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How I Draw My Key Support And Resistance Levels Like A Pro
How I Draw My Key Support And Resistance Levels Like A Pro Talking points: 1/ Using the yearly chart to identify best support and resistance levels. 2/ Findi...

How I Draw My Key Support And Resistance Levels Like A Pro
Talking points:
1/ Using the yearly chart to identify best support and resistance levels.
2/ Finding key levels with the price action.
3/ How to use markets patterns to pinpoint key support and resistance price levels?
4/ Using Fibonacci to uncover hidden key levels that the pros are monitoring.
5/ TSTW trading ideas to highlight essential support and resistance levels.
6/ A touch on the humble Open, Close, High and Low price levels.
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It just dawned on me that Diana Bulimar will not compete at Doha this week. Not only did she attend every year since 2012, but she actually won a medal every time. 

2012 FX silver, 2013 FX gold, 2014 FX silver, 2015 UB silver & BB bronze, 2016 FX silver

Doha was kinda like her thing, and it feels wrong to watch knowing Didi won’t compete. Ughhhh

Summary of Afan’s 2013-2016 quad so far:

Afan: wants to retire

Afan: persuaded not to retire

Afan in 2013: with dodgy ankle, nearly 2-per countries out Aliya at Euros for the AA, wins Euro FX gold, 

Afan in 2013: still with dodgy ankle, wins Universiade team gold, AA silver (doing UB for the first time in FOR.EVER.),  unveils the Afanar, wins VT gold over Paseka, wins FX gold

Afan in 2013: dodgy ankle becomes dodgier, goes for surgery

Afan in 2014: THE YEAR OF THE REALLY DODGY ANKLE, more surgery, another ankle injury, YET MORE ANKLE SURGERY

Everyone: thinks Afan will retire and never make it back

Afan in 2015: hahah… no. returns, THE RETURN OF THE AFANAR, wins Euros FX gold and VT bronze whuttt

Afan in late 2015: approx 30% alive, so over everything, KIDNEY STONES galore

Afan in late 2015: wins silver on FX at Worlds, still rolling her eyes

4x Olympic medalist Aliya Mustafina (Russia)

UB - gold TF - silver AA - bronze FX - bronze

Lu Yufei, star of the 2000 borns, shined at the very first Chines Youth Games. She took home with gold on FX, silver on UB, bronze on AA(with a fall off bars) and BB, and a 4th on VT(Chinese domestic grading is ridiculously harsh, so the scores does not really matter)

Feifei has a 6.0 vault, which she is still working on. For UB, she performed the Tkatchev+Geinger and double twisting double tuck dismount beautifully. Beam is not her best event, but she is lovely to watch on it with her pointed fingers and toes as well as good rhythm and moves.  Last but not the least, Feifei’s floor routines are definitely something I would like to watch a hundred times. She executes the tumbling passes so cleanly(full in back out, 3 twist, 2.5 half to piked front, double tuck) and interprets the music so perfectly. The combination of power and elegance is just excitingly fascinating.

Will Feifei bring bigger surprise for Chinese gymnastics? I surely hope so and cannot wait to see her shine on international arena! 


Fun Fast Facts About the Final 5

Every member of the final 5 got at least one individual medal except for Gabby
Every member of the final 5 has at least one individual medal to their name between London and Rio
3 member of the final 5 (Simone, Gabby, and Aly) have individual Olympic gold medals
The final 5 members with the least Olympic medals are Laurie and Madison, who each have one gold and one silver
Out of the final 5, Simone won the most Olympic medals in Rio, obviously br> Simone and Aly have each been to 3 world championships, and Madison and Gabby have each been to two
All members of the final 5 have 2 world team gold medals except for Laurie, who was obviously not eligible for any previous worlds
Simone obviously has the most individual world’s medals, with 12 individual medals. Madison, Aly, and Gabby have one individual world medal a piece (Maddie 2015 ub gold, Gabby 2015 aa silver, and Aly 2011 fx bronze)
Madison is the only final 5 member to ever win a world/Olympic bars medal
Simone has medaled in all world/Olympic vault, beam, floor, and all around final she’s been in
Gabby has medaled in every world/Olympic all around final she’s been in
Madison has medaled in every world/Olympic bars final she’s been in
Laurie has medaled in every Olympic beam final she’s been in
Aly has the most Olympic medals out of the final 5, with 6 Olympic medals (Simone has 5, Gabby has 3, and Laurie and Madison each have 2) All 3 of Gabby’s Olympic medals have been gold Aly has the full set of medals between 2012 and 2016 (gold, silver, and bronze) Simone was the only final 5 member to win a bronze medal this games A country can win up to 11 Olympic medals in women’s gymnastics and the final 5 won 9. The only ones they missed were a second medal on vault (which was not possible as nobody but Simone does 2 vaults) and a second medal on bars The final 5 won 9/10 of the medals they were potentially up for