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Supergirl 11/14/16

So part of this episode was lifted heavily from “The Thing” and felt like a badly scripted X-files episode.

The rest of it, which focused on character relationships, was good (clumsy in parts).  I feel so bad for Alex… if not Maggie, hope she finds some girlfriend to make her happy.

I really can’t stand frat boy Mon-El.  Kept wondering when will we finally be rid of him?  SPOILERS:  he gets captured by Cadmus and I hope we don’t see him again.  I will be furious with the show if they ever try to pair him up with Kara.  They need to get Kara and James back together, dammit!

On the positive side, I really liked the flip Supergirl did with her cape flowing while trying to train Mon El.

Comic Books Read 2/18/17

Black Canary (2016)-  (trades 1 and 2)  Vol 1 is like a complete movie of a rock band AU battling cosmic horror.  Starring a version of Black Canary who is more like a superpowered Debbie Harry than what you’re probably used to.  It’s weird and awesome.  Liked the art and attitude.  Vol 2 has various artists and is more like the DVD extras, with an epilogue and short tales that take place at various times in the band.  If you only get one trade, get vol 1.  The only downside is skinny Amanda Waller, but I got through it by pretending it was a woman only using her name because of the power associated with it, not Amanda herself.

Adventure Time Comics #3, 5, and 8 -  Short stories by various artists and writers set in the Adv Time universe.  #8 is a compete story with one artist about Marshall Lee (from the Fiona and Cake world) figuring out his musical genre. 

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary special-  bought this when it came out, only got around to reading it this week.  Various WW stories and images by various artist and writers, great stuff!

Lady Mechanika: La Dama de La Muerte -  mini series of Lady Mech.  Gorgeous detailed art, even more so than usual… but a sad and violent story.  The only thing recently read that although skillfully drawn, I won’t read again or keep… too tragic for me.

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts- vols 1-4.  The only manga I’m currently reading.  It deals with PTSD after a war (modeled after the USA’s Civil War), whether it affects the soldiers or the orphans and poor in places the war touched.  Also, GIANT MONSTERS.  Giant monsters who were once human soldiers that volunteered to be monsterfied to help win the war and now have PTSD.    Other than a few (not too many) instances of unnecessary fanservice, I like it.

Supergirl 2/20/2017

Good things about the episode:  The CGI fight with the ice sculpture in the fortress (the CGI can look cheap in the show, but that looked really cool), Kara having a plan to defeat Mr. Mxy on her own, Winn dating the alien lady (whose makeup reminded me of the vampires from Buffy, lol, didn’t help that she beat up demon-looking aliens either), the part in the beginning about how writing something down is a way of really saying something tying into the ending.

Middle-ground:  Maggie/Alex scenes.  Maggie shouldn’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day if she has trauma connected to it.  I had a bad thing happen to me on V-day that soured me on it for well over a decade, so I’m sympathizing with her.  I’m sorry if Alex feels let down, and it was nice of Maggie to put forward effort to make her happy, but Alex should be understanding too.

Bad:  lack of James (the season 2 writers really hate him, don’t they?), Mr.Mxy basically only being there to be an even more entitled man to make Mon-ick look slightly better in comparison (remember when this was supposed to be The Big Feminist Show?  Nothing says feminist like having an obsessed dude show up out of nowhere demanding you marry him and threatening everyone around you if you don’t.  BLAH).  Mon-ick and Karra kiss at the end *gag!*

supergirl 1/30/2017

So it wasn’t enough for the CW to break up James/Kara’s romantic relationship, now they gotta break up their friendship too?  rrrrrggh.  And for the most stereotypical Batman-like reason “I can’t condone you, normal human, for going out superheroing because you aren’t trained enough in my eyes and you might get hurt”.  Let him train at the DEO.  He randomly drops in there anyway.  Just… argh at this show.  At least they didn’t end it with FratBoy and Kara getting together, this time, but I’m dreading the day they decide to.

