silver dipped roses

klarkeqriffin  asked:

Gabby, your calligraphy is getting soooooo gooood I love it! Have you tried doing pointed pen calligraphy?

a little! i’ve posted a few things, and the videos i’ve posted are me using a zebra g nib, and i’ve posted a few other things! i’ve been doing that one over the past few weeks

although the thing is it wasnt until like this week that i figured out that the reason i was having so many problems with it is that the ink for dip pens is thicker than fountain pen ink, and to make calligraphy ink u add gum arabic to thicken it!

this is the first thing i’ve created w it, creating my own ink! pearl ex rose gold

bc i love her with all my heart and soul and so the first thing i wrote was this

i also tried to make a flower. i do not know how to make a flower.

and also, here’s i made this one in pearl ex antique silver!