silver embellishments

ZOË - model: Zoe Kravitz - photography: Patrick Demarchelier - styling: Beth Fenton - hair: Nikki Nelms - makeup: Tom Pecheux - manicure: Rieko Okusa - set design: Josephine Shokrian - Allure June 2017

  • featured: Moschino jacket - Michael Kors Collection dress - Moschino x Judy Blame beret - My Enemy Jewelry by Chris Habana earrings - Ariana Boussard-Reifel and Scosha rings
  • beauty notes: Couture Mono Eye Shadow in Argane and Fastes by Yves Saint Laurent
Is This Love? (JiminxReader)


Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: The reader plans to ask Jimin to Valentine’s Dance but Jimin already has a date.

Word Count: 998 words

My best friend Zienna was zipping up the back of my dress while simultaneously lecturing me on how to approach my crush, Jimin , before the Valentine’s Dance tonight.

“And please don’t use that voice you use when you’re nervous.” She said straightening out my dress. “What voice?” I asked defensively. “You know the one where your voice gets all high pitched and you start squeaking. I’ve heard you do it when you were talking to Jimin last week.”

I shoved her off playfully. “I did not!” I laughed. “You did too!”She said slppaing my arm. I groaned. What if I squeaked tonight, I had plans to ask Jimin to go to the dance with me today. I knew he didn’t have a date because Zienna was dating his best friend, Taehyung and he had assured us he was going solo. My plan was to go over to Tae’s house with Zienna and when Jimin and I both didn’t have partners, I figured we would just end up going together.

Zienna was putting on some more mascara when she saw my nervous reflection in the mirror. “Y/N.. Don’t worry. The worst he can say is no.”

I nodded my head gravely, “You’re right, that is the worst thing.”

Zienna laughed at me, she always said I was overly dramatic. In a way, she has point. Last year, Jimin held open a door for me so I mass texted her during a presentation. She wasn’t happy.

Zienna pulled me up by arms and looked me straight in the eye. “You got this Y/N. If he says ‘yes’, then awesome. If he says ‘no’, whatever, I’ll share Taehyung with you and we’ll treat him like fourth wheel the entire night!” I laughed and gave her hug. I wanted to believe that I would be okay if he said “no” but I knew I wouldn’t. I don’t really know what love is or how it’s supposed to feel like, but what I feel for Jimin, when he walks into a room or when someone says his name, feels pretty close to it.

We got to Tae’s house and we rang the doorbell. Zienna was wearing a midi silky rosy pink dress that hugged her curves. I always felt like Zienna had the perfect body which is why I really didn’t want to be standing next to her if Jimin opened the door. I was wearing a strapless silver fitted dress that I paired with shiny reflective gold heels. I felt pretty but I was still really nervous.

“Hey babe- Woah” Taehyung’s eyes raked over Zienna’s over body and I instantly felt a pang of jealousy; not because I liked Tae but because I loved their relationship so much.

“You look amazing Zienna, wow!” He pulled her close and we got inside the house.

Tae led us to the living room where his mother and father were talking to Jimin. We greeted his parents and they complimented us making us thank them bashfully. I looked over at Jimin and he looked handsome as ever. He was wearing a grey tux with silver embellishments and a red tie. I looked down at my own outfit and it looked as though we planned it.

Jimin looked over at me and laughed. “Wow.” He said motioning between our outfits. “People will think we’re a power couple,” He said laughing. I blushed furiously and replied, “A force to reckon with.” He laughed harder.

Zienna looked over at me from her seat on the couch, raising her eyebrows at me. Ugh. I shook my head subtly and then she narrowed her eyes, letting me know that if I didn’t say something, she would.

I turned over to Jimin and took in deep breath. “Hey, Jimin, I was wondering-” I was cutoff by the sound of doorbell. Jimin’s eyes immediately lit up and he said, “That must be Rita!” he quickly moved to open the door and sure as hell standing outside looking stunning as ever was Rita.

