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Gotham Mysteries: Harley Quinn is supposed to show up at the end of the season, and she’s supposed to be someone we already know. But who? Here are a few possibilities:

1. Dr. Leslie Thompkins -Pro: She’s interacted with Jerome, and they have chemistry. She’s a practicing therapist, who’s worked at Arkham, and has a history of being a risk taker who gets involved with violent men. Con: She’s quite a bit older than Jerome.
2. Barbara Kean- Pro: She’s worked with Jerome, she’s a criminal, and she’s unstable. Con: She’s also older than Jerome.
3.Silver St. Cloud- She comes from a family of criminals, she’s tough as nails, and Jerome worked for her Uncle. She’s the right age. Con: None as yet, but would she strike sparks with Jerome?
4. Jeri-Pro: An important figure in the Jerome Cult. Con: Again, a major age difference.
5. The Bank Teller-Pro: Admires criminals. Appeared in “Red Hood” episode. She’s the right age. Con: A peripheral character with one brief appearance.
6. Back from the dead- Pro: Anyone who’s dead is fair game; Kristen/Isabella is one example. Since Jerome is reanimated, why shouldn’t Harley be? Con: Depends on who they reanimate.
7. Dr. Marks- Pro: A psychiatrist who hates the wealthy elite, she sent her patients out to kill the rich and create chaos. Con: Another peripheral character, and another age difference.
8. Random Cheerleader- Pro: She would be the right age. Con: She, or any other random “background” character, doesn’t qualify as someone we already know-unless they stretch that definition.

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Welcome to Whale Week! This week we’ll be bringing you photos and information about the whales that call national marine sanctuaries home. 

This is Salt, one of the most famous humpback whales in the world today. She was first spotted in Massachusetts Bay in the 1970s, and has been seen in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary just about every year since then. She was one of the first northern humpback whales to be recognized at breeding grounds at Silver Bank off the coast of the Dominican Republic, providing proof of the humpback whale migratory route in the North Atlantic. 

Salt has had 14 calves and many grandchildren – and in 2014, she became a great-grandmother! She appears to be a leader among her peers, often diving and resurfacing before others when in a group of feeding whales. 

(Photo: Laura Howes)

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Your right hand is clasped around your left wrist behind your back, feet in the at-ease position out of habit. Your (h/c) hair is in a neat, low bun, with your hat on top of your head. Over the past tree years, your uniform has become your most comfortable outfit. But right now, your face does not display comfort. 

It displays worry. “I just sent the message up to Bruce, he should be down in about a minute,” Tony says. You take a deep breath and nod your head in thanks. One minute until you see your father again. After three years. 

 The elevator beeps much sooner than you anticipated, and you flinch. The redhead-Natasha-places a reassuring hand on your shoulder. You give her a tight-lipped smile as a thanks, then turn your gaze back to Stark Tower’s elevator bank. The silver doors slide open.   

He’s still as small as you remember, though now he’s an inch shorter than you. You had no idea you grew. Other than the few gray strands in his dark hair and some wrinkles, he looks exactly the same. You smile when you see the same pair of glasses he’s had for years perched on the end of his nose. 

 "What is it now, Tony? I just-“ Bruce cuts himself off when he sees you. ”(y/n)?“ 

 You smile sheepishly. "Hi, dad." 

Your father’s mouth is still half-open when he briefly looks at Natasha and Tony, who smile at him encouragingly. He swallows nervously, then takes the last couple of steps toward you. 

He takes your face in his hands and strokes your cheeks with his thumbs. "You’ve grown." 

You laugh through the tears. "You haven’t.” And then you allow your resolve to break, and you’re pulled into your father’s arms. Tears flow freely yet silently down your face, and when you pull him closer, you smile at his familiar smell. You’ve missed that smell. 

Tony leans over to Natasha and whispers: “This is touching.” She smacks his shoulder. “What?" 

Bruce pulls away first, and he smiles and taps your hat. "New uniform." 

You nod. "A lot has changed since I left. Including a promotion." 

He beams. "That’s my girl." 

"Discuss it over dinner?"