silver diamond pendant

Wings, Freedom and Death ➳


Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3


I lent against the balcony as I watched as the sun rose slowly into the sky, the clouds a beautiful blood red like candy floss that would soon change to a pure white against a blue sky.

I smiled gently as Pietro wrapped his arms around me tightly, pulling me into his chest.

Many months had passed by ever since the Ultron attack, but now everything was getting along quite well. Pietro was had fully healed and was better than ever, and the cities were in the state of rebuilding, again.

And Pietro and I were, as everyone else would say it, a “thing.”

New recruits had also been brought to the Tower, one by the name of Evelyn who had been friends with the twins and was a great help with the others and with bringing about a new future for the cities that had been damaged by Ultron.

I felt Pietro’s lips press to my neck where the silver chained diamond pendant he had given me hung, swaying me about as I sighed with a large smile. His hands ran up and down against my arms, sending shivers through my body.

‘Can you show me your wings, Prinsetá?’ I smiled at this. Over the weeks of his healing state, I had found that Pietro had some sort of obsession with my wings.

Every night before bed, or actually any time of day when I was with him, he would ask to see my wings, and he would gently and delicately run his hand over them, always having a large smile on his face.

In this instance, I turned around as I usually would, pulling him away from the railing and balcony so we would have more room.

I gripped his hands gently as my wings unraveled themselves from my back, lifting through in its great majesty, larger than my entire being and touching the ground.

He smiled as he ran his fingers over the light feathers, the touch tingling through them and running through my body. He smirked slightly before taking my hand and squeezing it gently, making me jump at the coldness of his palm and fingertips.

I smiled gently before pulling him to the balcony ledge, stepping on it and pulling him up too, making his eyes widen, ‘What are you doing Y/N?’

‘Just want to get some fresh air. Wanna come?’ I say with a smirk as I grip his hand, my back now facing the open city. He gulped heavily, sweat beads now gathering at his forehead, ‘Is it safe?’

‘Of course it is, don’t you trust me?’ I say gently, in a more testing manner, he quickly grips my hand gently, stepping onto the ledge properly now and whispering, ‘With my life.’

I smile gently, looking out towards the city, giving my wings a flutter before giving a glance to a very nerve-stricken Pietro, ‘You might want to hold on tight.’

Pietro shut his eyes tightly, holding on to my hand in a firm grip as I pulled him off the ledge with me.  

‘Y/N WERE GOING TO FUCKING CRASH! PULL UP! PULL UP!’ I roared with laughter, unable to contain it as Pietro’s let out a blood curdling scream as we grew closer to the ground.

At the last minute, I let out a howl of laughter as we lifted up into the air, the people below cheering and clapping as we flew higher and higher into the sky.

We rose higher and higher into the sky and I finally snuck a peak at Pietro who had now opened his eyes, watching with wonder as we broke through the clouds and into the heavens above.

Pietro let out a gasp at the sight of the kingdom of clouds before us, but also the sun breaking through, of blue, red, pink, yellow and other sorts, the warmth now enveloping us.

I turned to Pietro who smiled at me, looking down to see that he was also floating above the clouds due to the strength of my wings, ‘We-Were flying Y/N! Were really flying!’

I giggled at this, placing a kiss to his cheek as he laughed, looking around at the sight that attracted such attention from him. I nudged him slightly, making him turn quickly, ‘Watch this.’

I lifted my free hand that wasn’t holding onto Pietro, twisting it about and watching the a bit of cloud and the winds came closer at my command, a small typhoon playing at my hands before disappearing to reveal a blue butterfly.

Pietro gasped at the sight, watching as it fluttered about us, small sparkles floating about us and slowly coming to halt on Pietro’s nose. I giggled lightly as he chuckled, letting the butterfly flutter towards his outstretched hand.

He glanced back up at me in utter love and respect as I stared down at the butterfly, ‘You really are an angel, Y/N … Your a true beauty, inside and out.’

I looked up into his loving gaze, my cheeks blazing and my mind hazy. Neither of us took notice as the butterfly took flight, both staring into each others eyes before Pietro placed his lips hastily against my own.

His hand now placed firmly behind my neck as mine in his air, my lips shaking slightly as we pulled each other close, wanting nothing more than to be close to each other, his hands gripping my waist gently.

We pulled away slowly, both of us slightly breathless before smiling towards one another, ‘Is there anything else you want to see Speedy?’

