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Real Cool- William Magnusson Imagine

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   Tease and cool were the words William Magnusson used to describe Y/N Y/L/N, and the rest of Hartvig Nissen couldn’t really blame him. She had exuded confidence ever since she slinked out of a silver Aston Martin Vanquish her first day of school, wearing a vintage black Gucci jacket with a graphic tiger emblazoned on the back and some of the tightest jeans Oslo had ever seen. She kept a small smirk on her red pout and her mirrored round sunglasses accentuated how unimpressed she looked. It only took seconds for all the boys to fall head over heels for the first year transfer, but William knew that the only guy who could get with Y/N at his school was him. He was the most desired boy in school and definitely the richest, so why wouldn’t Y/N want to go out with him? Well, he got his answer quickly when during break period that day, she wound up befriending Vilde, Noora, Sana, Chris, and Eva while chain smoking. 

    Though William had apologized to Vilde for treating her badly, Noora still loathed him and would probably paint a bad picture of him for Y/N and he couldn’t have that

    “Good luck getting with her now, William,” Chris said through a laugh.

    “I don’t need luck.”

    Oddly enough, the closer William got to the group of girls, the more his confidence grew. Noora was the first one to notice him when he got close to them.

   “Hello, ladies,” William said.

   “Hi,” Vilde said almost immediately.

   The others were more casual while Noora glared a hole into him. Y/N seemed to look through him behind those mirrored glasses of hers and William definitely didn’t appreciate that.

    “What do you want, Wilhelm?” Noora asked.

    “Well, I would like to give your new friend a proper welcome to Hartvig by inviting all of you to the Penetrators party tonight,” William said.

   By the looks on the girls’ faces, it was obvious they were in but Y/N’s expression remained straight. Slowly, Y/N uncrossed her legs and stood before blowing a mouthful of smoke in William’s general direction, “The new friend has a name.”

   “What is it?”


   “It fits.”

   “Why? Because it matches with my beautiful face and body?”

   William hesitated and the girls around Y/N looked at each other with astonished expressions, except for Noora, who looked impressed. “Excuse me?”
   “I’ve been fed that pickup line more times than I can count.”

   “Who said I was trying to hit on you?”

    “Your eyes; you’ve been using them to undress me since I got here,” Y/N said matter-of-factly. “It’s fine, really, but if you wanted to talk to me, you didn’t have to use my bus as an excuse—just talk to me.”

    William couldn’t fight the smile working his way onto his lips. “Wow.”
    “What? Why are you smiling at me like that?” Y/N asked, running a hand through her smooth y/h/c locks.

     “Because you just became even more attractive to me.”

     Eva, Chris, and Vilde made audible gasps while Sansa only smirked and Noora rolled her eyes. Y/N’s strong expression faltered for a split second and William knew that she was surprised by his response. She would be his soon enough, no matter how hard she was going to make him.

    “I will see you tonight,” William said.


    That night, William tried to remain as calm as possible during the party, which was in full swing by midnight. Everyone was drinking, grinding, or making out already but in the midst of it all, Y/N wasn’t there. 

    “Still confident that she’ll come?” Chris yelled over Rihanna’s “S&M”.

    “Yes,” William said before sipping some of his whiskey.

    “Oh please,” William and Chris turned to see Noora and Eva approaching them, “Y/N’s way out of your league, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t show,” the blonde girl said.

    “Are you jealous, Noora?” William teased.

   “Why should I be? There’s nothing to be jealous of.”

   William shook his head as Eva and Chris “oohed” jokingly. “Keep telling yourself that.”

    He pushed his way past them and began weaving through the crowd, looking for the new transfer student. He kept telling himself that Y/N and he were in the same league, but maybe they weren’t. Maybe, for once in his life, William was reaching for a girl that was out of his league—–she did speak four languages fluently, not counting Norwegian. 

    He was about to give up when the song changed to Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up”. In that moment, Y/N strolled into the apartment, wearing a fitted cobalt blue knit sweater, a black leather miniskirt, and patent leather Doc Martens. Her hair was stylishly messy and her striking y/e/c eyes were highlighted by cat eye eyeliner. She glanced around for a moment before her eyes settled on William.

    “You look…nice, Y/N,” William said.

    “Thanks. You have anything to drink?”

    “Yeah, sure!”

