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Sucker(Jimin x OOC x Taehyung Smut)
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“Hey come on we are going to be late!” Taehyung urged eagerly pulling on your wrist leading you down a grassy slope towards the front.

“Taehyung, calm down we are here now!” You laughed playfully slapping at his arm and then jerking on your wrist lightly so that he could calm down.

“For once I’m agreeing with y/n on this one. Calm down Taehyung no one will snatch our seat.” Jimin teased him as he walked behind you both watching the sway of your hips under the pink skirt as Taehyung pulled on you trying to get you there as if his life depended on it. You rolled your eyes letting him tug you along because arguing with him was pointless at the moment.

Taehyung instead avoided the both of you. He looked like a big child carrying the three over-sized blankets that obscured everything but his eyes as his curled gray hair bounced and swayed in the wind. He had on a long sleeve stripped black and white shirt, baggy jogging pants around his waist and old Nike tennis shoes so that his newer stuff wouldn’t get ruined. Silver earrings dangled from his ears and your attention was focused on them for a split second taking in how good he looked. You were staring so hard at him, that you didn’t really notice once you got to your spot. Taehyung lit up and it was like the sun itself had kissed him good day. He let go of your wrist, starting to fluff out the blankets so that he could spread it out for all of you as more people filled into the park. You were a bit nervous about this movie setting because it had been so long since you had been to one of these things and considering the weather was getting chilly you thought that you were maybe a little under dressed.

“I told you that you should’ve wore pants.” Jimin accused as he saw you tremble where you stood. You stuck out your tongue at him rolling your eyes as your arms crossed over your chest. You had on a pink skirt that was a skater pleated skirt, coming down to rest a few inches under your ass because you wanted to feel free today and it may or may not have matched the pink lace set you brought from the lingerie store. You also had on a long sleeve white shirt that hugged your curves and showed off the dips of your plump breast. Your feet were laced in converse highs but they were old and something you wore to these types of things. You thought you were cute but hearing Jimin apparently not.

“Hey I’m just playing.” He cooed wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you close to him resting his head in your neck. You could feel your cheeks heat up from his proximity to your body. You didn’t even mind the looks other girls or guys gave you. People would think what they wanted but yes you had two best friends that you loved dearly and that wasn’t going to change. But Jimin holding you like this was making you a little nervous and questioning your life choices. Was it a good idea to really say yes to them? Jimin let you go the moment Taehyung was calling for help, moving to spread out the blankets a little bit more over the comforter Jimin decided was a good idea to bring and a few body pillows in case the ground got uncomfortable. Jimin was wearing baggy blue jeans and a long sleeved black shirt matching Taehyung’s colors and you found it endearing to say the least because they were such a cute pair as best friends. They had known each other longer and been with each other more. Wherever one was the other stayed close by and you were slightly jealous. If only you could have found someone of the same sex who meant that much to you.

“Are you going to come join us?” Jimin asked you. You blinked your eyes because you were spacing out once again nodding your head as you saw them both sitting on their asses looking up at the big screen. Other people started to fill into the empty outside area and you felt like this show was going to be better than any other shows that was hosted out here. Slowly, you walked towards both men letting your hand grabbed onto Jimin’s outstretched hand as he pulled you down on the ground between him and Taehyung.  Taehyung smiled over at you wrapping one of his arms around your lower waist pulling you three close together to give you ‘body heat’ because of your outfit. Both men sounded jealous as they bitched you out about your choices and while you rolled your eyes you didn’t regret it at all. But to your saving grace, the announcing speaker came on to announce the starting over the movie.

Taehyung and Jimin had tried all week begging you to come here. It was a movie in the park kind of thing but it had gone out of business. It wasn’t reaching as many sales anymore versus when you were all kids and for that simple reason they were showing one last premiere in your town for a while if ever again. At first you were reluctant to go, but they both knew how you were a sucker for these types of things and seeing them both become so persistent over you made you want to come to the movie. Besides you barely got out and lived your life outside of your work and studies so you felt it would be good for you to have little fun with them.

When the announcer finished talking everyone clapped and cheered, couples and other adults spreading out as well as teenagers and some babies. Looking around you saw a row of cars all around the back blocking everyone in, but they were the ones who wanted to watch the movies from the car and you frowned. It was a neat idea to do it that way but at the same time being closer to the front meant you got to see more detail.

“Stop thinking so much, we brought you here to have fun.” Jimin sighed pressing his fingertips against your knitted eyebrows causing you to whine softly and nod.

“Fine Jimin. Fine I will relax and try to have fun. I’ve missed you guys so I’m glad I get to be with you.” You admitted leaning into Taehyung’s body resting you head on his shoulder.

“We’ve missed you too.” Taehyung purred pressing his chin against your forehead and you failed to see the smirk he sent to Jimin and the crooked smile that was sent right back to him.

The movie slowly started to fill the screen as people cheered and the atmosphere was set. It was mid-afternoon but the sun was slowly going down, causing the sky to look a beautiful oasis of blue. You smiled to yourself as the air filled around your bodies blowing your hair into the wind. You sat up a bit the more the stories started to play on. It was an action movie which was one of your favorites and you couldn’t help but get drawn into the story line with the twists and turns. Jimin had ended up pressing two big layer of blankets over the both of you as the movie progressed and you were thankful for the extra warmth.

“Candy? Popcorn? Drinks?” A guy shouted out walking by with a little box that had a strap going around his neck. He was carrying a tray with candy on it as well as tickets for the back where they had coolers among other things. You were the first to raise your hand the moment you saw the blue suckers that were presented there. Sweets were your craving. You needed sweets for most things and thrilling movies like this fit that description. The male smiled down at you and handed it to you free of charge which also caused you to appreciate the sucker more. Smirking at him you took the sucker and unwrapped it sticking it inside of your mouth. The moment your mouth got wetter and you could taste the sticky sweet goodness you were rolling your tongue around it groaning and slurping at the sucker.

You weren’t paying attention to what was going on around you outside of the movie. Your legs curled up into a sitting position under each other and the eagerness in your eyes could be seen. But what you couldn’t see was the looks that Jimin and Taehyung had been giving each other. Jimin would watch your mouth, his hunger slowly growing in his core as your tongue swept across the expanse of the round circular sucker. Taehyung could feel his cock twitching under the confines of his pants as you made slurping noises. The blue liquid that fell down the corners of your chin and how eager you were to flick your coloring tongue out against it. Jimin couldn’t believe this, it was like watching porn. His eyes looked at Taehyung as his smirk became twisted and seeing the look in Taehyung’s eyes he knew they were thinking the same thing. Jimin ended up leaning more into you, slipping your right leg up and pressing it over his thigh as he shifted to you. He looked around and thankfully the pillows they scattered around covered the back and sides of you well. Jimin inched his fingers close to your heat, drawing circles on your panties and your hips jolted slightly as you looked at him, almost choking on your spit.