“Rita, you look stunning,” Jimin said grabbing her hands and kissing her cheek as he pulled her inside. They walked into the room holding hands. “Hey, everyone!” Rita said brightly. Everyone in the room responded except me. I couldn’t look over at Zienna, I knew she would have that expression she pulls when she feels absolutely terrible at something but also really disappointed. If I made eye contact with her, I would break. Jimin was looking at Rita the way I imagined I looked at him. I wanted to cry or yell and tell him how I felt about him, but I didn’t. That’s how I knew I really did love Jimin, because when you love someone, their happiness comes first and no matter how hurt I was, I didn’t want to spoil something as heartwarming as Jimin’s smile.

“Y/N, I love your dress.” Rita said to me and I smiled as brightly as I could. “Thank you, Rita. You look beautiful.”

“Should we go now?” Jimin said, putting his arm around Rita’s waist.

“Yeah, we should.” Taehyung said, standing up. Zienna moved over to me and whispered, “Are you okay?” I nodded slightly.

“Actually guys, I’ll meet you there. I need to stop by my house real quick,” I lied. Zienna saw right through it too, shaking her head at me.

“Oh, are you sure? We can all wait outside if you want?” Jimin offered sweetly.

“No, I’m sure. I’ll see you later.”

I quickly said goodbye to Tae’s parents and the rest of the gang and got in my car. Only when I was parked in my driveway did I finally allow myself to cry.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the imagine :)


Beauty and the Beast (3)

Sorry this chapter is late! I hope you enjoy :) Previous chapters are listed here: 1 2


Simon dragged his cloak tighter around himself. It was incredibly cold in the cell, the open window letting in snow and chilly air. Simon wasn’t sure he was going to last very long in this cold without his magic. 

He wondered why the castle was cursed the way it was. The magic hanging over the wells felt sticky, making for an overwhelmingly claustrophobic sensation. Whoever had cast the spell had to have been powerful. Simon was regarded by many as one of the most powerful magicians to have lived and even he couldn’t access his magic here. 

Escape did not seem like a possibility. The walls were too high to jump from. Plus, Simon wasn’t sure where he would go if he did manage to escape. Back to the father who had abandoned him here? Back to the village that seemed to be moving on quite easily without him? He wasn’t sure there was anything worth going back to in that place. Still, anything was better than a cold prison cell. 

He heard strange shuffling noises coming from the stairwell. The sound of two people bickering was soon audible. After a minute or so the two voices were close enough that Simon could make out what they were saying.

“Niall I really don’t think this is a good idea.”

“You heard him Dev, he said to go ahead and give him a better room.”

Simon sat up.

“Hello?” He called out.

“Ah yes, hello! My name is Niall.”

Simon froze as the candelabra he’d seen in the entrance when he’d first walked into the castle strolled over to the cell bars and bowed in front of him. A second or so later the clock he’d seen before strutted over and glared at the candelabra. Simon wondered if the cold had finally gotten to his head.

“Um, my name is Simon,” He said weakly.

The one called Dev frowned at him.

“Yes we know that already.”

Niall, the candelabra, turned to smack the clock with one of his burning candles.

“Don’t be rude! He’s our guest after all.”

Simon shook his head in confusion.

“I’m sorry, but I think I need a bit of an explanation. This castle has talking household items?  And since when did I become a guest?

Niall glanced at Dev uncomfortably.

“Well, the curse, it uh, made all the people living in the castle into household items. And I suppose you are still technically a prisoner but to us you’re a guest.” Niall said.

“How lucky for you,” Simon grumbled.

“Hey,” Dev began angrily, “Did you not hear the part about us being cursed? Nobody here has it easy.”

Simon pursed his lips.

“I suppose not.”

Niall unlocked the door and gestured towards the stairs.

“Let’s not exhaust our friend, Dev. Why don’t you follow me this way to your new room Simon?”

