silver and aluminium mirror

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re: re: the silver thing: it's also why vampires don't have reflections- the silver in a mirror is what makes it reflective. not all mirrors have silver in them, though, as aluminium and some other metals can also be used. so, technically this would mean pete does have a reflection in some mirrors and not in others. idk why I know all this lmao

this is so interesting thank you for sharing. i wish i had known this earlier!

@tealroots Great alternatives from when a silver mirror just wont work for you: Aluminium mirror, the shiny side of a steel knife, or a piece of black paper in a photoframe (but seriously, glass over black paper works like a mirror it’s great)

@m-rbid I KNOW Some people just don’t know enough about vampire lore and it’s a travesty; that’s how we end up with sparkly twilight shit