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a prompt mayhaps: Viktor is a big-time lingerie designer and Yuuri is a model ;)

finally getting around to this one! s/o to everyone on discord who aided and abetted ;)

In retrospect, it really should have been more obvious. After all, the brand’s name was Secrets by V, for crying out loud.

But at the time of their first meeting, Yuuri had been nothing but nervous. It had been his first shoot as a History Maker – the industry nickname for the beautiful, sexy models of all genders who advertised Secrets by V’s ultra-luxe lingerie. The new campaign that season was fairytale and true love-themed, to better highlight the romantic details on the new Stammi Vicino line. Yuuri had rushed in late that morning, no thanks to the traffic, and then watched as two female models posed together in each other’s arms, clad in coordinated bra and panty sets with wings on their shoulders.

(He’s still not sure how he managed to join their ranks. He’s just too mild-mannered and plain – too Clark Kent, no Superman.)

“Are you looking for something?” someone asked, and Yuuri turned to see the most beautiful man looking at him curiously. His silver fringe was falling into one of his icy blue eyes and he was clad in a simple navy suit, clutching a tray of coffee.

“Y-Yeah!” Yuuri stammered. “I’m the new model? Yuuri Katsuki?”

The man hummed, consulted a clipboard, and nodded, pointing to a door to the side. “Go through there and they’ll get you ready for the shoot.”

Yuuri nodded, his throat feeling more and more like sandpaper the longer he stood there and watched this man scrutinise him. “Th-Thanks,” he said, feeling his face redden. “Are you – do you work here?”

The man raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“Are you in charge of this shoot?” wondered Yuuri.

The man laughed, shaking his head. “No, I’m just watching.”

“So you’re an intern?”

The man’s eyes widened briefly, but he quickly recovered and nodded, laughing. “You could say that,” he said. “I’m Viktor.”

“Yuuri,” said Yuuri, and lost himself in the brilliance of Viktor’s smile as he shook his hand.

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Peacock blue silk, the short sleeve bodice of tulle having bands of paste jewels with blue and iridescent clear beaded fringe over silver metallic lace, deep V-neck with beaded blue tulle insert over white tulle above a large velvet bow, the skirt crossed at center front and cutaway to reveal a beaded chiffon underskirt with beaded fringe over blue silk, long fishtail train pleated and held by two large beaded tassels at back.

Comes the Sun

Spring   Summer    Fall

Viktor Nikiforov, who’s topped Most Eligible Bachelor lists. Viktor Nikiforov, who’s personally guided a whole generation through puberty. Viktor Nikiforov, whose allergies have him sneezing every two seconds on their visit to Hasetsu.

“Spring,” says Viktor, or that’s what Yuuri thinks he says. It’s hard to tell, with the congestion. Confident, sexy, he wipes at snot with his V.N. embroidered handkerchief. Sniffles pitifully. Sneezes again. Better than that Armani commercial in 2011, and he’s here in the flesh. “Yuuri." 

"I’ll get you allergy medicine,” Yuuri sighs, lovestruck. 

“Don leb me here to DIE alonn,” comes the response. “Wib the POLLEN.”

 "What if you’re allergic to me?“ Yuuri teases. "I better leave the room.”

“No,” Viktor warbles. “Juhst because you mahke my heart beat and my throat clobe ub doesn mean I’m allergic!” Yuuri takes advantage of the wet hacking that follows this protest to sweep the silver fringe from his forehead, press a kiss to it. He comes back from the drugstore with allergy meds, and Viktor’s favorite tea. His husband is on the phone with a sadistically pleased Yurio upon his return, or at least until Yuuri rubs at Viktor’s shoulders.

“You’re going to spoil him,” Yurio says darkly.

“It can’t get any worse at this point,” Yuuri admits meekly. Yurio agrees with a get him through the season alive!, jabs to end the call. Viktor sprawls out on the couch, tips back two pills and holds out his arms for Yuuri to press into.