Simon stood and followed the two out of the dungeon and into the main stairway of the castle. He wasn’t sure why he was being given a room here. It seemed stupid, really, to give a prisoner a tour of the castle. He supposed the beast had enough confidence in his own abilities to stop Simon so as to allow this. 

“Baz has allowed you to roam the castle as you wish,” Niall said.

“Baz?” Simon asked.

“That is the name of the man you met earlier today,” Dev said. 


It shouldn’t have surprised Simon that Baz would have a name. In fact, Simon felt a bit like an ass for not having inquired about it sooner. 

“So I can go wherever I’d like?” Simon asked.

“Yes, except for the West Wing.” Dev said.

Simon watched as Niall kicked Dev in what was meant to be a subtle gesture. Dev’s clock face screwed up in panic before he settled back into his normal facial expression. Niall laughed nervously.

“He means that the West Wing is unavailable. It’s far too damaged to be safe for anyone now. You’d likely fall through a hole the second you got there.”

Simon didn’t have to be a genius to know that they were lying to him. He filed that observation for later, knowing he’d be exploring a lot more than just the West Wing. He planned to escape by sundown.

They stopped outside of a door that looked much like the other hundred or so they had already passed. Niall ushered him inside of a room that was bigger than his house at home. The bed alone seemed to be the size of a room, all deep red bedding and dark wood posts. The wallpaper was a deep green with silver emblems that swirled as if they were alive. There was a large armoire to one side of the room and a sitting area on the other. A large window showed a view of the frozen gardens outside. It was a rather disorienting sight. 

Simon swallowed loudly.

“This is…ornate.”

Niall smiled, taking Simon’s tone as an expression of satisfaction.

“Baz wanted us to give you the best room in the palace.”

“I’m sure,” Simon murmured as he looked for an escape route in the room. 

“Well,” Dev said, “I think we’ve bothered you enough for now. Dinner will be served in one hour. Please be ready to be escorted downstairs at that time.”

Simon paused. He knew he needed to find a way out of this strange castle but the idea of food was tempting. He’d been given only dry bread and old cheese the night before. He imagined Baz was the type to have fancy courses served, living in a castle and all that. Simon found himself weighing his options. He could always escape in the morning, with a full stomach. In fact, that would probably be the smarter thing to do, who knew how long the journey back to civilization might take.

“All right,” Simon said.

Dev and Niall left him alone in the room.  Simon watched them go and then sighed in relief as the door closed behind them. He was exhausted and the warm bed was incredibly inviting. He’d make sure to only close his eyes for a few minutes so as to not be late for dinner. Baz struck him as being of the punctual sort. 

After what felt like a minute he felt someone tap his shoulder. He sat up and found the armoire standing over him. He jumped back a bit and then reminded himself that, for this castle, looming furniture was the norm. 

“Oh, sorry to scare you sir. My name is Gareth.”

Simon nodded.

“Um, yeah. I’m Simon.”

Gareth backed up to his corner of the room. 

“I just thought I should wake you for dinner, it’s starting in a few minutes.”

Simon looked out the window and saw that it was dark outside. He couldn’t believe he’d slept for an hour already. 

“Oh, thank you.”

He stood and looked at the large mirror. He was still wearing his clothes from the village. A simple tunic fastened by a belt over dirty pants. He felt that his outfit would probably not go over too well at dinner. 

“I have some clothing available for you if you’d like, sir.”

Simon turned and saw that Gareth had opened up his cabinet doors. Inside hung various outfits that were far too over the top for Simon’s comfort. He wanted to eat but not that badly.

“Thank you but I think I’ll go down like this.”

Gareth shrugged and then settled.

There was a knock at the door. 

“Come in,” Simon said.

A tray pushed into the room with a teapot on it. The teapot glanced at him and rolled its eyes.

“Merlin, couldn’t you have at least tried to look presentable?” 

“Excuse me?” Simon said.

“My name is Penny. I’ll be escorting you to dinner. Don’t worry, I’ll get your tea later when you’re eating.”

Simon nodded.

“I’m Simon.”

