies our connectedness as witches and the community we are trying to protect.

4.  After meditating upon the symbol, envision a web of white light encasing the plus sign.  This symbol represents everyone you want to protect.

5.  Recite:  “We unite as one to add our protection to those who are in need of it.  We entreat our global community to continue to aid us in our pursuit of equality, love, respect, and acceptance.”

Optional 5.5. Then envision each color associated with the elements encasing the symbol, then a web of silver and gold light representing love, acceptance, and respect.  (Another option: the silver can represent the Goddess and gold can represent the God.)

6.  Continue to keep this focus of each color melting into each other, forming a white light.  After you feel your spell is complete, send it from the base of your heart up through your head and into the world.

7.  Close the circle moving counterclockwise/widdershins thanking each element and deity for their aid.

8.  Your + symbol should be placed at the highest point in your house OR kept under your bed for seven days.  Afterwards, you may keep it, burn it, or bury it.  It is entirely up to you.


Collaborators:  @aquariwitchmom, @hearthandsoul, @talamh-criostal, @wattle-and-witchcraft, and several others who must remain anonymous/in the broom closet.