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Pfew! After 3 days of work, it’s finally finished!! I’m so happy of how it came out!

Thank you for those 26 years of joy, laugh, emotion and adventure!!! May your day be great, Blue Blur!!!! AND KEEP ON ROCKIN’!!!!! 😄😄😄😄

All characters © Sega
Material: Canson paper A3, Uni Fine Liners 0.1, 0.05 and 0.3, Promarkers, Watercolors.


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Let's calculate the BMI of Sonic and co.

Some characters don’t have official weight so I won’t be calculating the BMI of Amy, Blaze, Rouge, etc.


Sonic/ Shadow/ Silver: 35kg; 100cm; BMI: 35 (overweight)

Tails: 20kg; 80cm; BMI: 31.2 (overweight)

Dr. Eggman/ Eggman Nega: 128kg; 185cm; BMI: 37.4 (overweight)

Knuckles: 40kg; 110cm; BMI:  33.1 (overweight)

Cream: 12kg; 70cm; BMI: 24.5 (normal)

Big: 280kg; 200cm; BMI: 70 (holy shit)

Vector: 200kg; 180cm; BMI: 61.7 (holy shit again)

Charmy: 10kg; 70cm; BMI: 20.4 (normal)

Espio: 36kg; 110cm; BMI: 29.8 (overweight)

E-123 Omega: 1230.512kg; 150cm; BMI: 546.9 (lol robots)

Jet: 33kg; 100cm; BMI: 33 (overweight)

Storm: 80kg; 140cm; BMI: 40.8 (overweight)

E-102 Gamma: 825.256kg; 215cm; BMI: 178.5 (y’know, robots)

Emerl: 14kg; 110cm; BMI: 11.6 (underweight but still, robots)

Metal Sonic: 125.2kg; 100cm; BMI: 125.2 (roboooooooots)

Werehog Sonic: 60kg; 125cm; BMI: 38.4 (overweight)

Chip: 5kg; 45cm; BMI: 24.7 (normal)

Orbot: 30kg; 87cm; BMI: 39.6 (robots)

Cubot: 39kg; 90cm; BMI: 48.1 (robots)

Conclusion: They’re all unhealthy, except Cream, Charmy and Chip, all started with a “C”


originally wanted to see if Espio is underweight cuz he’s only 36kg when Knuckles who’s the same age is 40kg, and Silver seems heavy cuz Sonic/Shadow is older and have the same weight while Jet is still lighter than Silver despite being the same age. Another thing, I noticed powerhouses seem to have a higher BMI, so their height/weight isn’t as random as we thought, well, except Knuckles :’D Also, the moment when you realise Eggman is healthier than Big and Vector…but consider it invalid cuz they’re totally different species.

Draco Malfoy // Bailando en tus Brazos

Bailando en tus brazos =
Dancing in your Arms

Colgando en tus manos =
Hanging on your hands

“Colgando en tus manos” ~ Carlos Baute ft. Marta Sanchez

Disclaimer: There’s no lyrics to follow. All of the lyrics in italics.

Author’s Note: I’m 100% Mexican and have learned some of the Spanish language, I understand it very well and can say a plethora of words in Spanish, but being born in the Americas despite the first language that I spoke the best was Spanish I’ve adapted to the English language, and kind of lost most of my Spanish speaking ability. Recently, I’ve gone back to Spanish language songs and fell in love with them. I thought that it’d be a good idea to create an Imagine with Spanish lyrics. So here is the final product and I hope you enjoy.

Warning(s): some bullying, make out session, if fluffy is a warning I don’t know what to tell you.


You were part Latin, your father was from Mexico being part Venezuelan and Mexican, while your mother was American. You have nourished and adapted to the Mexican culture and have learn most of the Spanish language.

No one that you knew of in your family possessed a magical ability, except your great ancestor, Ruben Robles, everyone in Mexico thought he was a child from hell and abandoned him from their village. His two parents decided to hide him and tried to repel his magical ability, almost making him an Obscurus. Your ancestor found a way to repel the obscures and live an old age.

Your father’s generation came to America, and decided to live in finally live in Europe once he had married your mother and had you and your twin brother. Your mother and father had no magical ability, nothing, not even a spark. You were a powerful young child, especially when your father was a great wizard enough to control his obscurus. So when you received a Hogwarts letter, your first letter, you were more than stunned with a pair of joyful parents, envious brother, and weary grandmother.