She studied him for a moment, a small smile forming on her face.

“Yes, we all know your name. Trust me.”

He frowned at that and followed her out of the room. After a long period of walking down corridors and stairways, they finally reached the main dining area. A long table was set with only two dinner plates, one on each end of the table. Simon sat at the one closest to the door and spread his napkin on his lap. 

In truth, he didn’t really want to share a meal with Baz. But food had always been a weakness of his and he knew he’d regret it if he didn’t try the food here at least once before he left. He could put up with Baz’s rude behavior for one evening if it meant eating a feast.

A minute or so later he heard footsteps down the hall, human ones. He swallowed nervously as the doors to the dining hall opened behind him. Baz entered the room and strolled to his seat on the other end of the table. 

His black hair had been brushed and smoothed back. Instead of the ragged clothes he’d been wearing when Simon had first met him, he was wearing a suit of deep green with silver embellishments, reminding Simon of the wallpaper in his room. With his fangs hidden, he looked almost normal.

“Simon,” Baz acknowledged, fangs making their appearance. 

“Baz,” Simon replied.

He wasn’t sure where they would go from here but he had a feeling it wouldn’t be pleasant.

A Little Something More (Johnny Smut)

Request: anon: I have a request!Can you do a Johnny friends with benefits smut?Kinda angsty, but kinda fluffy in a way :) Also I love your writing!Keep up the great worka

Characters: Johnny x Female!Reader

Genre: Pure Smut // Slight Angst // Slight Fluff

Warnings: Smutty Smut Smut // Explicit Language

Author’s Note: So this is my first time writing a smut scenario… Let’s hope I don’t completely flop lol. HERE GOES NOTHIN

You clutched onto your best friends hand as the two of you walked through the doorway, and into the chaos filled house party. The music was so loud you could feel your insides rattling and everyone in your line of sight was completely wasted. You took a deep breath before your friend was dragging you along to the kitchen for a couple drinks. Not 20 minutes into the party your best friend had already left you in the corner of the kitchen with a drink in your hand as she was off and about doing god knows what. You were never the “party” kind of person. You much rather enjoyed a quiet night in doing something far less stressful.

You took a small sip of whatever it is your friend had given you as you heard someone clear their throat from beside you. You turned your focus towards the poor attempt at an attention grabber as you were met with a very tall and alarmingly handsome gentlemen.

“I couldn’t help but notice such a pretty woman like yourself all alone. Did your date leave you here by yourself?”

You smirked at his sly choice of words, cleverly asking you whether or not you actually had a date.

“I came here with my friend, but I’m not quite sure where she’s at right now… This isn’t really my ideal setting,” you laughed to yourself as you made possibly one of the biggest understatements of your life.

“I completely understand… My friend dragged me here with the promise of a good time, but all I’ve gotten is separated from the only person I know here and booze spilled all over me,” he replied, annoyance very evident in his voice.

The small talk continued for another half hour or so before you finally got around to introducing yourselves.

“I’m Y/N, by the way,” you smiled as you extended your arm.

“Johnny,” he retorted, as he returned the gesture and shook your hand.


Your eyes scanned over the pages at lightning fast speed as the climax to the novel you were currently reading was approaching. But before you could even get to said part, your phone buzzed next to you. Sighing, you laid down your book and picked up your phone to see who could possibly be texting you. An all too familiar name was displayed on your screen as you read the same texts you’ve read so many times before.


Hey, wanna come over?

You laid your phone down in your lap as you contemplated your options for the evening. You could, A: Politely decline and continue spending your Saturday night with your nose shoved in a book, or, B: Accept his offer and have yourself a little “fun.” You laughed to yourself at your own childish innuendo, and quickly texted Johnny back, accepting his invite.