He smiled distractedly as he pushed away the hair obstructing my sight, caressing my cheek ever so gently, ‘Anywhere that makes you happy.’

I smiled widely before taking his hand again and beginning to fly over the heavenly clouds as the sun rose into the changing skies above.


Yet another day, I made my way down the different, winding corridors of the Avengers Tower.

Going about my own business as many other agents went about on their own, about to go on missions or escape into the confines of their rooms or to the labs.

Just as I was about to enter my room, I caught sight of what looked like a note peeking out beneath my door, slightly crumpled and dirty.

Curiously and nervously, I picked up the note, turning it over and unraveling it to read, ‘The Weird one and the rest will take a death of fire, the one of Speed will die of a bleeding heart. ’

My eyebrows furrowed at this, my thoughts instantly clicking to the twins, Pietro and Wanda and the other Avengers. The Weird one and the rest will die of fire. My eyes widened in horror at this before I took off.

Running as fast as I could, I skidded across the marble floors, crashing into other agents who angrily cussed and screamed after me as I ran without another glance or apology.


Suddenly I was thrown across the room, hitting the wall and landing upon the rubbled floor in excruciating pain along with the others who screamed in pain and terror.

I looked up through the rubble, smoke and dust now in our midst, rocks piling high and the smell of fire and gas lifting my senses awake. I struggled to my feet quickly and hastily before rushing through the corridors yet again.

I came across the open lounge to find the others arising from the rubble, coughing and spluttering as the dust and vile perfumed their senses, ‘GUYS COME ON THIS WAY!’

I quickly lead the way out, holding up a ball of fire and light when finally I threw it, making a large hole within the wall, a rush of fresh air breaking through.

We broke into the light, coughing at the clean oxygen hit us and enveloped our lungs with fresh air.

Some the agents fell to the ground, coughing and bringing up their lunches or breakfasts, some bleeding or covered in blood, some screaming unbearable pain.

I looked around in wonder and shock, making sure that everyone was accounted for before gasping in horror. Pietro was missing.

I looked back to the building to see bright red fires envelope the Tower, hungrily burning what was left to ashes. An inhumane sound echoed through the scene and a black smoke suddenly arise, clouding the once beautiful blue sky.

The sky was filled with black coal-llike smoke, police cars having surrounded the entire area, stopping the traffic from colliding with the rubble and fires, firemen also entering the school from another entrance to control the blaze.
I heard the whistling of debris tumbling through the sky towards the people, screams filling the air as they tried to cover themselves from impact in some way. I struggled to my feet at the sight of this, raising my hands yet again as the shields erupted from my hands.

The debris made contact with the shields hard, large cracks appearing all over the shield as my knees buckled slightly as I winced from impact. I gasped as I released the shield, letting it fade slowly before looking back up at the building in horror.

I ran towards it, pushing past people when I crashed into someone, that someone being Wanda, her eyes wide with horror and tears, ‘Y/N, what are you doing?!’

‘Pietro! He’s still in there! Someone has to help,’ I cried before pushing past her and running into the Tower through the crumbling burning entrance doors, ignoring the cries of my friends and companions.


Pietro coughed heavily, the dust and gravel having corrupted his sense of smell and HAVING filled his lungs as he fell through the open doors.

Helping through a few agents who had collapsed because of the explosions, dragging them through the doors quickly and helping them leaning them against the columns where the injured were being treated.

He turned around, searching for Y/N and Wanda, his eyes wide with fear and trepidation. He pushed through the crowd desperately, zooming and speeding around the burning complex.

Before long he crashed into Wanda, holding her body close his own as she cried into his chest, holding him close and clawing at his shirt. He pulled away quickly, looking over his sister to see if she had been wounded, ‘Are you okay?! Where’s Y/N?!’

‘She went back into the Tower to look for you a few minutes ago! I thought she might be with-WAIT! PIETRO NO!’

She screamed out as she grabbed her brothers arm, pulling him around roughly so he would face her. The veins in his neck were pulsing in anger, worry and hate as well as his face burning red.

‘Pietro don’t go in there!’ Wanda cried as she clinged to her brother like a little child. ‘Y/N is in there, someone has to go in there and help her! And that someone is going to be me!’

But just as Pietro ran up a few stairs, Wanda at his heels, he and Wanda were thrown back as the building blew up, fire and rubble going off in their faces.

As he blinked the blood out of his eyes, he looked over to see Wanda, also awakening and wiping the blood from her face. He looked around to see people screaming horror and screaming out names that were incoherent to him, the ringing louder than ever.