“Jimin-“You urged around the sucker but he stopped you.

“You’ll cause a scene now if you react.” He reminded you and you looked around seeing all the people behind you silently cursing to yourself. Jimin didn’t stop, his fingers crawling up and down the expanse of the lace causing you to mewl around the sucker trying to distract yourself with it because of the simple fact that you didn’t want to be loud. Your hips trying to push down against his fingers but because Jimin had positioned you he had the upper hand. He didn’t stop let his fingers do anything else until he could feel the wet spot becoming created.

“You’re such a naughty girl.” He spoke out low making it seem like he was talking to himself but you knew he was talking to you. He slipped your panties to the side, his fingers crawling up and down your pussy lips until he was spreading them to find your clit. He was slowly circling his index and middle finger around your clit, causing you to lodge the sucker in your throat and continue swallow the spit in your mouth biting on your bottom lip. Jimin was treating you good, his fingers rubbing your pussy harder, the sweet juices from your cunt starting to dampen your lips and slowly trickle past your opening. Your eyes were becoming lidded as you tried to focus on the screen. Taehyung let his fingers grip harder into your hips, not liking the fact that your attention was only on Jimin he frowned grabbing at your hand placing it on his hard bulge. Your eyes opened slightly as you looked up at him and he gave a soft smile.

“I can’t help it, you look so good, and knowing what’s going on is just making me more eager.” He admitted as he leaned down to take your sucker from your lips sucking on it instead. His tongue was quick to flick against it and it was apparent that he was teasing you with his tongue motions. But you couldn’t stop watching him, the stimulation on your clit alone was enough to have you cumming pushing your hips back against his fingers you clamped down on your bottom lip cutting off any noises as your body froze and your orgasm shook through you.

Jimin started to pull your labia apart with his fingers moving to slide his fingers down the expanse of your silky insides once more before he let his fingers stroke against your soaked-out entrance. He slowly pushed his middle finger inside of your pussy causing you to gasp quietly as he started to swirl his finger around groaning at how deep he could push his fingers inside of your tightness and you seemed to invite him in so eagerly. He was slowly thrusting his finger in and out of you laughing at the movie as he heard other people laugh trying to keep up the illusion that you were all behaving in your spot. Taehyung on the other hand had moved his hand out of the way and let you unzip his pants to slip out his cock with the help of him from time to time. Your hand could barely fit around his thick girth but you weren’t surprised. You had seen the outlines of their cocks one too many times but you never let the words leave your lips. Your hand started to slowly stroke him up and down, the flesh twitching in your hand as Taehyung became more turned on. You could hear his husky labored breaths as he pressed his hand down harder into the soft comforter under the both of you. His free hand stroked up and down your side as you teased his cock. Your nail dug into the tip of his shaft feeling the beads of precum rise beneath the soft flesh of your finger. You looked up at him watching his eyes drift close as he legs start to shake. Your free hand itched to touch Jimin but you couldn’t really do it because your leg was blocking your view of touching him. But Jimin didn’t care and he wasn’t stopping. Letting his finger curve and push inside of you quickly picking up the speed trying to get you off. You could hear slightly the sound of him fingering you during a few quiet times but the movie was quick to cut of everything else.

You felt your pussy tighten up around Jimin’s fingers as another orgasm was quickly swirling in your stomach. You whined out softly, but he pulled back his finger letting you calm down as your hips started to shake. You narrowed your eyes at the screen and Jimin chuckled, reaching his finger up he sucked on the digit cleaning it before he reached over to grab at the sucker that was bound to fall from Taehyung’s lips due to the fact that he was so lost in the pleasure that you gave him. Jimin instead stretched out with the sucker in his hand and moved to put it in his lap, slowly he inched it under the blankets that were over your bodies. Soon you could feel the sucker pressing against your entrance, your eyes opening wide and you tried to grab at Jimin’s wrist trying to keep him from sliding it inside of you but you were too slow for him. He was opening you up more with the sucker, fucking you with it changing paces between slow and fast. As far as you and Taehyung you kept teasing him, building him up only to stop and not let him cum. Your wrist was flicking quickly to give him that extra add to get him off. Jimin chuckled watching the both of you as he tried to push the candy deeper inside of you, twirling it around with his fingers causing you to gasp as your hips spasmed. Your eyes rolled back as your second orgasm came faster than what you expected. Your pussy tightened around the sucker as you came once again feeling the wetness soak out your core completely. Your breathing was uneven as he fucked you until your orgasm past through you. Jimin pulled the dripping sucker from your core causing you to groan as all your juices as well as your cum slid form your pussy. Jimin being even more of a tease waited until you were looking at him to lift the sucker up to his lips and put it into your mouth sucking your sweetness from it.

The lust was prominent between the three of you and all you wanted to do was throw him down and ride him like it was no tomorrow.

“Hey.. I’m cold let me sit on your thigh Jimin.” You spoke before you knew what you were doing. Both Jimin and Taehyung lifted an eyebrow but Jimin picked you up, sitting you on his left thigh facing the screen. Your panties were back into place covering your clothed cunt as your hands braced down on his knee. You waited a bit just staying still as your hand moved to reposition on Taehyung’s cock that was throbbing, weeping for a release that you kept denying him. Your hips slowly started to move down against Jimin’s flexing thigh, your eyes trained on the screen like you did nothing wrong. At first Jimin was shocked to see you doing such a dirty thing on his thigh but he liked it a lot and considering no one could see your hips it was like you were just sitting there. Jimin moved to press his hand against the lower expanse of your back, causing you to ride his thigh harder. Your lips emitted a soft whine from your lips as you imagined riding something more, the way Jimin guided your hips demanding that you press down harder on his thigh. Leaning up he wrapped one arm around the front of your body smiling sweetly and laughing as he leaned against your ear.