You’ve always thought of that first letter that made your stomach flutter. But right now your in fifth year, no such rule for mishaps, memories, and parties. You needed to make your family proud and graduate Hogwarts, as being the second wizard in your whole entire bloodline.

You sat in the compartment with a low smile, your silver nails chipping away at the nail polish, and your hair in a messy bun, some of the strands sticking to your forehead. Your green and silver tie tied flawlessly around your neck, the clatter of students chirping breezing through your ear. Your eyes rolled, head bobbing, your lips parting open into a sigh. The Slytherin Gang is here. Of course you were an outcast, because you were a muggleborn. A depraved, hideous muggleborn as they say. Most of the time you’ll speak Spanish in front of them, they’ll look at you with a spiteful, yet curious glare. Jokes on them, since it’s about them and they’re so clueless and empty minded that they can’t learn the Spanish language.

You grabbed a book instead like every year for the ninth time and did the same practice; open your book, pretend to read, listen to Draco Malfoy’s whining about Harry Potter, hear Pansy’s terrible flirting, glance at times at Blaise’s silent form, hear Crabbe and Goyle chomp down food, then go back to reading until we arrive at Hogwarts. It was like a biannual routine, it happened at the beginning and ending, but once you began reading, you hardly heard a peep from the Slytherin gang, perhaps a whisper or two, but nothing more.

You continued to read, not wanting to glance at them in case they caught you. Unfortunately, curiosity got the best of you, so your eyes traveled from the compelling words on the page to their feet, body, and then heads. You met eyes with one of them, the Slytherin Prince, himself. You thought that he was thinking and his eyes landed on you at this moment. So you looked down and continued to read, feeling a anxious vibe.

On your first year at Hogwarts, when the worn out hat was placed on your head, and the voice shouted the serpent house. Your heart and mind felt glee, it just happened to be a coincidence that you ended up in Slytherin.

Quizá no fue coincidencia encontrarme contigo

That’s until you got shamed. You mailed your parents about your first day and what house you got. Never the horrible parts and cons of being a Slytherin.

“L/N.” Draco said, everyone became quiet, you slowly looked upwards netting their looks. “Yes.” You replied with a slow voice. “What are you reading?” Draco coughed. “Fifty Shades of Grey.” You snorted, only joking, but then releasing they didn’t get it. “I mean, Witches of the Wicked West. It’s a great book to read I think myself, perhaps you should one day, Parkinson.“ You quirked, immediately regretting what had came out of your mouth. You took out your wand in quick action, as Pansy’s furious face was walking towards till a hand held her back. It was Blaise Zanbini. He had saved your life and face.

“Stop Parkinson. Perhaps you should read one day.” Blaise defended you, Pansy sneered at you and scoffed at Blaise, sitting herself back down. You looked at Blaise an mouthed a ‘thank you’, he nodded with a smile. “I’ve actually read a book similar to that, same author perhaps.” Draco blurted, you look at him with astonishment, “Was it called, Wizards of Winston?” You asked with a grin. Draco looked at you, “Yes. Yes, it is.”

“It’s by Charles Kemp. His wife created Witches of the Wicked West. Her name is Hannah Kemp. I’ve read both of the books, quite a depiction of what muggles think of us.” You respond. You both looked at each other with wide smile, a strawberry hue blush rising to both of your cheeks. You look away, “Even though her book is targeted towards female audience, I suggest you read it.” You hand the book of Draco. “I will. Thank you.” Draco stared at the cover. “You’re welcome.” You say. “Are you really gonna read that Dracy!” Pansy screeched. “Yes. I am.” Draco retorted.

Pansy huffed crossing her arms in annoyance and anger. You only looked out the window, until you made it to Hogwarts. You hoped this year would be different, but what are the odds it may be.

Tal vez esto lo hizo el destino
Quiero dormirme de nuevo en tu pecho

You had entered Hogwarts and sat down at the Slytherin table. Alone. As usual. The Weasley Twins usually told you to get to the Gryffindor table, but they weren’t here anymore and you were worried that the Gryffindor table will yell at you. You played around with your food, feeling a tap on your shoulder. It was Ginny Weasley, she gave you a small smile. “Would you like to sit with us? You’ve gotten along with my older brothers Fred and George so well, so might as well keep going.” Ginny quieted. “Thank you.” You whisper. “No problem.” Ginny looked back at you.

