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KNB Extra Game Ch. 5

Warning: Spoilers! If you haven’t read the Ch. 5, don’t click the undercut link. If you are curious, just click it and squeal along with me. Here’s the link if you want to view the whole chapter.

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OIKAWA WEEK 2016 Day seven // Happy Birthday | Free Prompt | Silver (Self Control/Responsibility)

“When you feel my heat, look into my eyes. It’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide. Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide.“ - Imagine Dragons, Demons

OIKAWA WEEK day 7 (July 20): Happy Birthday | Free Prompt | Silver (Self Control/Responsibility)

I couldn’t draw anything for the other prompts but of course I had to take some free time to do something for his birthday  ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

Happy birthday, Oikawa Tooru! (20.7.16)

Sometimes I wish I didn’t understand. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know why or I didn’t have an idea why people do things. For myself’s sake. Because sometimes I want to fight for my right, to not just forgive and let it go, sometimes I want people to scarily look at my angry face while I yell at them about how I also get hurt; but because I understand, because I someway feel what they feel, because I see their aching, — I forgot, I forgive, I one way or another forget about what I deserve.

And I realize, it is not right, or at least it is something I need to control.

—  Jerico Silvers 
Chapter 446

My first thought after reading chapter 446 was: Wow a New Star Dress! and its so beautiful!

My second thought was, Wait… So does Demon slayer magic make your hair stand up?? I thought the reason Gray had his hair put up was in a memorial to Silver. But I guess Silver couldn’t control it either.

So What if someone with long hair became a Demon Slayer? 

RIP my gamecube controller
2002 - 2015
When i first got you i was 7. and i loved playing wind waker and melee. you’ve stuck with me for 4 house moves and never let me down. i may have spilled juice on your brothers but you were the best one. perfect controls nothings sticky. but as i wore your analog stick down i knew this couldn’t last forever. the grip that held us close now was smooth as ice. and as i multishined and abused SHFFL’ing you couldn’t hold it all together. and now.. your stick doesn’t hold straight anymore and leans down.
Now i put you to rest. in my cupboard. forever.
Rip my silver GC controller.


Another girl, hopefully the last, rises into an arena now reduced to dust.
“Evangeline, of House Samos,” yells the patriarch of the silver-haired family.
From my vantage point, I notice the king and queen sit up a bit straighter. Evangeline already has their attention. In stark contrast, Cal looks down at his hands.
While the other girls wore silk dresses and a few had strange, gilded armor, this Evangeline rises in an outfit of black leather. Jacket, pants, boots, all studded with hard silver. No, not silver. Iron. 
She can control metal.


mirthalia  asked:

Ladrien, silver.

part 10

THANK YOU @mirthalia FOR THE BETA!!!

It’s wonderfully, horribly, terrifyingly easy to see her after getting her number: all he really has to do is ask.

You, me. Ultimate Mecha Strike. Rematch?

If I remember correctly, i’m in the lead. Why would I give you a chance to steal my throne? ;)

Because there is mercy in your soul, and you’ll let poor mortals attempt to overthrow you


I’ll be there in 10

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