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Horse colour names in Norwegian.

Thought it might be interesting to do this. All of the horses are of norwegian breeds! Probably forgot some. You should do this in your language too! 

Buckskin- Borket. 

Bay pangare- Hunskbrun. 

Bay- Brun.

Silver bay- Sølvbrun. 

Black- Svart. 

Silver black/silver dapple- Sølvsvart. 

Palomino- Gul.

Cremello- Blåøyd hvit.

Dapple grey- Blå. 

Chestnut- Rød. 

Bay dun- Brunblakk. 

Yellow/Palomino dun- Gulblakk. 

Red dun- Rødblakk. 

Gary dun/ Grullo- Gråblakk. 

White dun- Ulsblakk. 

Pinto- Botet. 

anonymous asked:

No, that horse is a black splash, man, get it together! black splash emo posers are not nearly as cool as black silver dapple tobianos

i’m so sorry for getting my horse facts mixed up. i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. a black silver dapple tobianos is clearly not a 2006 emo poser, but rather a 2007 scene kid