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If you had to be stranded on a desert island for a month with one Black Sails character and two props/things from the show (no boats or ships!), who and what would you pick? And how do you think it would go?

MORE STUFF! Timing has pretty much been established and I’m quite pleased! Still need to just clean stuff up and add in some details. I have NO idea what I’m gonna do about silver’s hair :[

(Yeah, also what’s the etiquette on posting WIP updates? It hasn’t been that long. Should I reply to the existing posts and add on, or is a new post like this cool? Or no precedent? Also, anyone know any good animation tutorials or classes? :P <3 )


Repainting Faux-Leather bags/accessories

This is a tutorial of how I made my Weiss Schnee satchel , using a bag I got from Good-Will.(photo of Weiss Schee bag for reference)

Top photo: The supplies you will need for this project.

- Rubbing alcohol( I used 50% because its what I had on hand, but 20-90% should work just fine as well)

 -Cotton balls(number needed variety depending on the size of your bag, I used three for this clutch)

-Paint, in the color’s you want your bag to be(in the photo there is tan, black, silver, pearl, and white, to achieve this look)

-Clean make-up sponges(or paint sponges, up to you)

-This wasn’t in the photo, my apologizes, but a seam ripper and/or scissors will also be needed.

 -Another missing item from my photo is a sealer/finish. I used a liquid mog-podge, in matte finish, but that’s just personal preference.

Photo(s) 2-4: (2)Front view, (3)back view, (4)inside view


1. Remove any piece that are not wanted for your bags look using a seam ripper, such as a zippers, tassels, handles, straps, etc. I would only use scissors if you have to, because you can ruin a piece by cutting the wrong seam.

2. Soak your cotton balls in the alcohol and clean you fax-leather bag completely. Make sure you get all creases, nooks, seam-lines, and over lapping fabric, any oil/dirty left on your piece can ruin your paint job.

3. Apply your first coat. Your paint needs to be either acrylic/leather paint. You will probably need multi-coats of your base if your are changing the color drastically, like from black to white. Use a very opaque color as a base( I used tan because it’s my most opaque color and its a neutral)

4. Keep layering your base coat until you can’t see the original color of the bag, using your sponges. Let it dry from between 10-15 min. in between coats.

5. Once you achieve complete coverage move on to your main color. Layer this color as well until its fully covered, then let dry over night.

6. Once completely dry apply your sealer/finish to your satisfaction/direction of your finish.

Note: Feel free to use painters tape to cover an area that you don’t want painted, such as a clip/decoration.


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when you’re reminded that you cheated on your 30 boyfriends with gold so you’re on the verge of tears but you get signals from your husband that he lowkey knows and is disappointed so you decide to own up to your mistake at the earliest convenient opportunity (i. e. when you’re both on the brink of death and you take him out on a date to check out a whale’s corpse)