“You fucking created a wet spot on my pants you dirty little slut. I’m going to make you fucking clean it up with your tongue.” The tone he took with you was harsh and you loved it even more. “Fucking push your clit against him thigh and rub it. Now.” He barked at you his hand moving down your body as he looked over at the movie as your head rolled forward noticing that the credit was staring to roll. A lot of the people were staring to move from the seated area back to their cars. The other cars in the back starting to pull away and drive off from the movie. The moment that most of the front was cleared out Taehyung snatched the blankets away from your body and Jimin pushed you forward more with your hands bracing on the ground for impact, he moved to tuck the ends of your skirt up around the band. Taehyung had looked back at a male giving a curt nod of his head and the male walked off agreeing as he went to go do something else with his time sense he was the overseer of the event.

“Fucking ride my thigh you slut.” Jimin growled one hand grabbing at your hair pulling harshly as his free hand slapped at your ass cheeks.

“What if people see?” You asked moaning out as your hips ground down harder against his thigh.

“Let them watch, you have other things to worry about. Like how are you going to take two dicks.” Taehyung admitted before he and Jimin traded out hands in your hair. You moved until your face was right above his angry red shaft. You licked your lips licking at the beads of precum that seemed to be present and there begging for you to lick. Your mouth was watering and rushing you were eager to wrap your lips around his shaft sucking eagerly on his thick appendage bobbing your head up and down. It was getting dark now, the last of the cars starting to clear out and honestly you didn’t give a damn if they saw you or not. Your hips rutted against the rough expanse of Jimin’s jean cladded thigh. Your stomach tightening up as you sought after another orgasm. The friction was rough and you knew your pussy would be red but it felt so good and you weren’t stopping until you were cumming again staining your panties. Your heart pounded so hard against your chest it felt like it was ringing against your temples.

Jimin looked around once more seeing if they were in the clear and once it was confirmed he placed you on your knees, sliding down your panties to rest at your knees. He bit on the sucker and chewed on it until it was gone and proceeded to look turn his attention back to you. He pressed your thighs together looking at your puffy pussy leaning close to bury his face against your warm wet folds. His tongue eagerly flicking up and down your pussy lips eagerly French kissing them as his tongue wiggled deeper. His face was pressing forward more, his tongue flicking from your pussy all the way up towards your tight asshole and back down. His hands gripping onto your thighs as he dove his tongue inside of you moaning against your flesh. His tongue pushed inside to lap at your clit before he was dragging it upwards and shoving it inside of your pussy. Scooping your cum out with his tongue he ate away at you, cleaning you out and drinking your fluids like it was the best thing he had ever tasted. His tongue was flicking against your wet walls trying to taste everything that he could, swirling around your pussy he moaned softly and you were moaning around Taehyung’s cock that was lodged deep inside of your throat. You were eager to suck on his flesh hollowing your cheeks, trying to get him off. He was thrusting his hips up against your face, spreading his legs a bit so that he could face fuck you better the sight of Jimin between your thighs face fucking you made his head roll back as he moaned up towards the night sky. His greatest fantasy was finally happening.

Jimin slapped at your ass pulling back as he watched Taehyung lose his mind, his hips thrusting up against your face. He gave you a warning, but you didn’t stop letting your throat tighten around his throat you were eagerly swirling your tongue and flattening it against the flesh looking at him with wide eyes moaning the best moan you could around his shaft. The sight caused Taehyung to unravel and he spilled his white hot cum down your throat. You groaned eagerly lapping at him and swallowing around his shaft you pulled back with a wet pop.

Taehyung grinned at you and you moved to kiss his lips staring a make out session between the two of you. His tongue was flicking across your bottom lip and sucking on it eagerly nibbling into the plump flesh. Your hand reached up to tangle in his hair as you started to whine, Jimin was assaulting your already throbbing pussy having found your spot he tongue fucked it hard and fast with rapid thrusts in and out of your wetness. Taehyung stuck his tongue in your mouth trying to push it down your throat as your legs buckled. He moaned as he tasted his cum on your tongue, his hands moving to grope at your breast through your shirt, moving the offending fabric up and you were about to pull it off but Jimin’s tongue finally got you to the place you needed to be and you fell forward crying out for him as your hips rolled back against him needy and eager to play with his tongue. Jimin pulled back slapping at your ass as he moved to unzip his pants, pulling his cock out he let it stand proud up against the air. He hissed softly as he saw the red angry tip rest against his lower stomach.

Taehyung moved to suck on your neck, his lips finding your spot behind your ear nibbling on it, as he let you calm down. Jimin was eager moving to sit back on his ass he pulled at your leg playfully. “Come get me off y/n.” He complained and you nodded your head moving to crawl onto his lap you pushed Jimin straight back on his back. You moved to grip at his cock, aligning it against your dripping core and slowly you slid down onto his cock groaning softly as he filled you up. You rested with your hands on his chest, waiting for yourself to adjust. Jimin was patient but the moment you started to bounce up and down onto his cock, he made sure to grind his hips up, he was fucking into you making sure he hit the right spots within your pussy. Taehyung watched from a distance loving the scene of you both fucking in clothes but it was also covering a lot. Your breast which should have been on display were covered up by your shirt but it was made up for with how your hips picked up and dropped back down against him. You were rolling your eyes back because it felt so good, to have his thick cock pulsing against your walls. You leaned your head down pressing your lips against Jimin as your thrusts against each other turned into you both grinding your hips slowly against one another the fucking turned into deep love making in the spans of seconds.  Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist moving his hands to play with your ass, he groped and slapped at the flesh spanking it and pushing you down against him to make sure he buried himself to the hilt each and every time. You were coming undone he felt so thick and he filled you up to the brim, he was slowly speeding his hips up but because he wanted Taehyung to have you as well he reluctantly pulled out of you once he was getting close.

Taehyung moved to lay you down on your back crawling over you with a smirk. “I want to ride you.” He grinned down at how you suddenly became flustered after being so bold. He spread your legs open with his own legs, he slowly slid inside of you, filling you up and pressing his face into your neck sucking on your skin. You moved to wrap your arms under his arms grabbing onto his shoulders. He was starting to pound into your pussy fucking you harshly against the comforter set. Jimin was on his knees stroking his cock vigorously as he watched Taehyung fuck you balls deep. The male bottomed out and he jack hammered inside of your silk like pink walls, your pussy welcomed him in wrapping around him and molding around his member just to fit him.

