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Allo everyone! My friends Aki-chi and Ashley translated the new Code: Realize fan disc scans for us. They’re VERY rough translations and are just the important bits taken out of the scan, not the entire article. So you won’t be getting everything but you’ll be getting the important stuff!

My friend started to have trouble translating the small text so for the rest of the men she only decided to do the big text, so there isn’t too much for the summary in the end. If anyone wants to help add to these translations you’re more then free to <3

So as of now we have… One original game, one fan disc, an anime coming out, and now this new fan disc coming too :) 


Title of the new fan disc: Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~ which translates to Code: Realize ~Silver Miracles~

Platform: PS4 & Vita


So the cover picture basically says The first “Holy Night” filled with smiles and warmth. “The latest work of the long-awaited fan series is released simultaneously with PSVita and PS4!”


Impey: The title of his route is The meaning of love

Summary: Impey’s vocal on his affection towards Cardia, he tells her that he loves her all the time. So, the scenario is that they’re looking for the meaning of love. But as the scan says… “Well, It’s Impey so~!”

~ A Special Menu just for you ~

It appears that Finis is also there with Cardia and Impey. Impey’s also heard that Cardia is coming over for Christmas so he’s super excited. Not sure what Finis’ role is in Impey’s route though.

Text on the Impey CG: I came up with a special menu once I got up this morning!


Saint Germain: The title of his route is A Date Once More

Summary: Omnibus has ordered that Idea take a vacation, so it seems like Idea is preparing for Christmas. Seems like everyone got together with Saint to hold a party. I’m also fairly certain it’ll be at Saint Germain’s mansion. So anyway Omnibus has ordered Idea to take a vacation, Saint was uneasy about Lupin and everyone else that was away from the mansion.

Text on the Saint Germain CG: It’s almost finished. Let’s finish this all at once.


Lupin: The title of his route is What I Lost

Text on Lupin’s CG: …No, this is wrong! This looks more like a notice…!

Extra Text: “I cannot say "I want to see you”–“

It seems as if Lupin is writing a letter and it’s a high chance it’s to Cardia. But what I find cute about it is that he’s struggling doing it, because he’s saying it sounds more like a notice then a letter, haha!


Van: The title of his route is Her Home Visit

Text on Van’s CG: "What are those guys doing these days?”

Extra Text: It reminds me of that day.

Van is traveling, if you notice he’s on a train. It seems like he’s missing everyone, especially Cardia. It says HER home visit for the title of his route so I’m assuming she visits someone. I can’t say for sure though so we’ll see. Not sure if Van is with the crew in the beginning, is it them who would be doing the house visit? Maybe they’re taking her home. But to me it feels like he’s away from them all, so maybe someone can clear it up.


Victor: The title of his route is Greetings to Parents!?

Text on Victor’s CG: “I’m saying this out of courage. So, listen very carefully.”

Extra Text: The much awaited confession and the unexpected (?)……!?

I’m almost certain Cardia is going to meet Victor’s parents, hahaha. Too cute! Or someone is going to meet someone’s parents at least xD I know that for certain!

13. Interlude

Those two, with their shadowed basement office, that subterranean den, that shifting gallery of clippings and all those strange visitors. Their indecipherable expense reports, their call logs and car requisitions, novel-length personnel files, black trenchcoats billowing through the halls. They’ve got silver screen looks and brilliant, wasted minds, and they traipse around the Hoover kicking up clouds of scorn and lust and conjecture. 

And god, the way they look at one another. No one has ever looked at Holly like that. Like they wanted to eat her whole. 

Alright, so maybe that Modell guy had. She still burns with humiliation when she thinks of it - the bite of pepper spray in the air, her toe smashing into AD Skinner’s small intestine. But the resulting proximity to the Spookies had fueled Holly’s imagination for months. 

Dana’s surprising warmth, the honey of her voice. The low, coarse simmer of sex pouring off of Agent Mulder. She still can’t decide who she’d rather find in her bed. Sometimes it’s both of them, together, and she’s just watching. 