“Y/N.” Ron said. “Hi Ron.” You chirped. Hermione grinned and hugged you, “So your Y/N L/N. It’s nice to meet you.” Hermione said. “Nice to meet you too. All of you and thank you for allowing me to sit with you all.” You told the group. “Don’t worry about it.” Harry told you. You felt some tears rush to your eyes, you wiped the moisture away and smiled widely. “Ronald stop eating so much!” Hermione smacked Ron on the back of his head. You and Ginny laughed at them.

“L/N. What are you doing here?” Draco glared at the Golden Trio and Ginny. “I’m eating.” You tell him. “With friends.” You finish your sentence. “L/N, you belong to Slytherin, so eat at your correct house.” Draco told you. “What control do you have over me?! I’m gonna stay here and eat here, I have no reason to be at the Slytherin table.” You pout.

“Estás loco que crees que voy contigo.” You mutter.


“You’re crazy, you think I’m going with you.”

Draco eyes falter, “No, you don’t. But I do have a reason you should.”

“¿E que es?” You scowl.


“And what is it?”

“What?” Draco looks at you with utter confusion. “What is it?” You sigh. “To talk to me a-about the book. I’d like to share my opinions w-with you.” Draco stammered. “That’s it?” You say. “Yeah.” Draco shrugs. “Alright. I’ll go sit by you, if… You never bother my friends till the end of the school year.“ You proposed, attaching strings to the deal and him as if he were a puppet.

“Deal.” Draco sighed. You smiled shaking his hand. “I’ll be able to have lunch with you in another time, thank you for the invitation. Really, that’s one of the nicest thing anyone has done for me in awhile.” You told the group. “You’re welcome. And your always welcomed to come sit with us.” Ginny said, they all nodded at you. “Thank you.” You whispered.

“So tell me what chapter are you on?” You asked him. “Chapter seven.” Draco answered. “Wow, quick reader aren’t you?” You sheepishly grinned. “Yeah.” Draco replied. You two sat down at the Slytherin table, receiving nice greetings from Draco’s friends, except Pansy Parkinson. Pansy sneered and glared at you, after you looked at her she gave you a wrenching smile. You smiled sweetly in disgust at her. Draco began to talk to you and tell you his favorite parts, you usually only did this with Hermione

After a day, an owl came in with a book. It was your book, you smiled, grabbed the book and opened the cover, there was a letter in there.

‘Dear Y/N,
Thank you for letting me read the book. It was an extraordinary read and I’m glad you let me read it. Your opinions are strong and it was nice to talk to you. By being so kind I did you a risky favor.

Thank you,

You looked back at the book and found the signature of the author and her husband with their own personal message. You teared up, this was amazing, that even someone did this for you let alone Draco Malfoy.

You closed the book and feed the owl. Letting it gracefully fly away to its owner. Sadly, after that letter the two of you didn’t talk anymore. You always sat at the Gryffindor table where everyone was used to you being there.

Your father sent you an MP3 player after your birthday, you turned it on seeing some music displayed on their. There were some English music, but it was mostly filled with Hispanic songs. You listened to them, memorizing the lyrics and singing along after a while. You started to dance, as a young girl you went to festivals and danced your father taught you since you were a toddler. Right now, it is kind of odd dancing how I am since you need a partner. You sighed and decided to not embarrass yourself furthermore and just listened to the music.

You began obsessing over all the songs. They calmed you and helped you concentrate.

You walked the corridors in search of your MP3 player, which you lost. You then found it, a song was playing though. A person was humming along to it, you took a peek closer and saw hands on a piano. You began to sing the song softly, you walked over there to see if the man or woman would notice you. Your eyes widened when you realized it was Draco Malfoy.

“Malfoy.” You said, his eyes opened and he jumped back. “L/N.” Draco breathed. “You like the song?” You asked Draco. “Well, yes, but I don’t understand it.” Draco replied. “It’s in Spanish silly.” You took the MP3 player and changed the song. You then walked to Draco and took one of his hands and put one hand on his shoulder. He followed along putting his empty hand on your waist. His touch felt warm, delicate it made your heart flutter, your head spin, and your stomach twist.