“J-Jimin come here.” You moaned out in pleasure as your hooded lust filled eyes sought out his body. Jimin crawled over to you, he moved to sit beside your head and you moved your head until you were facing him opening your mouth wide. Taehyung got the hint and pulled back, Jimin leaned over you starting to face fuck you as Taehyung fucked into your pussy lifting one of your thighs over his shoulder. You couldn’t cry out or do anything but moan and take Jimin’s cock sliding down your throat. Taehyung moved his fingers to rub at your clit feeling you tighten around him was also pushing him towards his end. You felt like you were on cloud nine, your eyes watched Jimin move on top of you how he moaned your name and slightly growled, his nose crinkling as you brought him closer to the edge. Taehyung was gripping at your thighs pounding away at your insides until he was burying his load deep inside of your pussy. Your hips circled around him, taking every drop as your cum mixed with his as well. Jimin came last spilling his warm seed down your throat holding his hips and making you take it. You swallowed eagerly at his cum and he pulled back as his hips twitched and bucked. You all were panting heavily trying to calm down from the fuck session that had just happened between all of you.

Taehyung moved back first helping you pull your panties up and skirt down as the male approached him. He slapped hands with him and thanked the male before he and Jimin smirked starting to clean up the area leaving you dazed and confused as they got everything together.

“What the hell was that?” You finally decided to ask pointing at the retreating figure and both men shrugged Jimin chuckling with a sneaky smile.

“I told you y/n. Taehyung had a fantasy and he wanted to fill it. When we talked about it three months ago you said he should go for it. So here we are.” Jimin clapped happily as they walked to the car and you quickly scrambled to your feet trying to chase them both with jelly legs yelling at the back of their heads.

Tea Party For 9

Pairing: The Men of The Avengers x Steve Rogers Daughter Sarah Rogers

Warning: This is ridiculous and well I think I’m funny sorry if you don’t. Haha

When Sarah wants a tea party, she manages to get her way with Uncle Tony’s help. She doesn’t hear the word no when it comes to her uncles, not a single one is willing to tell her no, even if that means being forced into Dress Up attire and using their manners. As long as it stays between the nine of them only.

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“Are you sure about this?” You sigh leaning against the wall as you watch your daughter run from her uncle Clint who was chasing her down for of course stealing one of his French fries, her little legs going as quick as they could.

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Luckiest Girl

((Don’t know where this came from, but I’m dedicating it once again to my beautiful, curly-haired women of color. I’ve been feeling a certain way about The8 lately- a good kind of way! He’s just changed so much and I think it’s cute/hilarious! I just remember him saying once that he wanted to have a cooler image, but didn’t think he could because he couldn’t help but be cute. Then one comeback later- BAM! Cool kid all the time. I mean, what? Anyway, enjoy this little something I did. Thanks for reading!))

Pairing: MinghaoxReader

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst

Word Count: 5,155

Summary: There were pros and cons to being an exchange student. The pros included learning a new language, new culture, and meeting new people. You know, learning that there’s something much bigger than you and your little side of the world. The cons? You missed home…a lot. But you weren’t alone. You were never alone. 

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caedesdeo  asked:

Imagine Steve playing with getting different piercings all over, because his healing means they only last a few weeks, and having the ones he likes best re-done frequently.

Steve, Nat, Sam, Sharon, and Pepper are hanging out the first time it occurs to him. Well – the first time it’s suggested to him.

Pepper’s fiddling with a long silver bar dangling from one ear and he just can’t take his eyes off it. He doesn’t think he could wear earrings like those, specifically, but – although, maybe he could, he thinks, resting his head against the couch and considering how lovely the column of her neck is, how it’s set off by the straight silver line…


He jerks up. How tired is he, that he let his mind wander so long? How much of Thor’s mead has he had? “Hm?” he asks.

“I know we’re all admiring the hickey Pepper’s got, but you don’t have to stare,” Sharon says.

“Oh,” Steve says as Pepper throws popcorn Sharon’s direction, “I, yeah, that’s what – yeah.”

Sam narrows his eyes at him. “Hey what if we pierced your ears?” he asks.

Steve goes bright red. “I, uh?”

He manages five whole seconds pretending that’s not what he wants before he gives in. The minute Sam’s said it, he really, really wants it, so it feels like ten seconds later that he’s sitting in the bathroom, a cube of ice pressed against his earlobe, head tipped to one side as Natasha sterilizes a safety pin with her lighter.

Pepper lends him her earrings, after, and he makes it a whole six hours before they close up on him. But it’s six hours where he can’t stop turning to stare at the flash of the earrings in the darkened window, remembering the sharpbrightyellow flash of pain through his earlobe.

He already wants it again.

2. cats

characters: kang daniel, reader

summary: continuation of 1. beer (part 2 of 10 kang daniel things series, part 3 here)

word count: 1.3k+

It might be her favorite day of the week but it definitely isn’t her favorite time of the day. It is early afternoon on a Saturday and the sun is too bright. She commends herself for her choice of outfit - a mere pair of shorts beneath an oversized tee and her decision to put on a minimal amount of makeup today because surely the sun is out to melt.

Spotting the cat cafe that she is due at, she makes her way quickly towards it, eager to be welcomed by the air conditioning inside. She pushes open the glass door of the cafe and the bell above the doorway tinkles softly, signaling her entrance.

The cafe is peaceful, the quietness only interrupted by occasional soft mews from the felines which each is in a cozy spot they have found for themselves. She orders herself a drink before choosing the smallest wooden table by the glass door. 

She takes the seat with her back facing the entrance and checks the time on her phone; it is thirty minutes past the time they were supposed to meet, but it’s no surprise that her bestfriend is still later than she already is.

She wonders if her friend is even awake and contemplates calling her before she sees a cat with greyish brown fur approaching her. The feline surveys her momentarily with its large eyes before deeming her bare ankles worthy enough for it to rub its body against. She smiles and leans down to stroke the cat. It then flops over, rolling on its back. She decides that it is too cute a sight to not take a photo of so she picks up her phone and at the same time she hears the bell tinkle, meaning someone has entered the cafe.

The cat opens its eyes and sits up abruptly, looking at the new visitor. And as if recognizing whoever it is, it leaves her without a second glance and pads over to greet him.

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Percabeth One-Shot: Hurt

((I’m so so so so SO sorry! I absolutely suck, but here it is! It took forever and a half, and I’m not actually done with college, but I’m ignoring responsibilities for a moment to do these 😊 Hope you enjoy! I’m so sorry if this is horrible. I tried!)) 

The slam, following the sharp opening of the Athena cabin door, rattled around the crowded room, and a hush fell over the bodies surrounding the blonde on the lower bunk.