You hopped off of your bed and shuffled over to your closet to change out of your worn out sweats, and into something a little more flattering. You stripped down into nothing before you bent down and picked up the tiny, pink Victoria’s Secret bag off the ground. You smirked to yourself as you pulled out the brand new bra you had treated yourself to the other day. It was jet black with the perfect amount of silver embellishments to give it that sexy feel. You retrieved the matching black thong, and slipped into your new “number” as you observed yourself in the full length mirror in front of you. Not only did the lingerie look amazing, but you felt incredibly gorgeous wearing it. With one last full body scan, you threw on a pair of leggings and a loose fitting, see-through crop top, slipped on your converse, and headed out the door.

No more than 15 minutes later you pulled up to Johnny’s house. Checking yourself one last time in your rearview mirror, you hopped out of your car and headed towards his front door. You knocked twice before you heard the shuffling of feet from inside the house. The door flung open as you were now face to face with Johnny. He was dressed in a plain white t-shirt, a grey pair of joggers (that hung dangerously low on his hips), and not to mention his disheveled hair; which looked way hotter than bedhead should look on anyone. You barely had one foot through the doorway before you were yanked inside and slammed against the cold wall, trapped by Johnny’s arms on either side of your head.

“Well, hello to you, too,” you giggled.

Bringing his lips tauntingly close to your ear he whispered, “How are you, princess? I’ve missed you,” all the while his fingertips barely grazing your sides.

You let out a shaky breath due to the abrupt change in the atmosphere. With his lips still teasingly close to your neck, he leaned in some more and placed a gentle peck on the exact spot he knew would send chills down your spine. You tilted your head to the side, giving Johnny more access area. With this obvious indication, he attached his mouth onto the newly exposed skin. Without warning, he bit down on your neck, eliciting an unintentional moan from you. That sound was all it took for his grip on your waist to tighten, and a low growl to arise from his throat.

He hooked his hands under your arms as you jumped, wrapping your legs securely around his waist. The two of you made eye contact for a brief moment before your lips were connected. Johnny carried you upstairs without disrupting the very heated make out session you two were currently having. His hands found their way to your ass, squeezing it rather harshly. Your hips jolted forward in response to his roughness, as you let out a small squeak. The sudden movement of your hips generated a great deal of friction against Johnny’s growing erection, causing him to gasp in pleasure. Wanting to get more of a reaction out of him, you continued rolling your hips against his clothed member, finding it surprisingly pleasurable for you, as well.

“Y/N…” he growled with his lips still pressed against yours.

“Yes?” you questioned, ever so innocently, as you ground your hips even harder.

Before you knew it you were being tossed on the bed like a rag doll, only to have Johnny tower over you in an intimidating manner.

“I know what you’re trying to do, but it’s not gonna work. In case you forgot, I’m the one in charge. And I don’t think you wanna test me, princess, because I promise you, you’ll be sorry. Understood?”

“Y-yes,” you croaked back. So much for that plan… As much as you loved pushing his buttons sometimes, none of it’s worth the punishments he gives you for “misbehaving.” The last time he disciplined you, you were constantly reminded of it every time you sat down for the next week straight…

He began placing open mouthed kisses all around your collar bones while his hands made their way up your shirt. You sat up slightly as he pulled the soft fabric over your head, and threw it somewhere else in the room. His kisses started trailing down towards the valley of your breasts before he paused and sat back.

“Is this a new one?” he questioned, as his hands reached out and cupped the bra, running his thumbs over the intricate designs.

“Yes, it is,” you replied with a smirk plastered on your face.

“I like this one a lot… It might just be my new favorite. Good choice, baby,” he retorted as he leaned down to continue his sequence of kisses. “But as much as I do love it, it’s gonna have to come off…” he says while simultaneously unhooking your bra and tossing it over his shoulder.

He immediately grabbed both of your breasts and squeezed them roughly as you let out a satisfied gasp. You feel him smirk as he continues his string of smooches all the way down your stomach, and to the top of your pants. He hooked one of his fingers under the waistband of your bottoms, and started pulling them down at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Johnny, please go fas-”

“Ah, ah, ah,” he cut you off, “patience, babygirl.”

