silver chord

fic: When The Stars Go Blue

title:when the stars go blue

genre: romance/angst/AU

rating: nc-17 

warnings: mentions of alcohol, cigarettes and swearing

word count: 4500

description: Dan’s a failing musician without a song who struggles to make rent every week, so he sits atop his flat block roof every night and stares out at the city wishing for inspiration. Phil is a dreamer who paints and works part time as a barista; he’s bright, wears lavender and is, in other words, everything Dan needs. And one night, he wanders up to the roof, too.

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Sometimes, if we’re lucky, a hand is laid upon us which has the power, by its very touch, to claim us for its own. And once we are claimed, there is nowhere else to go. There is no man or woman or child who has quite such a silver chord wrapped around us, pulling us always in the direction of their love. Someone has put a stake on our emotional ground. We can love another but not belong to another. Once we know to whom we belong, nothing changes what we know.
—  Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson gentlemensmuse

sentient-beings-deactivated2017  asked:

to kind of add on the the astral travel question- 1. you cant get lost. There is actually a cord connected from your stomach ( sacral) chakra from your astral body, to your physical body. it cannot be cut by entities and is supposedly cut when you pass onto the next life. Regarding "ghosts," don't call them ghosts, because ghosts refer to a person that has passed on. There are many different types of beings in the astral, some are high-vibrational and some are lower.

I don’t think I ever mentioned getting lost in the Astral. I agree with you that we are tethered back to the physical when traveling out of body.

Anyways I know what you’re talking about with the various entities. But the previous question, someone was specifically talking about ‘ghosts’. They saw, what to them was a ‘ghost’. The fact that their experience related to ‘ghosts’ is important.


closed rp with silver-spinal-chord

It was opening night for the Gorillaz. Even from backstage, they could hear the chanting and screaming of the crowd. Though, the band members weren’t to fazed by it. Murdoc and Noodle were tuning their guitars while Russel was grabbing a quick snack. 2-D on the other hand was out and about just walking around to clear his head and sing the lyrics of different songs to himself so he wouldn’t mess them up.

He came, not to hush the natural music of men’s lives, nor to fill it with storm and agitation, but to re-tune every silver chord in that “harp of a thousand strings,” and to make it echo with the harmonies of heaven.
—  Frederic Farrar