    William nearly winced at how eager he sounded as he walked Y/N over to the drinks area. Fortunately, Eva was busy making out with Chris; Girl Chris was flirting with some brunette guy; and Vilde and Noora were dancing on a couch so none of them could interrupt them. He grabbed a bottle of Patron from one of the top cabinets and poured half of it into a glass for her.

    “Here,” William said.

    “Thanks,” Y/N said, before sipping the tequila. “How did you know I like tequila?”

    “People talk.”

     “And we are friends on Instagram,” William said.

     “Oh.” Y/N raised her eyebrows as she took another long swig. “Keep the tequila coming and we can talk more about how much my Instagram feed told you about me.”


    About three drinks later, Y/N slyly grabbed William’s hand and made him dance with her in front of everyone. She danced smoothly and on beat and it helped that William wasn’t a terrible dancer either. They danced for about four songs and whenever William could get her close enough, he would whisper different things about her into her ear. Nothing too flirty, but just enough to be a tease himself.

    “While that is true, it’s only showing that you know only the most basic facts about me.” Y/N spun around to smirk at him, but there was an unmistakable spark in her eyes.

    William pulled her close again, “Really? I know that you have a tattoo.”

   “Three actually.” She paused from dancing to show him the small tattoo of a wolf’s face etched onto her left pointer finger. “I promise I got this one before Cara Delevigne so I started the trend, really.” Then, she flashed him the inside of her left wrist, where Ciao, Bella was written in pretty font. “And this one was purely out of irony.”

    “But that’s only two,” William said.

    “If we can go somewhere private, I can show you the third.”

    This was too easy and in retrospect, William shook his head at himself as he cockily grabbed Y/N’s hand and led her to the bedrooms, earning knowing winks and thumbs ups from his fellow Penetrators. When Y/N pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, it took everything for the older boy not to smirk.

    “This last one is the first one I ever got,” Y/N began pulling up her sweater, “and I had to get it in a smart place or my parents would’ve freaked.”

    “Of course.”

    “It kind of represents me and my family in a way, I guess.” Y/N’s shirt was halfway up her torso, revealing more skin to William’s greedy eyes.

    William’s hands rested on her hips, his thumbs began massaging the muscles there in circles. “At least it has meaning.”

    “Meaning is subjective because all of my tattoos have meanings.”

    Y/N kept her eyes on him as her shirt inched higher and higher above her body. Just as William could see a sliver of ink on the front of her left ribs, the door swung open.

    “Y/N, Eva’s sick!” Girl Chris exclaimed.

     “She’ll be out in a minute.” 

     “No, I better go now, she is my friend.”

    William gritted his teeth as Y/N swiftly tucked her sweater back into her skirt and slipped off his lap. She smiled like a Cheshire cat as she followed Girl Chris out of the room.

     “Until next time?”

     And that was when William knew that Y/N would be the death of him because though she was completely irresistible, she had this way of drawing him in before kicking him away. For the next couple of months, this game of theirs would continue: Y/N would act cool towards William in front of everyone and tease him at parties or bars. She never kissed him or went far with him though other students at Hartvig Nissen thought otherwise. Her bus group would help her stop rumors though whenever Y/N even looked at the gossiping students, they would cease speaking. She commanded power not only over him but over everyone. Though Y/N’s hold over him was intoxicating, William was growing tired of her games and he brought it up with her at school, during passing period. She was walking downstairs while he was going upstairs.

    “Hello, William,” she said.

    “Y/N,” William gently grabbed her arm and pulled her aside, “we need to talk.”

    “About what?”

    “Don’t play dumb. We need to talk about us. I am done being jerked around by you and while I am all up for the hard to get game, you’re just playing with me.”

    Y/N blinked. “Playing with you? William, I was just having fun and I thought you were too.” 

   “This is hardly my idea of fun,” William said.

   “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, all right? But I shouldn’t be messing around with you anyway—I have a boyfriend.”

   William shouldn’t have been surprised: Y/N was gorgeous, smart, loyal, and fearless. Knowing all this didn’t make his chest sting less though. “Oh.”

   “Yeah, he’s actually in town tonight with his band, the Villains. The girls and I are going and you can come if you’re interested.”

   “I don’t know.”

   “It’s open bar and you might get it on an herbal refreshment,” Y/N teased.

   “I’ll think about it.”

   “I’ll leave your name at the door. See you around.”

   “See you.”

