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My entry for the “It’s a Date!” Splatoon Fanzine, featuring sapphic w|w couples! What that means is lesbian couples including nonbinary women and female-coded women! (Basically IF YOU’RE A GIRL, THEN IT’S FO’ YOU)


Featuring @evora-flux ‘s Lucy with my character Comet. For a while, Lucy’s been really unsure about how she felt towards Comet (there was clearly some attraction going on. Look at those abs.) (This comic was also his idea.)

And then I joked about “girlfriend bazooka”. And then “wait ARE they girlfriends?”
“… I gUESS?”
bam. girlfriends.

Comet is Nonbinary. She/Her is fine but THEY/THEM IS PREFERRED
you get extra credit if you refer to them right.

Do NOT Edit, Reupload, or Repost!

“Ya ready for a SPLASH DOWN, kid?!”

The Splatoon 2 trailer gave us a lot of hype for sure, and while the TentaMissiles(name still in progress) looks really cool, I think we’re all too busy making overwatch jokes to see the true potential of the Splashdown. What would happen if you stack it with Stealth Jump or Quick Jump?

I can’t wait to cause some destruction~


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Seastars!

(( A day late, but better late than never, eh? Plus I wanted to spend a lot of effort on these, ahaha! 

Valentine’s Day may be a day to celebrate romantic love, but platonic and familiar love are just as important! Don’t got a date? Invite your best friend instead! Or a sibling! Or both! There’s no shame about it at all, you’re spending the day not being alone. ))

Art Prompt: First snowfall

The family was driving home from a vacation trip and it was a long drive through the night
Sinker couldn’t sleep, she didn’t know what time it was, but she noticed something on the window
it was snowflakes
“Have you ever seen the snow fall?” her mother asked. Sinker and her brother looked out the window and stared at the scene. They’ve played in the snow many times, but never saw where it came from. All that went through Sinker’s mind was something she learned in school, that each snowflake was different.

Not shown: The window was partially opened and Sinker had her hand out like an idiot, and parents rolled up the window.

Prompt with friends this time ‘round was “characters’ first snowfall”. I drew something really quick for it, it’s based off an old memory.

Bonus: Burner’s first snowfall


(( I posted dingy phone quality versions to twitter, but here’s some doodles I did a few nights ago scanned!

I edited Comet’s face out because the world isn’t ready for that yet.
Doodles of Maroon and Harpoon, and what’s this? An anemone and their seeing-eye gold fish whom belongs to @inkmixup !
Burner because Chu also told me to draw him
New Fusion sighting!? It seems Sinker and Lander decided to try something out. ))