silver glittery dress

~ scared of losing you ~ danisnotonfire ~

The TV was shouting Christian Bale while you and Dan watched from the couch. It was film night and you chose American Hustle, since neither of you had yet seen it. Of course, you forgot that this film was set in the 80’s which meant boobs busting out of tops. To top it off, Jennifer Lawrence was also in it. And you knew how much Dan loved J-Law. She came onto the screen with a silver glittery dress that missed about a third of her breasts. Dan’s eyes locked onto the screen, very subtly but you notice it. You regret choosing the movie and you couldn’t focus at all. You stood up, out of Dan’s arms.

“I’m just going out for some fresh air.” You grumble and went down the stairs.

You half slipped on a pair of converse (like with the heel folded down) and walked outside. You breathed in the London-y air and closed your eyes to clear your mind. After about half a minute, you felt focused and walked back up the stairs. You walked into the lounge to see that Dan had paused the movie.

“Are you okay?” Dan worriedly asked.

“I’m fine, I just needed some fresh air. Thanks for pausing it.” You sat back down next to Dan.

For the next two hours, you pretended to enjoy the film. Anytime Dan laughed, you laughed along. The plot was actually interesting, the wardrobe just didn’t fit your style. The film would have been more enjoyable if your jealousy had not gotten in the way of your film night. The fear of losing Dan to a beauty queen suddenly became your primary concern.


Dan suggested going out for lunch the next day. You both walked to a small cafe which you and Dan made your official cafe date place. You sat down at a table and a waitress came to take your order. She was most definitely checking Dan out while he looked at the menu. You glared at her, and you weren’t worried she’d catch you. She was only paying attention to Dan anyways. You quickly dismiss her by telling her you need more time. Dan looked a bit surprised at your reply.

You ordered your food and ate it, feeling uncomfortable at the same time. Dan noticed your behavior and suggested going to the shopping center. He must’ve known it would be a way to distract you.

MAC Cosmetics was the first store you walked into. You heard Dan groan when he realized where you were going. You tend to stay there for a few hours, which was the reason why you never bring Dan with you on makeup expeditions. The different colors of makeup available made you want to buy every piece of the store. You picked up an eyeshadow palette to see the colors.

“Do you really need this stuff?” Dan asked while holding up several products. “I mean, you’re basically paying £10 for a fake face.”

“It’s art where your face is the blank canvas.” You reply. It was quite sweet of Dan to say what he just said.

You turned around to see two girls about your age looking at Dan. As soon as Dan turned around, the girls were arching their backs to maximize their curves. Disgusted, you set the palette back on the shelf and stormed out of the store, leaving Dan behind. You exit the entire building and walked to the park across the street. To calm yourself down, you sat down on a bench and took deep breaths. Touching your temples, you made an attempt to focus. Dan found you a few minutes later and rushed to your side.

“What’s going on with you lately, you’re acting quite strange.” Dan wrapped his arm around you in a comforting way.

“I can’t compete with all of the beauty around me.” You say, tearing up.

“What are you talking about?” Dan asked, not knowing how to solve it.

“While I stand around looking like a potato, you’ll one day leave me once someone prettier walks your path.” You couldn’t believe that you were finally confessing your frustrations.

“That’s impossible.” Dan replied, baffled at your response.

“Well, there were at least three girls who were 10x prettier than me who happened to be looking at you.” Your emotions were now out of control.

“No I mean there’s no one in the universe that can possibly be prettier than you. You’re the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on. I can’t describe my feelings for you in words.” Dan said, grabbing both of your hands.

“Do you really mean that?” You ask, a smile cracking through the frown.

Dan nodded. “No pair of scissors can cut our relationship apart.” You assumed he meant scissors as in other women.

You shyly looked down, and Dan lifts your head up by your chin. You felt his lips touch yours and you welcomed the feel.

An elderly lady behind you clapped and sighed. “Ah, young love.”

You couldn’t help but smile.

‘I am truly in love’