   That conversation made it even harder for William to focus in math the next period. How was he supposed to focus on different equations when he could be meeting Y/N’s boyfriend in a few hours? Besides, wasn’t it a strange situation for William to be in anyway? On the other hand, he was curious to know just what the guy who had stolen Y/N’s heart was like and free drinks and drugs were included. Maybe he would go. Y/N was the first girl to give William such a headache from thinking so much.

   That night, when William was about to text Y/N just when and where the Villains gig was, he received a text from an unmarked number saying : Hard Rock Hotel, 1 AM, be there.

   If that wasn’t a clue to how insane the evening would be, William didn’t know what was. When he got to the famous bar, it was packed with mostly women wearing thin sweater, tight jeans, or short skirts along with heavy makeup. The few men there were either bouncers or friends/boyfriends of the girls who wanted to be groupies and they couldn’t have looked more bored. Y/N was fairly easy to spot: she was sitting at the bar, sipping a tequila sunrise and nodding at something Sansa was saying next to her. William made his way through the crowd over to her. Noora, Eva, and Vilde were talking about bus business a few feet away from Sana and Y/N while Chris was flirting with the bartender. Y/N smirked and sat up when she saw William.

    “Hi, Stranger,” she said. 


    “You invited him?” Sansa asked.

    “Guys need free drinks too.” Y/N handed him a beer. “Plus, he’ll help distract all these wannabe groupies.”

     “Glad I could be of help.”

     “So, how big are they?” Sansa asked.

     “Well, they’re pretty well-known in England since they are from London but someone called them the new Arctic Monkeys,” Y/N said.

    “And your boyfriend is…”

    “Jack Cash and, yes, that is his real name.”

    “Are you telling the story of how you met your boyfriend?” Vilde asked excitedly.

    Y/N shrugged. “I can but it is a pretty short story: I met him in a burger place in Camden Town and we argued over whether John Lennon’s death was a conspiracy. He asked me out after that.”

    “Very romantic,” Eva teased.

     “Very.” Y/N took a long swig of her drink.

     Finally, the Villains took the stage and after getting a look of Jack, it was obvious why Y/N was dating him: he was tall, olive-skinned, and though he had an athletic build, the black Runaways tank top he wore showed off his muscular arms. He had the coolest tattoo sleeves out of the rest of the band members and his hair was shaved on the sides but fell against his forehead like black ink. He had a strong jaw and piercing amber eyes.

     “You are such a lucky girl,” Noora said just before they started playing their new song.

     Y/N smirked while sipping her drink. The Villains’ songs were bass-heavy rock and though most of the people in the crowd stuck to jumping around, Y/N simply bobbed her head and sipped her drink. However, William noticed how intently Y/N stared at Jack only to have the lead singer only glance at her a few times. She would look down at the drink in her hands occasionally but she refused to look too sad. In the middle of the set, Y/N whispered something to Sansa before disappearing into the crowd. William didn’t even have a chance to worry because Y/N returned a minute later, wearing a black backstage pass around her neck and carrying six more in her hands. Immediately, Noora, Vilde, Eva, and Girl Chris returned from the crowd.

    “Are those what I think they are?” Eva asked.

    “Backstage passes for all of you.” She gladly handed one to each of her friends and when she got to William she whispered in his ear, “You’ll get your refreshment backstage.”


    In spite of himself, he managed a small smile for Y/N. It was weird how upset he was about her boyfriend and how much he wanted to keep a good face for her.

    At the end of the show, Y/N led them all backstage into the world of a band. Smoke was everywhere and there were tons of people walking around. Girl Chris and Eva made a beeline for the snack table while Noora, Sana, Vilde, and William acted normal while Y/N showed them around. Finally, they got to the black leather couch where the band members of the Villains were sitting, smoking, and talking to three of their new groupies.

    “Y/N,” they said.

    “Hey, guys, these are my friends, Vilde, Sana,Noora, and William,” Y/N said.

    “Since when did you have guy friends?” Jack demanded.

    “Since now,” Y/N shot back, obviously annoyed.

    “Uh oh, couple’s quarrel coming in,” the blonde drummer teased as he handed Y/N his joint, “Come on, relax.”

    Y/N kept a steady eye on Jack as she took a long drag of her joint before handing it to William. The tension between the couple was obvious and William couldn’t help but feel a little happy about that.

    “Jack!” a petite girl with lavender hair sat on Jack’s lap and proceeded to stick her tongue down his throat. 

    Jack reacted immediately by groping her and kissing her back, making sure to slide his hand up under her thin white wife beater she wore with black leather leggings. When she pulled away, she turned to face Y/N and her friends, displaying a silver nose ring. 

