silver exposure

Method and Space
#8x10 gelatin silver contact print, 8/18/17

Bill of Sale for a Man Named Pompey
October 19th, 1794 (verso)
The Detroit Public Library, Archive, 3/18/16
8x10 gelatin silver contact print 

Double exposure –Oh Peter Go Ring Dem Bells
Negro Spirituals Arranged by H.T. Burleigh, 1917
Sheet Music Room
The Detroit Public Library, 3/19/17

Graphic Arts and Prose
Edwin Blashfield and Vincent Aderente
Painted Glass by Frederick J. Wiley, 1922
The Detroit Public Library, 3/10/17

Marco Lorenzetti

anonymous asked:

Does silver actually hurt werewolves ?

In a way. The cells and organs of a werewolf are incredibly active. It allows us to move faster, digest our food quickly, transform, heal, etc.

However, silver causes our cells to behave irregularly. It also erodes the membranes bonding the cells together. It doesn’t erode completely but enough that our thick hides can be damaged with enough force.

This circumstance can cause a werewolf to feel quite ill and can induce a burning sensation in the applied area if the werewolf is not experienced with silver exposure. They can be very sensitive if they are not used to the feeling.


Long exposure of a silver birch ,during the exposure a stiff breeze was blowing so i set the shot up to capture the movement of the tree and tall grasses around the base of the tree using the contrast of the path ,grass and wall to lead the eye to the tree and the blurry grass .