It had been a warm, droopy summer afternoon around Camp-Half Blood. Orange shirts littered the sand as campers splashed around the canon lake, and a cool breeze skipped around the camp activities littered along the grassy hills. The strawberries rested in golden streams of sunlight. A volleyball bounced around the packed court, and the relaxed mid-summer time lulled over the peace of the camp. That was, until, Percy Jackson heard that Annabeth was hurt.

“What happened? Who was watching? What-” The questions started rolling from Percy as his strides took him inside. Younger campers split like waves the grown man could control. Sand trickled over the wooden floor and water shaped his foot prints as he swooped past the doorway. He was a man on a mission, and the campers knew better than to get in his way.

“Percy-” Annabeth tried, watching his rigid form glance at the campers milling around the cabin.

“Who let this happen?”


“Was no body watching them?”


“What did Chiron say?”


“Is it-”

“Seaweed Brain!”

The nickname snapped him out of his detective mindset, and his sea green finally latched onto her grey.

“Hi there. Good to see you.” Annabeth sarcastically started, raising an eyebrow at him.

Percy’s body was at her side in seconds, a wet squish coming from his trunks smooshing onto the bed.

“And there go my sheets.” She muttered, earning a couple chuckles that never hit Percy’s ears.

“Are you ok? What happened?” Percy glanced around the room, feeling more like a soap opera than a person, “Everyone that can’t heal her magically can leave.”

The scamper of feet practically trampled over one another to get out, and a quite rumbled across the frantically emptied room. Percy’s eyes fell on a single remaining figure who took his sweet time packing up his equipment. The completely relaxed demeanor of Will Solace lingered around the large desk on the far side of the cabin. He snapped shut the little clasps of his box and finally let his eyes move to the couple on the bed as he collected his things.

“Does it feel ok now?” Will asks with a small smile, his eyes not even needing to flick to Percy’s still protective position. Dressed in shorts and a brightly colored, loose tank top, Will looked more prepared to sun bathe rather than take care of Annabeth. Not that Percy didn’t trust Will… this was just Annabeth.

“It feels much better. Thank you, Will.” Annabeth replies, equally as calm.

“You can take the brace off soon, just want to give the ambrosia a little help with the healing. Take care of yourself. Percy.” Will’s final word pulled Percy’s attention from Annabeth to him.

Percy offered the blonde a small nod. He was grateful. Despite his protection, Percy knew that Will took care of her before he knew about the accident. If there was one person Percy knew would do his job right, it was Will. Annabeth didn’t seem in pain, and Percy was more panicked about it than she was. That meant Will must have done something right… right?

The son of Poseidon’s eyes moved back to his girlfriend, his hands softly moving to her left arm. A beige arm brace covered the tan skin from her elbow to her fist, her slim fingers and fingernails poking out happily. She even wiggled them for good measure as he analyzed the scene. Percy swore he could see a bit of bruising inside the brace, but a small voice in his head deiced it was just his nerves.

“What happened?” He asked once again, his voice much more under control.

The defensive, protective boyfriend softly slipped away, and a soft concern fell over his eyes. She looked completely fine besides the arm. Her blonde curls were in a high ponytail, one or two strands out of place and hanging beside her ears. Her camp shirt had its sleeves rolled up, and her black jean shorts matched her converse. Little silver owls dangled on her ears, and her grey eyes happily looked back into his own. She looked fine, minus the arm, and that alone gave Percy some relief.

“It was a total accident, Percy,” Annabeth reassured as her good hand moved to brush across his jawline, “I was asked to help supervise some new campers on the climbing wall and, on the way down, something happened with the wiring of one girl’s gear. Luckily, I broke her fall, so she wasn’t even half as hurt as I was. It’s just a sprain. Will gave me ambrosia and the brace. I’m ok. Hey,” his eyes pulled from her brace, “I’m ok.”

Her words pushed a rush of relief through his body, and Percy let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It was an accident. Just an accident. Plus! It was a sprain! Annabeth had dealt with sprains before. She easily could take a sprain. A small nod came from Percy, and the first small smile since he entered the cabin.

“As long as you’re ok. I-”

Percy was interrupted as a gentle knock came from the door. The small head of a girl popped in, and both demi-gods turned to look at her. Bulky dark brown glasses rested on her face, and the shyness on her face peaked over the lenses. Her shirt was a bit big on her, and she had a few scrapes on her arms and knees.

“Anna-Annabeth?” The girl asked, her voice matching the same softness her body leaked.

“Hi Riley, Riley, you know Percy. Percy, this is Riley. She’s the girl I helped today.” Annabeth introduced.

Percy flashed a smile at the young girl, and a hot blush went over her face. Her eyes flicked all around the cabin, and her words grew more stuttered as she continued.

“Uh, um hi Percy. I, uh, I just wanted to say thank you for today. But I-I can come back.”

Riley was out of the door before either could object, and the couple was in their own comfort once again. Percy frowned gently.

“Did I do something?” He wondered, watching the closed door with worry. He honestly wasn’t that scary.

A laugh slipped from Annabeth, and Percy raised an eyebrow as her. She shrugged gently, moving both arms lazily onto his shoulders.

“Hmm, I don’t know. It could be that you’re just really scary, or… ya know… it could be the fact you’re completely shirtless.”

The surprise registered across Percy’s face, and her glanced down at himself. Water droplet from his swim earlier rolled down his bare chest, and speckles of sand laid in patches across his chest. He let himself get wet sometime while he swam, and it was a warm enough day that he wanted the feeling of the cool water. In his rush of worry, he completely forgot the first he put on the sand by his shoes, high tailing it from the sound to the cabins. He had handled the entire situation in just a pair of dripping swim trunks and bare feet.

A sheepish grin falls across Percy’s lips, and a shrug follows close after.


Annabeth smiled back, her head leaning to let her lips meet his. They kissed a moment, their noses brushing once they parted for air.

“I love you.” Annabeth breathed, their foreheads softly touching.

“I love you too,” he muttered back with a grin.

“Now, get off of my bed and go put a shirt on.”

10 Days of EOS 10 Day 4: Dream Crossover (The Penumbra Podcast + EOS 10)

Akmazian drummed his fingers against the bar top impatiently, glancing around him uncertainly. The bar he sat in was seedy, an sordid spot on one of the smaller Solar Outer Rim planets. Smoke swirled around him like mist above water, moving like a river with unseen creatures shifting beneath the surface. The people around him were dark shapes, mostly human in this sector which was an advantage for Akmazian.