Y después me despierten tus besos
Tu sexto sentido sueña conmigo
Sé que pronto estaremos unidos
Esa sonrisa traviesa que vive conmigo Sé que pronto en tu camino
Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos
Así que no me dejes caer

“You know that I’m hanging in your arms.” You sing, translating some of the lyrics. You danced his eyes looking into your, he spun you, then dipped you.

Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos
Te envío poemas de mi puño y letra
Te envío canciones de 4 40
Te envío las fotos cenando en Marbella
Y cuando estuvimos por Venezuela
Y así me recuerdes y tengas presente
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos

“You sing beautifully Y/N.” Draco complimented me. You blush, “Thank you.”

Cuidado, cuidado
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos
No perderé la esperanza de hablar contigo

No me importa qué dice el destino
Quiero tener tu fragancia conmigo

“I do not care what destiny says. I want to have your fragrance with me.” You chirped, still singing out loud. “Don’t let me fall.” You whisper into his ear. “I wont.” Draco whispered back. His face close to yours, his breath was warm with an apple scent. You both moved to the rhythm, helping Draco along.

Cuidado, mucho cuidado
Lo quiero todo, verte y tus labios, tu cariño no prohibido, ay
Te envío poemas de mi puño y letra
Te envío canciones de 4 40
Te envío las fotos cenando en Marbella
Y cuando estuvimos por Venezuela
Y así, así me recuerdes y tengas presente

“So you play the piano?” You ask him. “Yes.” Draco twirls you around. “And you stole my MP3 player?” You beam, giggling a bit. Draco laughs, “I found it and then found all the voices and freaked out at first, but then listened to it. I played along to the voices.” Draco responded. “Surprises me since it’s a muggle device.” You told him. “Pretty creative muggle device.” Draco gripped onto your waist tightly. “I know.” You turn around your back against his chest, your hands intertwining hugging the sides of your hips.

Que mi corazón esta colgando en tus manos
Cuidado, cuidado
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos

“That my heart is hanging in your hands.” You finished singing. Draco turned you around and pushing you against a wall, his lips clashing with yours. His tongue poking at your lips for an entrance. You part your lips, his tongue entering. Your hands tugging at his hair, his hands roaming your body, you grind your hips against his. You both moan, and then pull apart.

“Oh no your wrong darling, I’m holding onto your heart, forever.” Draco commented, putting his lips on yours again. You didn’t protest, you just pulled back. “You won’t drop it?” You question. “Never. And I’m going to hold onto it, even after marriage.” He smiled, you giggled and placed your lips back on his.

♫One- Ed Sheeran// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

Request:  the song “one” by ed sheeran and sirius x reader please? thank you, i love your writing

The absence of street lights makes the stars in the sky shine brighter, the streaks of light that protrude from the distant bodies littering the familiar street of Godric’s Hollow. Steps quicken, heavy with regrets and nerves, walking on the dark, paved surface. Hands are shoved into coin filled pockets and the clink of gold and bronze booms through the stifling silence of the street, previously disrupted only by the occasional whistle of gentle wind and the rustle of leaves.  

Sirius Black turns over every coin in his pocket with his long, suddenly shivering fingers, chilled by the crisp air that fills the eerily silent night. A panic floods him suddenly, and then he finds it: a simple metal hoop rests between his fingertips and he breaths a sigh of relief, closing a fist around the object. 

A street light flickers on and illuminates his face, sleepless and unshaven, a drunken glimmer in his eye from the courage that he drank in the form of endless glasses of firewhiskey before leaving The Leaky Cauldron, his heart growing as the liquid burned its way down his throat. 

Finally, he sees the proud, pearl-coloured house at the end of the street. Unanticipatedly, he loses feeling in his legs as his heart beat quickens and a genuine grin spreads across his tired, pale face as he rushes towards the mahogany door, gravel crackling under his rapid steps.

He reaches the door, the chipped silver paint on the knocker seeming to stop him from using it. He shifts his weight from foot to foot nervously and finally reaches for the knocker with his right hand, his left still palming the object he was terrified of losing. 