After what felt like forever, Johnny had finally removed your pants, leaving you in just your underwear. He lightly rubbed you through your clothed heat as you emitted a breathy moan. 

“You’re already so wet for me, Y/N,” he remarked, satisfaction evident in his voice.

“Mmmm,” you moaned in response.

You peered down and made eye contact with Johnny right as he was biting the waistband of your thong and pulling it down your legs. He went back to his previous position between your legs and started kissing your inner thighs, all the while maintaining eye contact. The tingle in between your legs was now turning into a burning sensation as you needed so desperately to be touched.

“Johnny, please,” you whined as you bit your lip.

“Please what?” he asked with a smug smile on his face.

“Please touch me.”

Without another word Johnny was licking a long stripe up your pussy while he prodded at your entrance. You threw your head back with a loud gasp at the feeling of Johnny doing, what you assumed, he was born to do. The flicks of his tongue increased as he added a second digit inside your heat. You threaded your fingers through his smooth hair as you pulled lightly, causing him to moan against you. The vibrations sent a whole new kind of pleasure through your body as your back arched off the bed, and you let out a high pitched moan. Before you could register what was happening, Johnny had forced a third finger inside of you and was now sucking on your clit, purposely moaning this time. The heat in your stomach was rapidly growing as you let out multiple cries, begging Johnny not to stop.

“Johnny, I- I’m,” was all you could get out before you came, calling out Johnny’s name along with a string of curse words.

By the time you opened your eyes, that you didn’t even realize you had closed, Johnny was directly above you. He had his fingers in his mouth, licking your juices off them like it was candy.

“Mmm, I will never grow tired of doing that,” he said, more to himself than to you.

“And I will never get tired of receiving that,” you giggled as you continued to come down from your high.

“Baby,” Johnny softly called out, causing you to look up at him, “I need you so bad.”

You peered down at the tent in his pants, and then back up at him before whispering, “then have me.”

Johnny hopped off the bed as he shed himself of all his clothes, and walked over to the nightstand where he retrieved a condom. He bit it open the package, and rolled it on as he gave himself a few pumps while walking back to the bed. He crawled on top of you and proceeded to put his length right at the entrance of your pussy. You let out a faint gasp as you anticipated his next movements.

With one harsh snap of his hips, Johnny thrust into you. Throwing your head back you let out a high pitched groan as the man above you voiced an equally sinful moan. His pace started out as slow, but deep, sensual thrusts. The intensity of his movements, along with his piercing stare, left you a whining mess.

“Agh… You look so good underneath me, baby,” Johnny moaned in a rather deep and lust-filled tone.

“J-Johnny- Oh god!” you squeaked, as he hit one particular spot that had you seeing stars

Without warning, he quickened his pace. You let out a cry of pure pleasure as you unintentionally tightened around him. His grip on your waist tightened as he let out a strangled grunt. The both of you were losing your composure with every snap of his hips. He continued to assault your pussy as you felt the knot in you lower abdomen growing at an alarming rate.

“I- I’m gonna…” you whimpered as your eyes fluttered shut and your eyebrows knitted together.

“Mmm, come for me. I’ve got you, babygirl,” he hummed.

You gripped onto his shoulders and raked your nails down his toned, muscular back. You threw your head back and let out an ear piercing scream as your high completely washed over your body. Johnny’s thrusts became sloppy and erratic as he chased after his own release. Your nails dug into his biceps as whimper after whimper escaped your lips, while tears prickled at the corners of your eyes. Oversensitivity was becoming too much for you to handle, and right as you were about to say something, Johnny cut you off.

“Y/N… Y/N- Agh!” He shouted as he dipped his head into the crook of your neck, and panted heavily.

You laid sprawled out on the bed, chest heaving, as he rolled himself off of you, and disposed of the used condom. He waltzed back over to you and collapsed on the bed. He draped his arm over your waist and dragged your body flush against his. His frame completely covered yours as he rested his chin on the top of your head. The two of you simultaneously let out content sighs, sparking a fit of laughter from you both. After you settled down you hear him sigh once again, but this one was different from the last.