He fidgeted with tattered red cloth wrapped around his wrist, a sign identifying him to his new supplier. The bartender raised an eyebrow at the cloth before hurriedly turning back to his drinks and the other customers slumped on the bar. Akmazian shifted on the uncomfortable stool, his eyes towards the old analogue clock which was almost ten minutes out.

It had been inconvenient to travel all the way to the Terrain system but after blowing up Oslo it had been necessary to find a smuggler who was completely unconnected to that particular ring. Therefore Akmazian sat in a sleazy bar waiting, feeling a thousand miles away from EOS 10 in more than just distance.

An elegant man lowered himself into the seat beside him, his movement spidery. His dark suit was elegantly tailored and tagged silver earrings dangling from his ears made him stand out among the tattered patrons. The bartender slipped a small glass in front of the man before his expensive-looking trousers even hit the stool. The man gave Akmazian a wide smile, flashing, uncomfortably familiar in more ways than one. Akmazian gave a tight smile in response.

“Mr Sherwood, I presume,” the man commented in a low tone, his voice smooth and silky. Akmazian frowned, struggling to identify the accent.
“Robin’s fine. You must be Caesar Chrome.”
“Pleasure to meet you Robin,” Caesar Chrome leant forward conspiratorially, “Now tell me. What’s your poison?”
“Thanks for the offer but I try not to drink while doing business” Akmazian said, eyeing the other man suspiciously. Accepting a drink from a potential-business partner was a sure fire way to wind up drugged and blackmailed in a dark alley. Not only that, there was something familiar about the face of his shape, something that didn’t sit right with Akmazian.

The man pouted and sighed. “I always find doing it professionally so boring but if you insist. If we aren’t going to drink, why don’t we walk? There’s a nice café just down the road. It’s more classy than here and the muffins are simply divine.”
Akmazian paused for a moment, chewing his lip. He wouldn’t trust a smuggler to begin with and the man’s haunting familiarity did not help. But still it wasn’t too late and the bar wasn’t really any safer than the bar if Chrome wanted to go after him.

“Fine,” he allowed, “Let’s go.”
He slipped off the bar stool and began shoving his way through the drunken crowd, keeping an eye on Caesar Chrome, walking beside him, moving effortlessly through the throngs of people who parted like the Red Sea.

“So, after a shipment of some rather rare Martian plants, I hear,” Chrome commented as they exited the swirling smoke of the bar and walked out into the cool night air.
“You already know that’s why I’m here,” Akmazian replied sharply, annoyed by the small talk. He’d never been one for manners and affectations in his illegal deals but this man seemed determine to make small talk. Chrome chuckled and shook his head.

The street lamps were malfunctioning, only a few of them flickered with a dull yellow light. Chrome glanced towards him, raising an eyebrow and Akmazian was once again struck with the sense of familiarity. He knew that face: the dark eyes and quirkier eyebrow. He had seen a picture or video or something; something long before his life had fallen apart. The cheekbones were sharper, the face lost the softness of youth, the dark hair shorter and slicked back rather than falling in a tangled curtain but the semi-mischievous gleam in the eyes and the slight smile was undeniably familiar but still nameless.

“So, tell me, Mr Sherwood,” said Chrome, his voice like satin, “What does the Destroyer of Worlds want with a Hyperion Lily?”

Akmazian stopped dead in his tracks, his hand flying to the gun he had hidden under his cloak. He gripped it tight, forcing his voice to stay pleasant as he replied.
“I see you did your research, Mr Chrome.”
“Well, your face is being broadcast across most of the Galaxy - as soon as I saw you I put two and two together,” said Chrome cheerfully. He grinned, looking almost cat-like, flashing unusually sharp canines as he did. “You’re a wanted criminal, Mr Sherwood.” The name dripped with sarcasm. “So tell me, why would you want a Hyperion Lily?”

That was when it hit Akmazian. The grin, the sharp canines, the barely-identifiable accent. He remembered Stephen, his old bunk-mate at the academy, muttering something about savages sharpening their teeth as they had flicked through photos on their holopads. The videos had been in a file on the freedom fighters of Brahma. That had been years ago, back when the Alliance was still thinking about intervening against the multiple human rights violations caused by the war. Before that project had been deemed impossible with out violent intervention and had been shut down, and Akmazian had been shipped off to the Adrarian Sector for unspecified reasons. A name matching the face came to him, one that was only really known through leaked information from Brahmese refugees’ hopeful murmurs and a some security footage smuggled out on a physical 21st century CD: Peter Nureyev.

“The real question is,” Akmazian drawled, returning the self-satisfied smile with one of his own, “What is the Angel of Brahma doing supplying them?”

(P.S. I kinda wanna write a follow-up, would anyone be interested?)

anonymous asked:

Okay so maybe you already answered this in bits and pieces with your other modern grisha hc's but like... in modern day what style/makeup/hair preferences do you see the grisha-soc girl gang having? Sorry I just find that stuff a lot of fun so I was wondering if you had ideas.