Holly is late going home that night, dazed with fatigue, her carpal tunnel sparking pain through the meat of her hands. Some crisis in Violent Crimes, Agent Sinclair running her off of her damn feet, pulling records and references and dusty old files. You’d think it’d kill the guy to say please. 

The parking garage is almost empty. Exhausted, Holly slumps into the driver’s seat of her junky old Taurus, rolling down the windows to air out the stale milky stink of this morning’s spilled latte. She toes off her pumps, digs a thumb into her palm. There’s an echo of a door swinging closed, a flicker of movement in her rearview mirror. 

And it’s them. 

They’re walking slow from the stairwell, Agent Mulder’s hand brushing the small of Dana’s back, the click of her heels slightly delayed. A snatch of soft laughter, the flash of a smile. Holly sinks further down into her seat, following them with her eyes. God, they’re both so ridiculously beautiful. 

They’ve stopped now, at what appears to be Dana’s car - she’s got keys in her hand, the silver disc of a keychain dangling between her fingers. Mulder’s looming over her, too close, a possessive leer that makes Holly’s pulse flutter. A stolen fragment of their quiet conversation floats through the window. “…-na miss you - … - mom I say hi -”

He runs his hands down her arms, shoulder to elbow. Holly’s clit twitches, the heat rising in her cheeks. She shouldn’t be watching this clearly private moment, but god, they look so good together, and she’s thought about them so often, and they’re so mysterious, and - 

Mulder lifts his head, does a quick scan of the parking garage. Holly stills, but she’s shorter than the headrest anyway, and he can’t see her. Quickly, softly, he tucks a knuckle under Dana’s chin and tilts her face up to his, bending to kiss her lightly on the lips. 

It’s not a passionate kiss. It’s barely a peck. But there is something so rich and pure in Dana’s face when he pulls back that Holly finds herself a little choked up. 

Mulder holds the car door open, waves goodbye as Dana pulls out, and ambles back to the stairwell, hands shoved in his pockets, grinning down at his shoes like a lovesick teenager.

The stairwell door clangs shut. Holly releases a dreamy sigh, melts into her seat. 

Everyone knows they’re sleeping together, of course. But that night, Holly suddenly finds herself with the scarce information that the Spookies are deeply, truly, rebelliously in love. 

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King Silko’s Silver Crown, 5th Century AD

This silver crown comes from the necropolis of Ballana situated south of Abu Simbel, the site is today submerged by the waters of Lake Nasser. The tomb in which the crown was found, without doubt, is that of a local potentate judging by the abundance and quality of the material uncovered in the 1930s by W.B. Emery. It falls within the category of culture called X-Group (or Ballana Culture) which developed after the breakup of the Empire of Meroë into small kingdoms or principalities. This period is between the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 6th century AD.

The individual whose corpse was adorned with this crown was probably one of the kings of these small principalities who succeeded the domination of the kings of Meroë. It could be identified as Silko, dating back to the 5th century, who was proclaimed in a Greek inscription within the temple of Kalabsha, “King of Nobatae and all of Ethiopians”. The crown still includes a set of representations from a repertoire directly inspired from ancient Egyptian iconography; however, its symbol and its form are no longer Egyptian.

The crown is composed of two parts, a diadem and a crest. The diadem is decorated with a frieze of Horus falcons between two rows of small squares and circles….