“Vitya, you must hate this time of year,” Yuuri says into his curving collarbone.

“So much,” Viktor agrees. He is smiling. Yuuri does not know why he is smiling. His shimmering eyes are watery, puffy, and as sadistic as Yurio is… Yuuri might be a bit sadistic too. “It’s awbul– could sleeb all day. Join me.” Briefly, Yuuri massages at the other man’s sinuses, and the blue eyes flutter shut. “Lobve Spring. And you.”

“Love you too,” Yuuri says softly. Most people would say the allergy meds have just kicked in, that he’s drowsy. Most people don’t know Viktor.


Kittyinva: 1925-30 c. Ivory silk chiffon beaded evening frock fashioned from double layer silk chiffon is lavishly embellished with long strands of silver fringe composed of shimmering glass beads. 1st Dibs.

Gradence Star Wars AU cont’d

Previously on gay wizards in space (thanks for the prompt, dear anon, even if it wasn’t meant as such)!


Graves set out to explore the Temple gardens.  Moderate exercise, as prescribed, and good policy:  learning the lay of the land in new terrirory had more than once saved his skin.  His wandering led him to a reflecting pool, a silvered expanse fringed by fern-leafed trees.  A viewing deck stood beside the pool, and who should Graves find there, sitting all alone, but his new friend.

He waited, prepared to retreat rather than disturb, but then Barebone opened his eyes.

“You still meditate,” observed Graves.

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DIY | GATSBY DREAM - Birthday Party Theme 

This past weekend a client trusted that I turn her garage into a ‘Gatsby Dream’ for her 17th birthday. I was thrilled when she told me her theme for the party, as I am a huge fan of the book along with the spectacular film. There is something so magical about the 1920′s that can never be duplicated.

Per usual I thrifted for most of the decorations, bought them at the Dollar Store, or Party City. Remember, with a little imagination and DIY, your money can go a long way in decor. 

Below you will find a brief description on how I put together some of the decorations from the party: 

Floral Center Pieces: made entirely from candle holders and a vase stacked and glued together from Dollar Tree. The flowers were attached to a foam ball which was then glued to the top of the base. 

Gold Jars/Wine Bottles: I recycled old wine bottles and misc. thrifted containers and revamped them by spray painting them gold. Most spray paint is suited for glass, but be sure and ask your local craft store when purchasing the spray paint. 

Candy Holders/Trays: All made from jars, candle holders, and silver trays from Dollar Tree! I simply took a candle holder and hot glued it underneath a silver tray or glass jar/container. The variety in sizes and height make any dessert bar look stunning. 

Cupcake Toppers: My client purchased Sprinkles Cupcakes and we then turned them into a cupcake cake. The toppers were created with white and gold glittery foam paper which were then hot glued onto a toothpick and placed in the center of each cupcake. 

Dessert Table Background: The background was inspired by the iconic image found in the film. I created the background using a science experiment board, crazy, right? I then took black thick poster board and cut out one inch stripes, which were then glued onto the board in the patter you see above. The ‘K’ was a pre-made wood ‘K’ found at Michael’s Craft Store which was spray painted gold, then glued onto the board as well. 

Photo Booth Background: The background was put together by putting two silver fringe curtains from Party City. Each 8ft long curtain runs at $8.99. I then interweaved a gold fringe curtain from Party City as well. Super quick and easy to assemble, but so festive! 


Art Work/Paintings: I recycled the art work used from another decorating gig. I found these stunning photos online and had them all enlarged and printed. Printing images in that size can run expensive, but always look at your local thrift stores for paintings or art that goes well with your theme. 

Hope you guys get some insight and inspiration on how you can create and throw a Gatsby themed party of your own. 

Sending all of you lots of love and light, 


Ps. Doesn’t my client look absolutely stunning in her 1920′s inspired dress?! I may have to borrow it sometime…