     “Who are these people?” she asked in a high pitched Birmingham accent.

     “Babe, this is Y/N Y/L/N, she’s a good friend of mine and she brought her friends to support us. Y/N, this is Orchid, my girlfriend.”

     “Hi, how long have you two been together?” Y/N asked in her smooth American accent.

   “Three years. We’ve been doing long distance and I’m studying here in Oslo so I came to surprise him!” Orchid said.

    “How nice?”

    Most girls would’ve started screaming, throwing things around, or even try to fight Jack or Orchid, but Y/N truly wasn’t most girls. Instead, she remained calm. When William handed the joint to her, she not only took it, but wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and smooth and though there weren’t any fireworks, there was definitely something there as William kissed back. Y/N pulled away and took a long drag of the joint, drinking in the wide eyes and even the glare she was getting from Jack.

    “You were right, Jack, I don’t have any male friends. This is William, my boyfriend. We’ve been dating nearly since I got here,” Y/N said. “Isn’t that right, William?”

    William wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist. “Yes.”

    “Good for you,” Jack said through gritted teeth.

     “Well, we really must be going now. Nice meeting you Orchid.”

     But Y/N didn’t wait for a reply as she turned and walked through the backstage exit with William in tow as well as the other girls following.

    “That was amazing!” Noora exclaimed. “The look on his face was everything.”

    “Yeah, you are my hero!” Vilde agreed.

    “Thanks,” Y/N said, but her tone was a lot lower than usual.

    “Are you all right?” William asked.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. He’s just some Alex Turner slash Zayn Malik wannabe. They couldn’t even buy a slot at Coachella anyway.” 

     William nodded but he could tell that Y/N was hurt by the way her eyes drooped and her pout became more prominent. “I could beat him up for you.”

    “Really? You’d get in a fight for me?”

    “You just have to ask.”

    Fortunately, the other girls were too far behind to hear their conversation. 

    “How chivalrous of you, William, but he isn’t worth it. I only knew him for about six months anyway. Sorry about kissing you like that.”

    “No, it’s fine, do it any time.”

    Y/N chuckled and William raised an eyebrow. “Don’t bet on it, but, thanks for playing along with it.”

    “A girl like you doesn’t deserve to be embarrassed by anyone, especially that guy,” William said.

    Y/N smiled, a genuine smile and it was just for William. “William, I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

    “Or something more.”

    Even though Y/N didn’t respond verbally, the coy look on her face gave him enough hope. 

other writers: “he got into his Porsche” / “she parked her black BMW” / “they took seats in the Lamborghini” / “he drove his Jeep” / “he was waiting inside his silver Aston Martin”

me: she was driving a nice red car

other writers: “Georgian” / “Italianate” / “Victorian style” / “colonial style” / “Romanesque” / “lodge-style”

me: it’s a house. with two stories. and windows.

Bungou Stray Dogs: Another Story

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Here we go, the first part of chapter 2! It’s now being narrated by our lovely Tsujimura – who, by the way, is an absolute angel.

[ Chapter 2 (part 1): Before the Special Abilities Division’s Secret Base ]

My bangs looked nice, I thought.

Reflected within the car window was myself, pinching and lifting up pieces of hair from my bangs. Because of my hair and eyes, I put a lot of effort into my appearance.

I’m alright. I’m perfectly fine. There’s no way in hell a special ability criminal can oppose a frightening agent. I’m perfectly fine.

I was in the back-door parking lot of the library. It was deadly quiet. Aside from a few older people here and there, there was no one to be seen. This is natural. This is a top secret government facility. An information collection base under direct control of the Ministry of Home Affairs, my superior summoned me here to this facility.

Though publicly seen as just a library in the mountains, if you were to look carefully enough, the security was tight and every guard held a sub-machine gun hidden under their pouch.

I, Tsujimura, am a person formerly affiliated with this facility – a non-public organization of the Ministry of Home Affairs… and now, an agent of the Secret Military’s Special Abilities Division.

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Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition, 2015. To celebrate over 50 years of Aston Martin-driving James Bonds and previewing the release of Spectre, the latest James Bond film, a special edition of 150 cars based on the DB9 GT. The 6.0-litre V12-engined grand tourer features unique Spectre Silver paint; sterling silver Aston Martin badges front and rear; and discreet ‘007 Bond Edition’ exterior badging