The sounds of the collision between metal and wood seem a lot louder than they should be, shattering the calm of the street and the silence of his mind and causing a flurry of doubt to whirl through his mind. He takes a step back, and goes to take another, when the door opens, and the light from the inside shines on his face, causing him to squint and blink repeatedly before opening his eyes again as his eyes shine with excitement.

She stands there, in the doorway, a light violet bathrobe clinging to her hips, her mussed, y/h/c hair aglow with the yellow light behind her, almost like a halo. She was clearly woken by his arrival, but her eyes are wide open, her mouth agape in shock as she looks at the newcomer. A full minute goes by as electricity seems to flow back and forth between their eyes, unseen sparks setting the whole neighbourhood aglow in their minds.

It’s her soft, raspy voice that breaks the intoxicating silence, sobering him up within seconds.

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Hot Chocolate

Pairing: Victor/Yuuri
Show: Yuuri!!! on Ice

They were supposed to meet on their stage. Yuuri was supposed to save for a coach, for competition fees and travel expenses, was supposed to worm his way into the big leagues and find Viktor there waiting.

Viktor was not supposed to find him, sweating his ass off in this too-small too-hot coffee shop.

(happy (early) birthday @http-yanie!!) 

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Renegade Division series: 5 of 8

Min Yoongi. White Rabbit. Trademark weapon: Silver poker chip and a S&W MK22 with silencer. Specialising in extortion under the veil of negotiation. Will allow victims to choose their fate on one condition: Heads he wins. Tails you lose. 

hokuton-punch  asked:

Flame + Toland?

“Welcome back, boy. Did you divest yourself of that filament?”

“A Guardian gave me 35 Glimmer for it,” Toland said, holding the handful of silver chips out to where Cryptarch Adonna sat in a sling chair under her awning. Two weeks in the City, and Toland wore a white cloak graying at the edges with the dust of the contested tundra.

The Awoken woman took the chips and deposited them quickly with the others before casting an appraising eye over the day’s trades. “Did you tell them you got them from Brazil?”

“No.” He had forgotten to mention it, and to make up for it in his own mind he had scowled, and the Guardian had looked at him like he was something wild. The Guardian bought the filament.

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Miss Fisher’s Bookshelf, part 9: The Fics We Missed

Wow, fandom - there are LOTS of fics that we missed, obviously! Some of these came in via private message, some came as replies to a previous Bookshelf post, and some came in via Slack chat (and it’s possible that we added a few more ourselves, but who’s counting, right?). I just hope we captured them all! If we missed yours - or you didn’t get around to sending them - please let us know or just reblog. Let’s share all the fic love!

We’ve compiled two lists from what you all sent us: new fics to the Bookshelf and ones that had already been listed. But who doesn’t have those books that you’ll buy from a used bookstore just so that it doesn’t languish on the shelf by itself? No? Just me? *cough* Moving on.

We’ve even collected a couple of rec lists we found on Tumblr if you want to start with someone else’s bookshelf! None of these lists are in any particular order, so feel free to cherry-pick in whichever way you like (want to read the smutty ones first? All about a specific writer? We won’t judge!). Thank you all for coming along on this adventure with us - this fandom is the absolute best!

Recs from Tumblr Readers

Little Moments by theblue-swallow (and the Lilyverse series). This story is changed to a random set of one shots from my AU. “The Dinner” being the first. Time frames may change from chapter to chapter. (Rated T)

Kick Off by Sassasam. They stayed for the match from kick off to conclusion but neither of them had sport of that nature on their minds. (Rated M)

Twenty Questions by Sassasam. Phryne and Jack’s first time together proves to be an interrogation as much as it is an assignation. (Rated E)

The Search by Sassasam. Takes place during the events of Murder a la Mode. At the House of Fleuri Jack must search Phryne for the missing Aubergine pearls. (Rated T)

Days of Jade, Nights of Onyx by Elliott Silver. A pastiche of scenes from Jack and Phryne’s newest joint venture. Where there is an ending, there is also a beginning. (Rated M)

You Always Surprise Me Don’t Ever Stop (collection) by RakishAngle (afterdinnerminx). Three works. (Rated variously)