“What’s wrong, Johnny?” you asked as you tried to tilt your head up to look at him.

“Y/N…” he paused, “I can’t do this anymore…” he whispered, barely audible.

“What do you mean…?” you immediately questioned, slightly sitting up.

“This…” he trailed off, motioning to the two of you on the bed.

“So did you just call me over here for one last fuck before telling me you want nothing to do with me anymore?” You angrily snapped, trying to bite back the tears that threatened to spill from your eyes.

“No! T- That’s not at all wha-” he retorted in a rather panicked tone.

“You know what, just shut up and listen cause if I don’t say this now, I never will,” you interrupted him. Taking a deep breath, you continued. “Sometime in the past 7 months, I’ve fallen head over heels for you. But you were the one who suggested the whole ‘friends with benefits, no strings attached’ idea, and I was afraid if I told you about my feelings that I’d scare you off… But now that I still somehow managed to drive you away, I might as well tell you the truth.”

By the end of your confession you couldn’t stop the tears that had started rolling down your cheeks as you dropped your head, unable to look at Johnny. You felt all sorts of empty and broken. All you wanted to do was curl up in your bed and cry yourself to sleep.

All of the sudden, you felt a hand under your chin picking your head up, and another wiping away the salty tears that covered your cheeks. You hesitantly lifted your head up to look at Johnny. He was already staring at you, a small smile painted onto his face.

“You’re such an idiot…” he chuckled.

“Excuse me?” you asked him, beyond confused by the situation at hand.

“You never let me finish what I was trying to say. I sure could’ve saved you all these tears; although, your eyes look gorgeous when you cry,” he paused, taking a moment to gaze into your eyes intently. “But that’s beside the point,” he snapped back, shaking his head. “What I was trying to say in the first place was I can’t do this whole ‘friends with benefits’ shit anymore because I’ve fallen so hard for you, Y/N, and I want to be more than just a ‘booty call’ to you.”

You looked him in the eyes in complete and utter disbelief. Johnny started to laugh, finding you reaction somewhat amusing.

“Johnny I swear to god if you’re fucking with me…” you warned him.

“I swear! I meant every single word. And with that being said… Y/N, will you do the honors of being my girlfriend?” He asked, failing to suppress the stupid grin making its way onto his face.

“I would love to,” you whispered, blushing like an idiot.

The both of you laid back down, and resumed your previous cuddling session. Johnny was stroking your hair, slowly lulling you to sleep. Right before sleep was about to take over your body, you felt Johnny kiss you on top of the head as he whispered,

“You have no idea how happy I am to finally be able to call you mine. Sweet dreams, princess.”

I had a dream last night that I was in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library, and all three books of the Kingkiller Chronicles. Apparently they contained information about powerful magic and secrets. All three books were fancy, older looking books and The Doors of Stone was black with silver embellishing on the cover, and the edged of the pages were red. I woke up before I could take it off the shelf

Grammy Awards 2017: Camila Cabello Makes Her First Red Carpet Appearance Without Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony fans may still be grieving over the fact that the all-girl group is now down to four — but Camila Cabello is celebrating her newfound solo status. Two months after leaving the group to make it on her own, the singer is making her first red carpet appearance without her former group mates, at no less a show than the Grammys.

To watch the full PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Grammy Red Carpet special, tune in to the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to, or download the app for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xumo, Chromecast, Xfinity, iOS and Android devices.

The 19-year-old star, who will be presenting during the award show, showed up wearing silver bead and sequin-embellished turtle neck gown, which she paired with long, beachy waves and subtle makeup.

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Her hairstylist, Marcus Francis shared a photo of the star’s glam going down, showing off her perfectly textured waves, lined lids and nude lip.

Last month, the singer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform her new solo single, “Bad Things”, marking her first time on stage since splitting from the group.

What do you think of her first solo appearance? Sound off below.