He could hear the fire crackling, not wanting to look up at the scene just behind him. He turned up at the Avengers Tower to see it falling apart, and most importantly, up in burning flames.

Pietro was quick to get to his feet, screaming as Wanda and the other Avengers watched in terrible sadness and horror.

‘Y/N! Y/N!’


Pietro sat in horror, Wanda beside him with one arms around his waist and the other being crushed by his harsh grip of worry and toll as he thought only of Y/N.

Was she okay? Was she hurt? Injured? Or worse …

They both looked up at the sound of Tony’s Iron Man thrusters giving way, watching as he came to the ground slowly, his knees buckling slightly before standing straight, his mask pulling away to reveal his face.

Wanda instantly realised that Tony’s face wasn’t full of hope or happiness, but instead full of grief and sadness, Pietro fully ignoring this before he jumped to his feet.

Pietro raced over to him instantly, standing in front of him, ‘Where is she? Is she okay? Is she coming down the stairs, you should’ve carried her down too!’

Tony remained silently at this, watching in torment as Pietro turned to face the blasted entrance, waiting in anticipation for Y/N to walk out, maybe a bit battle worn but still smiling and yelling that everything is alright.

‘Pietro … She’s not coming out-’

‘She will come! What are you talking about? Shut up!’ Pietro yelled as he continued to watch the endless amount of bodies being carried out by agents, policemen and firemen, just hoping she would come out soon.

Tony turned to Wanda who’s eyes widened as he shook his head, her hands flying to her mouth as it trembled.

‘She will-’

‘PIETRO!’ Pietro was shoved around, Tony right up in his face in anger as the tears fell down his cheeks, ‘SHE’S NOT COMING OUT PIETRO SO JUST STOP IT!’

Pietro had never seen Tony this upset or angry, but he wasn’t going to give up without a fight. ‘Oh yeah Tony! And how do you know that?!’

Tony gave an angry scowl before sighing heavily, ‘I went in there and searched every available level I had access to, I couldn’t find her … but I did find this in the rubble …’

Pietro looked down to see the twisted necklace with the ring chained to it in Tony’s hands, and covered in ash, fuel, and to his utmost horror, blood.

He heard Wanda let out a gasp of horror and shock as he took the necklace into his own hand, his mouth firm and tight, his teeth grinding against each other.

It couldn’t be …

It was her’s. No one could deny it, not even Pietro. Although he wished he could. His lips trembled violently, the tears gathering in his eyes, ‘No … It just can’t be …’

‘I’m sorry Pietro …’ He walked away slowly, Tony’s words echoing through his ears like a distant memory.

He continued to stare down at the necklace in his hands before letting out a scream of what sounded like an animal being tortured.

His knees buckled and gave way as he fell to the ground, his mouth open in anguish as the tears fell down his face fast, the necklace now crushed within his fist, blood now drawing and shrouding his fist in red


‘And may her soul rest in peace and God let her through the gates of heaven and out of purgatory. Amen.’

‘Amen.’ The rest called out as the Priest shut the bible in his hands, bowing his head towards them and the newly dug grave. They all now stood around Y/N’s new grave, along with some of her family, all dressed in black or either in uniform, and full of nothing but sadness and tears.

Natasha and Wanda held each other for support as their tears fell, watching as Y/N’s tears fell down her cheeks. Thor, Vision and Steve off to one side, trying to hold in their tears, but their sadness showing through their expressions, but thoroughly through their eyes.

But both Tony and Clint had no shame in hiding their sadness, their tears falling free as the sight of their best friend’s coffin was shrouded from sight as it slid beneath the earth.

Wanda sniffed lightly before looking over at Y/N’s brother, Peter, who stood their in his navy uniform, all in white with his medals shining in the sunlight.

She had read his mind of course to find out who he was. Just as the crowd dispersed, she made her way over to him slowly as he watched two men fill in the grave with the remaining dirt.

She watched as the tears fell down his cheeks, removing his cap in respect as finally the two men left, he let his sobs, freely. Wanda made her way over to him and placed a gentle, comforting hand on his back, ‘I’m sorry for your loss. You must’ve been close.’

Peter looked up at this instantly, wiping his tears quickly, ‘I’m so sorry,’ He spoke as he climbed to his feet, ‘I thought no one was around …’

‘I’m sorry to intrude, I just wanted to see how you were holding up. I’m Wanda by the way, Wanda Maximoff, I was a close friend of your sister,’ She said before sticking out her hand which he took with a small smile and shook.