A Lack of Pretense by mardia. He leans into her hand, and murmurs, “So you found me. Thought you would.” Phryne’s throat is too tight for her to speak at first, but she eventually manages to smile. “Yes. Of course I did.” (Rated T)

Inappropriate by PromisesArePieCrust. Liquor-loosened tongues. Season 2. And alternate ending. (Rated M)

Speechless by PromisesArePieCrust. A short break from City that Works this week for some fluffflufffluff, romanceromanceromance, with my favorite trope of all time, kissing in the rain. (Rated T)

A Grown Man by LadyRoxie. Jack’s had a rough day… Kissing Miss Fisher was just the start. (Rated E)

The Unexpected Perks of Knotting a Tie by xfphile. He really, *really* needed to start thinking things through before he opened his mouth. (Rated E)

The Next Morning by pulpriter. “And then what happens?” pulpriter’s feeling puckish–and so are Jack and Phryne. (Not rated)

Interpretation by pulpriter. Filling in the blanks for Jack. (Not rated)

Authenticity by Fire_Sign. A smutty, drabbley ficlet for the first PFF. (Rated M)

Just This Once by leafingbookstea. The twin brother I created on Tumblr gets his story - ONE TIME ONLY (Not rated)

Dance Me to the End of Love by leafingbookstea. Phryne and Jack and one last dance. (Rated T)

Too Wise to Woo Peaceably by flashofthefuse. After Phryne left for England, Jack did not follow, but attempted to woo her from a distance with unsatisfactory results. Phryne returns to Melbourne and the two of them stumble as they work to reestablish their connection, with some assistance from well meaning friends. (Rated M)

Strange Capers by Fire_Sign. Two years ago, Phryne Fisher returned her father to England; Jack hasn’t seen her since. At least until he arrives at his latest crime scene and spies a very familiar figure crouching over the body… (Rated M)

Angles and Positions by Dispatch22705. 25 drabbles, one posted each day from now until Christmas. Sexy Jack and Phryne times, each one 100 words and featuring a different angle or position. (Rated E)

The Betrayal of Memory by TheHonorableMrsMcCarthy. Set after the events of Cocaine Blues. Jack is at home processing his day. (Rated M)

We’ll Build Our Alter Here by youspeakmysoul. Jack was ignoring her, surely he would see that breaking and entering was her only viable option. (Rated E)

When His Pants Begin to Go by missingMelbs. Jack is here to do some gardening. Phryne is drooling. Fate intervenes. (Rated T)

Mock Turtle by jasbo. Phryne sipped her cocktail and scanned the room, wondering how long it would be before she could leave. She would say this for literary parties: the alcohol was excellent. (Rated Gen)

The Green-Eyed Monster by PhrancesP. Phryne feels a bit inadequate compared to St. Kilda’s voluptuous new widow. (Not Rated)

What the Water Gave Me by missrainydays. Surrendering was not something that Detective Inspector Jack Robinson was accustomed to doing, but the ocean made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. (Rated T)

The Messenger by girldetective. The mark was placed with calculated precision. Low enough on the neck that the bearer would think it hidden by his collared shirt, high enough that it would be revealed when he turned his head to beckon the waiter. (Rated T)

A Moment in Queenscliff by Sassasam. A single moment told from two different but strangely similar points of view. (Rated T)

Wise Gifts by Blacksquirrel. If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be. (Rated E)

The Female Gaze by Sarahtoo. Five times Jack Robinson was caught in the shower and one time he acted on it. (Rated E)

Then the Sky Will Seem More Blue by meldanya. During World War II, Dot and her family start a new project. (Rated T)

He Calls Her Beautiful by LadyRoxie. He calls her many things when she is Miss Fisher. (Not rated)

An Abbotsford Man by Sarahtoo. Phryne and Dot bring refreshments to a pick-up footy game. (Rated T)

500 Words You Should Know: 422. Rubenesque by JackPhryne4eva. Dottie undresses on her wedding night. (Rated T)

Chaff and Grain Together by gaslightgallows. Even the most amazing and wonderful of detectives can be laid low by a cold. (Rated G)

Undercover Escort by PlayfulMay. Jack goes undercover as an escort to the persuasive Miss Fisher. (Rated M)

