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Hello! I finished my Unsounded fanart entry for the contest! Before midnight there I think! It’s been a while since I put more than 10h on a drawing, but I think it was worth it!! I’m excited to see everyone entries. I chose Duane and Lady Ilganyag (did I get it right??) for this one. My last fanart was this one: which I did less than 2 years ago when I was 16- 

Drawing the eels was probably the best part of it. I wanted to draw more but they broke the composition, so I had to stick with these three. It’s mostly inspired by Chapter 10 with all that silver as a frame, the tittybird in the background and the red all over the place~

Also, an extra discarded sketch:

Dilutions: Silver

Silver is a dominant dilution, so one copy has the same effect as two copies in regards to color. It is an interesting dilution in that it only effects black pigment. The mane, tail and legs on a bay will be diluted with the body a normal shafe of red. Silver black horses will be diluted all over with the mane and tail being much lighter than the body. 

Silver is also associated with an eye condition called MCOA. Homozgyous Silver (particularly in gaited breeds) causes cycts in the eyes, although mostly harmless, some gaited breeds have had severally effected equines and advise not to breed silver to silver. Aussies refer to silver as “Taffy”. Interestingly enough, Silver is extremely common in halflingers, but, the breed is entirely made up of red individuals so its presence is only seen when outcrossed with a bay or black based stallion. 

Red carrying Silver: ee __ Z_ (Visually a normal red)

Silver Bay: E_A_Z_

Silver Black (aka Silver dapple): E_aa Z_ 


Follow You pt. 12

Summary: Bucky Barnes thought that ‘going under’ would be best for him. He thought that entering himself into a comatose would diffuse the war that waged within his mind every time he closed his eyes. When it doesn’t work, he’s back at square one, and Tony Stark enlists the help of New York’s brightest and most ambitious psychologist in order to help the newest member of the team.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4,291

A/N: Before you read this, I want to let you know something: first of all, you guys are honestly the best. Second, because you are the best, I hope that you’ll be more understanding that the community was by the time they got to the end of this chapter.

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“Merry Christmas, doll.”

Her eyes fluttered open at the sound of his voice. His arm was draped over her side, holding her flush against him; his mouth peppered kisses over her bare shoulder. Her heart beat quickened and a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. His stubbled chin tickled her skin, and she could feel the goosebumps forming and the hair on her arms stand up.

It was snowing. The city was covered in a layer of white as tiny snowflakes fell from the grey skies. At least an inch had already piled up on the outside of her window. Frost glazed over her window panes, but she was completely warm; her bed was like a small island, and Bucky was the sun. For the moment, there was no where else she’d rather be.

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