maskedmanlucas  asked:

Hey i really love your sonic!bill and i wondered if you could draw silver!bill or shadow!bill (its up to you)

I actually have drawn a Silver!Bill before! Sort of. He’s basically my Sonic!Bill’s brother. My Sonic!Bill has come to be known as Goldie. His brother is known as Platinum! Or Numi (said ‘nummy’) for short. Goldie bosses him around a lot so he’s rather timid.

As for a Shadow!Bill, well, I haven’t really one of my own but my friend @thebluedork does~ I may have to doodle that loser being a jerk to Numi sometime just to watch Goldie get annoyed. Hehe~

(Oh, and Platinum may be timid but if he sees reason to use his powers, watch out~ )