aksjdjkas THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN omg!!
- alina probably has no time or energy for elaborate hairstyles so her hair is always in a messy but or cascading down her shoulders in lazy waves. the most she does for her hair is brush it + dry shampoo it so it makes it even beachier and ~effortless~. same with make up - she’s either bare faced or wearing very very light bb cream + mascara and that’s her regular Day Look™ - the only exception is a white or golden eyeliner she puts in the corners of her eyes and needless to say it goes rly well with her entire sun summoner vibe. her style is minimalistic + simple but sweet - white tshirt, mom jeans, bright yellow sneakers/loafers, lots of colorful chokers, symbolic jewelry - a pair of antlers hanging around her neck, a handful of bangles from inej, a green emerald glimmering on her finger, a pair of earrings in the shape of a lightning bolt
- genya is a MASTER of make up (naturally). she’s not just experimenting but creating her own formula; always messing around with hues and pigments, and everything she does is cruelty free + totally safe for any and all skin type. she’s very informed when it comes to brands/artists and she’d never support the brand if she doesn’t like the people/company behind it. she might take the concept they have and recreate it/turn it into smth better just to prove she can + they’re Not That Special. it’s a slow process but we all know it’s what she does best and the result is always epic, iconic, legendary, spectacular, never the same. eyeliner on fleek, bright ruby red matte lipstick, heavy contour, dramatic eyes, rivulets of ginger hair everywhere; A Vision™!! her sense of fashion is a+ too but she has a thing for gold/red - short vinyl skirts, checkprint leggings, shimmery see-through tops, aphrodite is shaking in her sandals, truly
- zoya is literally the living, breathing definition of Dressed To Kill™. leather pants, deep blue turtlenecks/halter tops, heels longer than any of alina’s love interests’ 🍆, big silver hoops or dangling earrings that reach her shoulders. cat-eye is a must, she always borrows genya’s matte lipsticks and it’s either nudes or deep, dark colors like plump/dark mauve - nothing in between. she’s either going for soft with a touch of danger or deadly with a secret tender side only a few people are privy to. long ink-black hair that holds storms between its streaks, highlighter brighter than my future, filled in eyebroows, long eyelashes, YES M A M A yEs yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
- tamar’s style is simple but smart - basic monochrome tshirts that wash & dry easily, distressed jeans, combat boots, lots of chains & studs, maybe a pop of color in her leather jacket - a bright heart-shaped pin here, a rainbow badge there. her lips are always glossy or shimmery, her cheeks are streaked with glitter, her favorite eyeshadow palette is called killer babe and it’s mostly pinks/reds. her hair is either held in a low pony or sticking up in spikes, which makes nadia run her hand through her gf’s hair more, instinctively trying to smooth them down. a part of her outfit always matches nadia’s and alina always notices bc [voice drops to a whisper] she notices a lot of things about Girls™
- nadia is a vision in pastels and vibrant make up that somehow always goes with her outfit despite it being a rather clashing combination. she loves her soft hues - dusty rose, pale lilac, washed out blue. her lips are either baby pink or nude, with a lot of blush that makes her look even more ethereal and her hair is always braided - either up or down, always smth elaborate she’s spent hours and hours looking at youtube tutorials just to get it right. sometimes she’ll let tamar draw little symbols on her cheekbone - an uneven heart, the wlw labrys, a tiny rainbow peaking from behind a cloud, and sometimes it’s just a kiss print left on their way out
- nina is a goddess incarnate. even genya’s super impressed and genya’s like?? a legitimate beauty/fashion expert?? idk if you’ve seen barbie ferreira’s ig but like that is It. that’s nina right there, from top to bottom, down to the toes. her style is bold, edgy, challenging, unapologetic, body-positive, SEXY, beautiful. she has no problem going braless and wearing a semi see-through top, or crop tops that show her entire belly + a bit of underboob, matching pastel sets of ribbed skin tight short +  top, swimsuits tucked into jeans, the iconic stripes + denim combo, A LOT of lace, a lot of healthy, glowing skin. and she loves to wear big, heavy jewelry, the ~femme fatale~ kind - big earrings, velvet chokers that cover her 80% of her neck, body necklaces, massive rings. her hair is loose and you wanna get lost in it, like a sailor driven to madness by a siren’s song. her cheeks are bright and red, her lips are the color (and flavor, probably,,, inej might know best) of sweet cherry, there’s a lot of sparkle going on - on her eyelids, on her cheekbones, on her entire body. she uses a lot of body glitter/shimmer and her style is never boring, never like the day before, always has you on your toes
- and last but not least, inej!!!! her style is what you’d call efficient, humble, simplistic but stylish at the same time - she wears a lot of black and dark tones that help her blend into the shadows so she can become the wraith, but she likes to splash a bit of subtle color here and there - pastel yellow or orange nails, soft blush, pumpkin colored lipstick or lipgloss (nina complains lipgloss is sticky but then inej laughs and suddenly sticky is good, sticky can stay - or be smeared away,, if you know what i mean). she loves light perfumes - something natural, like the smell of forest fruit or an ocean breeze, or freshly picked flowers. she prefers boots all year round - short or open booties for summer, long knee-high boots for autumn/winter. she rarely wears jewelry; her knives are enough. however, alina likes to pamper her the most bc she holds her very dear & close to her heart, so she always surprises her with something dainty and small - her favorite pair of earring is probably two tiny curled knives, no bigger than her nail - they’re made from steel so they can’t cause any irritation and they’re forever, they’re unbreakable, like her. her hairstyle is usually a thick braid - either whipping around her shoulders or curled into a bun. she doesn’t wear a lot of make up either but sometimes she’ll put a bit of deep purple/blue/graphite to go with her outfit. she loves scarves!! all kinds of scarves - big, small, long, short, printed, monochrome, even plain ones that just smell like something fresh and satisfying, like freedom. she loves things with hood - dresses, tunics, tshirts, classic hoodies, jackets, parkas. granted, her style isn’t the ~loudest~ of the girl squad but it definitely makes you pause and turn around - and then she’s gone
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Race Against Time: Chapter 3

Jungkook feat. Reader & BTS

Genre: Thriller, Darkfic

Warning: This fic is about a serial killer, and may include some graphic imagery. Please read with caution.

Word Count: 2,710 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


It is almost two weeks since they had found the body of the girl encased in a glass box in the river, and Jungkook is nowhere closer to finding the killer. He feels the pressure from all sides; the victims’ families, the press, the higher-ups, just about everyone wanting him to make a breakthrough on the case, but he has nothing. Hours spent on staring at the photos of the crime scenes and the clues left for them had amounted to nothing, he faces a dead end everywhere he turns. The only respite he gets is when he returns home, where the only thing he can expect from you is how you would treat him like any other day, no mention of work that makes him feel more and more useless.

Today is set to be another disappointing day of more or less the same routine for the past weeks, or so he thought. Just as he is about to head home, thinking of the escape it will provide from the nightmare that is his every day life nowadays, temporary as it is, he is summoned to a park not too far away. He looks out the window of his office. Night has already settled, and considering that the first victims of the other two pairs before were found in the morning… it can’t be.

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no holding back.

kris/lay | abo/wolf/office au, romance, fluff, way too much sexual tension, smut/public sex in an office why not, un-beta’d | nc-17 | 3,000~ words

When the elevator dings open at exactly nine fifteen on the dot, Yixing steps onto the twelfth floor with a bright smile and two coffees in his hands. He thinks that he can feel everyone’s eyes trailing after him as he makes his way to Yifan’s office, whistling the tune of a new song he heard on the bus that morning, so before he goes inside he pauses and turns his head to look at them curiously.

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Mine (Harry Smut)

“Are you ready babe?” Harry called to me from down stairs. “Yeah, just a sec!” I replied making my way down at a killer speed for a girl in five inch heels.
“Wow” Harry breathed out as I came into his line of vision.

