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Hiya! Do you know if there's anyway to sex a pelt? I got a couple wall hanger pelts recently (a fox and a yote) and was just curious if there's a way to tell? My silver fox has a furred underside of that makes a difference, but the other two are just leather (or hide I guess?) It really doesn't matter, just curious!

Hey there!

There is a way to sex a pelt! It’s easier if they have their hide and fur down there. I quickly took some photos of my own pelts to show some examples.

(above) Here’s two male coyote pelts. On the red you can see his penis is still there on his belly, almost like a belly button. On the black it’s trimmed really high, which I am told is indicative of male pelts sometimes.

And here are three female pelts. You can see on the red fox and the coyote on either end are trimmed not as high as the black male coyote. The female in the middle, however, is not trimmed like the other two.

The easiest thing for me, however, is whether or not it has a “belly button” ;)

Sorry the pictures are quick! I hope that helps! And if anyone else wants to chime in, I’d love any additional input! :)

YYH Big Bang: Frost & Apples

Yu Yu Hakusho Big Bang: Frost & Apples
Kurama (Shuichi Minamino), Kazuma Kuwabara, Yusuke Urameshi, Hiei
Pairing: Kurama x Kuwabara (Kuwama)
Rating: T
Warnings: Mild violence, strong language
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Kazuma Kuwabara is a student in his final year of veterinary school. When he finds an injured fox in an alley one day, he has no idea just what—or who—he’s getting involved with. AU where Kuwabara is a college student, and Kurama is still a demon posing as a human.
Additional Notes: In this universe, Shuichi Minamino/Yoko Kurama are the same person—Kurama. His Yoko and human forms are merely him changing his appearance.

My fanfiction submission for Yu Yu Hakusho Big Bang 2016! ^^
The event blog: @yyhbb
Companion artwork: This absolutely amazing piece by the talented moldytony (tumblr won’t let me tag them, so have a link!). I LOVE IT SO MUCH, THANK YOOOUUU~

To my friends who follow me: yes, I write fan fiction. And yes, I am Kuwama trash.

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this is our baby fox, jekl
jekl likes liquorice, selfies and little kids. (she liked the cat when she was little but now she’s scared of him)
she is 9 months old now. if we hadn’t bought her, this month, she would’ve been killed for her pelt, along with all her brothers and sisters.
some day, our beautiful little baby’s brothers and sisters will be the fur around the hood of your coat or the lining in your boots.
if you choose to buy products made of real fur, please remember that the fur you are wearing once belonged to another creature that was full of life and personality, and it was ended for your vanity.
please remember the face of our little baby girl next time you decide to buy fur.

please consider the power of silver: be it silver fox fur rug, silver metallic paint, balanced with white and grey embroidery. capitalize on the circular energy of doilies and spheres. this can give an opulent, marvelously excessive feeling to a room.