‘Yes, Y/N spoke of you greatly in her letters to me. She was a beautiful sister yes, she was my inspiration to join the navy ever since she joined SHIELD and of course the Avengers. Even though she is younger than me, she was a huge part of my life, always looking out for me like the angel she was. You know she also spoke of another in her letters to me, Pietro Maximoff if I am correct? Meaning he is your brother.’

‘Correct you are, Peter.’

‘May I speak with him? I was wondering if I would be able to …’ Wanda sighed heavily at this, ‘I’m sorry, but ever since her death, he has been very unstable.’

‘Of course, but do you know where he is?’ Peter said with a small smile of hope which Wanda did not return, ‘Unfortunately no, Peter. If only I knew …’

Wanda said softly before looking up past the gardens and tall trees that surrounded the new Avengers Tower, looking up to the many window, knowing very well one belonged to her brother.


Pietro sat in his room, the curtains pulled close to only dim the room, the sound of the guests’ chatter fading slowly through the hallways and towards his room, making his frown even greater, knowing that they all had left.

He flinched suddenly when the there was a great pounding on the door, disrupting him from his murky thoughts, his sister’s calls echoing through his mind and through his ears verbally as the words hit him like a ton of bricks, ‘PIETRO?! PIETRO OPEN UP THIS DOOR THIS INSTANT!’

Pietro ignored his sisters ongoing cries before letting out a loud uproar as the door was blasted off its hinges, Wanda, Tony and Clint waltzing in as Pietro jumped to his feet from the bed.

‘What the hell is this? An uprising?’ Pietro spoke quickly, his anger adding to the pile of emotions he already had on hold. Wanda stepped forward, her veins rising at her neck and her face pulsing with blood, ‘Where the hell were you today Pietro?’


‘Today was the funeral of your girlfriend! Her funeral! Have you no respect left Pietro?!’ She screamed, stepping forward and pushing him angrily.

‘So what if I didn’t want to attend the funeral?! Its my choice-’

‘Your choice or not, you should’ve been there to see her off! She gave so much of herself up for you Pietro! She gave herself up for YOU the day she died! She didn’t need to go into the burning tower and risk her life to search for you!’ Tony said in anger, now standing beside Wanda.

‘So what?! That was her choice wasn’t it?!’ Pietro said in an annoyed tone, now standing at his full height, taller than any of them.

Clint stepped forward at this, now full of anger and hate towards Pietro, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? She gave up her LIFE for you Pietro! Doesn’t that show you anything of what she’s done for you?! All you had to do was be there to say goodbye and you couldn’t even give her that!’

‘Well maybe she didn’t need to risk her neck for me, maybe instead she could’ve instead stayed put like everyone else instead of having to show off her skills and look where its got her now? Blown up and now ten feet under the ground … in bits.’


‘CLINT DON’T!’ Wanda cried as she and Tony held Clint back who thrashed against them, his tears of anger and hate falling before he was dragged away from Pietro by Tony and Steve who had run in at the scream.

Wanda stared at her brother in anger as he sat back down on the bed, her eyes a dangerous red as she shook her head.

‘I can’t believe you …. After everything you did with her, all you can really care about is yourself. When she came along, I could see the change in you towards others, how you opened up to them more. But all I can see is a coward who can’t even farewell his girlfriend … You disgust me.’

Pietro flinched as she ran out of the room, but not before flicking the door up and slamming it back against the hinges, the wood crippling and splintering instantly.

He tucked his knees into chest, his lips trembling before letting his tears fall silently as he held his hands over his mouth, shaking violently.

Once the moment of sadness had passed, he looked across the room to see the necklace now neglected on the floor still twisted and tangled. He took a few strides before reaching it, holding it gently in his hand and giving it a tight grip. 

He waited till nightfall before speeding off through the Tower quietly.

He skidded to a halt at the edge of the gardens and large trees to sight her grave. Pietro made his way over to it, take slow steps before halting and kneeling down before it.

He read the gravestone slowly, the tears gathering in his eyes:


“Your Date of Birth” - 07/07/2015

“Y/N was a beautiful daughter, sister, best friend and guardian all. She will be remembered for all the good she gave to the world.”

Pietro sighed heavily before looking back down at the necklace, holding it close to his heart and taking a deep breath. He placed a kiss to the ring before hanging the necklace over the teddybear placed just on top of a pile of flowers.

‘For you my love, now you may rest in peace.’