Sweltering by Collingwoodgirl. Melbourne is suffocating under a heat wave. Phryne uses the Inspector’s weakened state to her advantage. (Rated M)

And I Do Lift My Aching Arms to You by gaslightgallows. A simple diversionary tactic turns into something a little more involved, when an undercover Phryne and Jack have to allay the suspicions of their fellow party-goers. (Rated E)

The Worrying Kind by whopooh. Jack Robinson is a worrier and Phryne Fisher hasn’t appeared in his minimal office for more than ten days. What has happened? Why does Dot Williams seem to feel guilty about it? And does innocent Hugh understand more than people give him credit for? Part of The SmitCoin Challenge. (Rated G)

A Bed for My Friends by gaslightgallows. Jack sits down to breakfast with one of Phryne’s lovers. Or rather, several of them. (Rated T)

To See Each Other Whole Against the Sky by Sassasam. Someone is sending Phryne Fisher gifts. It is a mystery she wants to solve as soon as possible. (Rated E)

Not (yet?) completed: Coded Expressions by Sarahtoo; Addicted by Dispatch22705; Jessa Called Jay by Elliott Silver; Paint Chips by divingbell; Phracking Fridays by PromisesArePieCrust; When in Rome by satin_swallow; Marked by Fire_Sign.

Had to Get a Second Copy

(Or: recs that were already on the Bookshelf)

Finally by Evendale. What if Aunt Prudence had not interrupted that fateful moment in episode 12? An exploration of Jack and Phryne’s relationship, mostly bedroom-related :) Each chapter has a different theme, so they can be read more or less separately. (Rated E)

Death at the Warrny by Miss_Lilian. Jack gets the thighs out… in the line of duty, of course! (Rated T)

The Wager by soupsouffle. Jack makes a wager with Phryne. Fluffy, smutty romping ensues. (Rated E)

The Cream in My Coffee by Sassasam. Modern AU; Cafe 1928 is the hippest dining destination in Melbourne, but when Phryne Fisher moves in across the road, things will never be the same again. (Rated E)

City that Works by PromisesArePieCrust. Modern AU with role reversal. Set in Chicago. (Rated M)

Ulumbarra by Idolatrous. Phryne is receiving death threats, and Jack does what it takes to keep her safe. (Rated M)

Lucifers to Light by gaslightgallows. Bert intercepts Jack at the engagement party in “Murder in the Dark” before Phryne does. (Rated E)

I Ask No Man Pardon by TheHonorableMrsMcCarthy. An unexpected friendship between Rosie and Phryne forms, which leads to an unexpected journey of personal discovery. (Rated E)

You Asked For It by gaslightgallows. 400 drabbles strong and still going, every pairing you’ve ever thought of, and some you’d never guess. (Rated M overall, but many are Gen/T level)

But Not Out of Mind and its sequel Kiss of Death: A Sydney Interlude by Francophilly. Phryne and Jack have gone their separate ways, but what happens when they’re out of sight? (Rated M)

A Series of Optical Illusions by Fahye. Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences. (Rated M)

The God Abandons Antony by counterfog. At its base, this is about Jack and Phryne’s first time. But it’s more than that. (Rated E)

Under a London Sky by theblue_swallow. She breathed in sharply when she saw him and she immediately felt her heart rate quicken. She gripped her bag tighter, forcing herself to calm down. She was a grown woman. She had had enough men to be calm about this, mature about this. (Rated M)

A Glass Splinter (aka SuperAngst) by Fire_Sign. What if Henry Fisher hadn’t inherited the barony? (Rated M)

There Are Bluebirds Over by Sassasam. It’s 1940, and Phryne and Jack meet again during WWII. (Rated M)

The Gift by Heavyheadedgal. Mr. Butler prepares for Miss Fisher’s return. (Rated Gen)

They Tell A Story by TheEyeOfTheOncomingStorm. Inspired by Illusion of Freedom by Yeoyou. Soulmate AU. Jack’s POV.  (Rated T)

All Sorrows Are Less With Bread by Sarahtoo. Concetta finds her happy ending. (Rated E)

The Melody Lingers On by meldanya. Jack and Phryne’s marriage has crumbled. Can they put it back together? (Rated M)

Fighting Vainly the Old Ennui by Fahye. In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief. (Rated T)

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