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On this day in music history: October 1, 1991 - “Diamonds And Pearls”, the thirteenth album by Prince is released. Produced by Prince, it is recorded at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, MN, Olympic Studios in London, Warner Pioneer Studios in Tokyo, Japan and Larrabee Sound Studios in Los Angeles, CA from Early 1989 - Mid 1991. It is the first album to feature his new band The New Power Generation which includes singer and keyboardist Rosie Gaines, drummer Michael Bland, and keyboardist Tommy Barbarella. The track “Live 4 Love” is the first recorded for the album circa 1989, with the bulk of the songs being written and recorded in 1990 - 91. The album spins off six singles including “Gett Off” (#6 R&B, #21 Pop), “Insatiable” (#3 R&B) and the chart topping “Cream”. Initial copies of the CD feature a lenticular holographic image of Prince with dancers Lori Werner and Robia LaMorte (aka “Diamond” and “Pearl”). Stock CD copies come with strands of pearls silkscreened on the mostly silver disc, while limited promotional copies feature the full color photo image. Originally issued as a limited edition double vinyl LP at the time of its original release (Europe only), originally scheduled for reissue by Rhino Records in December of 2016, its release has been put on indefinite hold and is still pending. “Diamonds And Pearls” spends one week at number one on the Billboard R&B album chart, peaking at number three on the Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Skyrim: A Penny for a Tale

Part 1 | Part 2 

I’m debating if I should put this story on AO3. Whatcha guys think? 

I feel like i havent posted anything in a long time. Sorry for the wait, work is killer on eating my time. Also sorry it’s not exactly what you followed me for but for the few of you that dig this….

Here is another thrilling adventure of @nikanono and my Skyrim characters. 


The Thief froze in place, her coat halfway over her head catching her in an awkward position with her arms stuck within the torso and sleeveless armholes.

“Um….my coat…has…wolf fur….so I just thought…”

Fey snorted,“It’s freezing outside put it back on…” she sighed, shaking her head as she reached out and grabbed the hem of her coat, roughly yanking it back down over her body, her head popping out of the neck hole. She yelped and shook her wild red hair that was frazzled and mussed up in the process.

Vi pouted, playful but she was particularly serious about it this time.

Since the revelation of Fey having beast blood in her veins, Vi couldn’t stop the wolf jokes, in good taste mind you. Distant howling in the woods, Vi quietly commented on her family calling out to her or when they had lost their way she playfully suggested sniffing at the walls and the like. Fey rolled her eyes, but secretly did take a whiff at the air and instantly became aware of their surroundings. But she didn’t need to tell her that.

However upon realizing that her entire coat was lined with dark grey wolf fur, she was suddenly beginning to feel bad.

”…I appreciate the thought but I’m not offended”

Not convinced, her pout deepened into a small glare, reluctantly readjusting herself back into her coat before crossing her arms defiantly.

“Vi really it’s ok” Fey laughed, watching her huff, conceding for now.

“Fine but…I’m going to brood about it anyway” she grumbled, continuing to follow Fey through the wilds.

She laughed and shook her head,“Brooding is my job”

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Silver Secret pt2

By popular demand, chapter two of Silver Secret!

@life-is-righteous @filisleftmustachebraid @littlemergirl4779 @aidanturnersass @childoftheshire @ilikechocolatemilkh

“Mjoll?” Fíli’s voice was quiet, but you stiffened anyway, an ember of fury lighting in your gut. Had you not told him never to speak to you again?! Beside you, Ori squeaked, making to get up and go elsewhere, but your powerful grip on his thigh stopped him from leaving the bargeman’s table where you’d been mending a few articles of torn clothing. On the other side of the table, Dori looked up with a glare. Behind you, Fíli sighed. “Look, I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but I’m sorry, I really am… sorry.” You did not look up, did not acknowledge his words, ignored him completely.

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Blade Runner Fan Poster

Victo Ngai

Sometimes I am big fan enough to make fan art, this is one of the times. Very excited to share my privately commissioned fan poster for one of my favorite movies- Blade Runner. They are 10 and 9 colors 24X36″silkscreen prints respectively.

It was fun making the slight variations between the regular and the variant (aka replicants) edition. Besides the change of colors, there are 10 differences in total, can you find them all?  If you look closely enough, you may just catch the glimpse of a silver disc in Rachel and the owl’s eyes. 

How can you get your paws on one, you asked? Unfortunately these are not for sale… Sorry!