“You” he spoke shaking his head. I didn’t really know I looked that good but hey I’m not gonna turn down a compliment. I was wearing a form fitting deep red dress, black pumps, and I had my hair up in a high pony tail. I had on silver dangle earrings but decided on no necklace.

“Let’s go!” I exclaimed grabbing Harry’s arm and running out of the door towards the car as fast as a girl in heels could. “Babe, I’ve gotta lock the door” Harry spoke before locking it and then making his way to the Range Rover I was standing by.
The ride there was fairly quiet, but the second we pulled up in front of the club the bass from the music inside was leaking its way into the car making vibrations travel up my spine.

“C'mon Babe” Harry called as he opened the car door for me. One of the big pluses to Harry being internationally famous is that we don’t have to stand in line to get into clubs.

Guys were whistling and cat-calling at me as we walked past the large crowd of people who were trying to get in. Really?

“Hey, I’m gonna run to the loo really quick but I’ll be back in a jiffy love!” He spoke loudly to me over the music and running off towards the bathroom.

Did he just say jiffy? Who the he-
“Hello sexy, we’re about to have a downing contest, wanna join?” Some random guy asked me. He was actually really cute. Not that he’s got shit on Harry though. “Sure!” I cheered following him through the crowd.

“Ok so basically, all you have to do is down as many shots as you can; with your eyes closed” my eyes closed? Oh what the hell, I’m gonna kill these shots.

I nodded at him and looked at the six shots lined up in front of me. I looked to my right to see my opponent. Some tramp with way to much make up that looked like it was melting from the heat.
“Ready, set, GO!” He yelled slamming his fist down. I shut my eyes and grabbed the first shot chugging it in less than 2 seconds. Then I did the next one, and the next one and the next one, and the next. I knew I was on my last shot now and there was no way in hell I was gonna lose.

I chucked my head back and poured the last one down my throat and swallowed it. “WOOO! My girl won!” Some guy yelled patting me on the back. His girl? Ummm, that was certainly not Harry.

Before I even knew what was going on, I felt myself being lifted up in the air and twirled around. Not by Harry, but by the same guy. The dude kept me up in the and was saying something to me but I could hardly pay attention as I spotted Harry walking towards where I was.

My heart stopped as he made eye contact with me. First he squinted his eyes as if he was unsure if it was me or not. Then he shook his head as if to erase the image. Then his eyes darkened, like they usually do when he’s horny. But I was positive that that was not the reason in this case.

Harry marched over to where we were and snatched me away from the guy and set me on the ground. I felt dizzy and I could tell that the alcohol was about to take full effect.

“Whoa man chill ou-” the guy started but got cut off by Harry’s ice cold glare. “Who the fuck do you think you are?” Harry growled at him clenching his fists. The guy’s playful smirk disappeared and was replaced by a frown.

“I think I’m Ryan Tristlan” he replied back just a mean as Harry.
Harry didn’t even say anything back. He just right hooked ‘Ryan’ directly in the mouth. “Yeah, now maybe all you will do is think about how you should learn to shut the fuck up.” Harry replied grabbing my hand.

“Bye Ryan!” I slurred out, waving to him as he sat on the ground clutching his jaw, a dazed look painted across his pretty little face that would surely have a bruise in the next couple of hours.

“Get.In.The.Car.” Harry spoke in a harsh tone. Damn, I know he’s mad and its kinda hot but who the hell does he think he’s talking to. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” I challenged crossing my arms over my chest testing him.

“I’ll be wrecking you tonight. Just a warning, don’t make tonight any worse than it has to be.” And with that I sat down in the car.

The ride back home was completely silent. Except for my constant huffing and puffing. Harry looked more aggravated every time I so much as breathed too loud.

As soon as we pulled up in front the house Harry speed walked inside and didn’t even bother shutting the door. I sighed before getting out and walking into the house. I locked the door and sat down on the couch.

After about ten minutes of sitting I started getting bored and turned on the T.V. I couldn’t find the remote so had to get up and turn it on myself.

Another fifteen minutes went by and I was seriously getting annoyed. Why would I sit here and wait? Because every time Harry gets like this, the best thing to is just sit and wait for what’s coming to ya’. Unless he forgets.

The T.V turned off suddenly and I would’ve been freaked out if hadn’t seen Harry drop the remote, standing behind me in the now black screen.

“Clothes off now.” He snapped sharply. He was holding something behind his back and I was certainly curious to know what the hell this boy had planned.

I guess he could tell I was wondering because, “Don’t worry about what I have, bend over the arm of the couch real nice for me” he spoke in his normal slow voice. Any trace of sexual desire or commandingness gone. Except I could see on his face the things his voice may have lacked, were there.

Then I saw the glint of something reflect off the little bit light coming from the lamp. I heard something clink and a cool metal clasp around my wrists; handcuffs.

“Now, you don’t come until I say, and you won’t moan unless give you permission, do you understand?” He asked me, now stripped down to nothing but those tight Calvin Klein boxers that left nothing to the imagination.

I nodded my head, preparing myself for what was to come. He stood behind me and his big hands caressed my ass, squeezing and pinching it occasionally. I bit my lip to hold back my moans because fuck everything about him just screamed 'Sex’.
He pulled down his boxers and lined himself up. He gripped my hips before slamming into me and pulling me back onto him. It took everything in me not scream. He forcefully drove himself into me, ramming in harder and harder than each thrust before that.

I was letting out little whimpers that thank god Harry didn’t hear. He yanked me by my hair and tilted my head back, pressing my back firmly against his chest. Through it all, he was still thrusting into me.

“You like it when I fuck you like this? When I have no mercy for your pretty little body?” He questioned speaking into my neck, he was breathing sharply through his nose. His breath blowing across my already heated skin.
I tried to nod my head but everything was bliss and I couldn’t even make my eyes open. “Do you?!” He asked through gritted teeth, trailing one of his hands from between my breast down my stomach until he reached my clit and began messaging it in harsh circles.

“Yes, yes Harry! Oh fuck yes!” I screamed as I felt my high approaching. He bent me back over couch. “Harry! I’m gonna come!” I moaned out. “Not until I say!” He yelled and continued pounding into me.

I concentrated every fiber of my being on not coming but damn its hard not to with a sex god hammering you and moaning your name.

“Now baby!” He yelled and came inside of me and I came with him collapsing onto the couch, not able to feel my legs, “You are mine” Harry whispered as he carried me to bed.


Wrote this a long time ago but never posted it :)

Its pretty slow moving but I hope you liked it!! Xxx

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