In My Way - Chapter 1

AO3 link

Genre: Chaptered. Actor!Dan AU, fluff, bit of angst, slow burn, getting together (eventually)

Summary: Fiction. Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big.

Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much.

Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.

Warnings: Swearing, Ace!Phil, Bi!Dan,

Word Count: 3000-5000 per chapter (ish)

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mikathekiller  asked:

Hi again.I wanted to ask if you could maybe write something about Lúcio and his disability. My prompt is that Lúcio's legs are completely numb because of some incident during Vishkar,so he can't walk without the meka legs.He's on the battlefield and something happens so he can't use them. Doomfist says "stand up and fight" and Lúcio's like "WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M TRYING TO DO?!" then Doomfist tries to approach to see what's wrong and Lúcio's like "Give me a minute,man." but he still can't get up.

So, I hope this fulfils some of what you were thinking, my friend. Thank you for the prompt, I had an awesome time filling it!



Akande leaps behind the parked cars for cover, narrowly missing the rain of arrows from Shimada’s bow. That man’s skill would be an asset to his team. A shame he would not –


The body that crashes down from above, misses him by inches. The car Akande had chosen for cover bows gently under the man’s fall, windshield splintering, pearly hood absorbing the impact. Gasping in shallow breaths, a hand-held speaker falls from the man’s grip to the pavement. Dark skin, dressed in blues, green and gold with a clear yellow visor, the young man is built like an athlete. More than that, there’s something… familiar about him. Akande can’t place the tattoo on his left arm, but he’s seen it before.

Akande frowns between the man’s wince of pain and the windowless skyscrapers above them.

Where had this man come from?

“DJ down,” the man wheezes, sounding winded. Akande doesn’t think the man is talking to him, isn’t sure the man is even aware of him still crouched for cover. The man’s voice is gritted as he breathes through his injuries. “76, I was in pursuit. Tell Hanzo his calculations were off. Just a bit. No hard feelin – nnngh.”

The pained groan and creak of metal tell Akande the man is trying to lift himself from his metal cradle.

It’s time to make himself known.

Glancing around quickly for any signs of the Japanese sniper, he deems it safe enough to rise.

Akande grunt a short laugh under his breath the moment the other man freezes, eyes widening at the shape rising by his shoulder.

“Oh damn,” the other man breathes, staring up at him. His hand is still braced around his ear, a bad habit of young agents with their comms.

Not merely an athlete, then.

Akande appraises the length of him. It’s a short appraisal. “Well, you’re not one of mine.”

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Impulse 20 - I’m cold

Impulse 19 - Deals change

All of Joker’s henchmen drew their guns immediately and pointed it at the hooded figure now coming into view. Without hesitation, the Joker paced around the table, coming to stand directly face to face with the man.

The Joker lent forward and sniffed the air in a mocking like manner. “Do I smell a rat or a bat?” He asked.

“Neither.” The dark figure answered, pulling off his hood. As soon as Harley saw the man underneath, she gasped.

J turned to look at her, then back at the man standing before them. “Crane.” He growled, “Come to play with the big boys? I thought you were locked up in the Nuthouse?” Joker laughed, rolling his head back.

“Like you Joker…I had my means of escape.” Crane said. His eyes suddenly darted towards Harley as he licked his lips. “She’s a real beauty.”

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Dance of the Duchess

Day Five of B’s Twelve Days of Christmas!

For day five, reply with your favorite part of The Nutcracker Ballet. Is it the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy? That’s my favorite.

Requested by Anon

Warnings: None.

Summary: The reader is cursed by an evil inventor to appear like a mechanical doll during the day. When the sun goes down, however, you’re allowed to be yourself. Merlin discovers you and vows to break the curse.

A/N: It’s just like The Nutcracker! This is a super great request and I had so much fun writing it. Oh, and some of the pronouns got a little wonky while writing a few scenes, so please ignore that. It’s semi-intentional. Merlin’s point of view uses she/her/hers and when he realizes you became human it switches to second person.

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