EDIT:  at least Miss Martian is out of jail, which she didn’t deserve to be in the first place, and she and J’onn resolved their issues and are friends now… that was the only really good part of the show tonight.

Supergirl 2/6/2017

Never thought I’d relate so much to Winn, but I also whine out “WHHHYY?!” in that same exact voice when I have to wake up for work when I’m really tired (but to my alarm clock, not my boss).

Alex missed her concert :(

Not sure if it’s romantic of family feelings between J’onn and Miss Martian, if the later I’m a little weirded out because I’m used to comics and cartoons where she’s a teenager and his niece (not actually related, but referred to that way).  I know they’re not related here either, and she’s older, not a teen, but still got that in the back of my mind.

And they continue with my NOTP of Kara/Mon-el.  boo.  BOOOOOOOOO.

Podcasts listened to 1/9/17

Still listening to podcasts at work and while I draw.  Haven’t read or watched anything lately… even though I have a small pile of DVDs by my TV and a big pile of comics and books to get to one day  *shrug*

I’m wondering if there will be a season 3 of the Black Tapes because the way season 2 ended… there might not be?

Wolf 359-  Misfits on a space station orbiting an odd star.  The first 10 episodes are mostly really goofy, like the inbetween the movie segments of MST3K… ep 11 onward starts the existential drama and action soon follows, it gets really good and I’m addicted.

EDIT:  if you listen to it, you need to listen to 1-10 first because things in them, even though it seems silly, will be referenced as part of the serious plots later on.  Also, seasons 1-3 are up, it’s returning in June for season 4 which will end Dec 25, 2017 (which will not only be the season finale, but also the series finale).

The Adventure Zone-  I love Monster Factory and crack up watching it, and this is those guys (plus their dad) playing D&D, so maybe it was a bad idea to listen to this in work and have to continually stifle laughter.  At least for the first story arc about “Gerblins”.  The other story arcs bored me and I gave up (I’m bored by D&D in general).  But that first story arc is hilarious.

Imaginary Worlds-  not fiction itself, but ABOUT fiction.  Comics, movies, books, animation, scifi, fantasy.  Not so much reviews but exploration of ideas (like Economics and Politics of Game of Thrones… did you know the dragons represent nuclear weapons?  I didn’t).  Good podcast.  Listen to it.

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia

Everyone likes to recommend The Hiketeia as the best Wonder Woman story

But no one warns you that it is DEPRESSING AS HELL.  There is no happy ending.  There is no happy anything.  So I am here.  To warn you.  Of that.

On the upside it has Wonder Woman stepping on Batman’s head and him not minding too much.  It’s right there on the cover:

watching shows about super powered girls

Watched the first episode of Supergirl.  Much better than that first trailer (the one that was like a cheesy rom-com) made it look.  Much more action that I thought they’d put in it (good!  I like my superhero shows to have action, not be mostly standing-around-talking).   The different background music also helps… the actual show background music is much more classic DC super-like.  Reminded me a little bit of the 70s/80s Superman movies.  A little dash of old school cheese and hope is actually refreshing in an era of darker based-on-comics tv shows and movies.  Bit rough in spots as far as acting/action goes, but it’s only the first episode.  Like it so far, will keep watching.  I also feel really bad for the actress portraying her getting all kinds of “sexy” comments by creeps and interviewers (and even Jeb Bush, yuck dude, you’re old enough to be her dad) and her having to defend over and over that it’s supposed to be a positive role model show for girls, not for guys to find sexy. 

I also marathoned my way through most of Star vs. the Forces of Evil over the weekend (watched the first, last, and all the important episodes, skipped over only a few).  Fun, colorful cartoon.  And I definitely knew girls like her when I was younger… not magical princesses from other dimensions, I mean hyperactive and with that kind of humor.  The show moves a little TOO fast, that’s my only criticism (I’d maybe like to read some of the text on the screen but it’s only there for a second or less).  I’m surprised it isn’t made by any of the people who worked on Courage the Cowardly Dog, the animation of some of the talking-animal monsters reminds me of it (especially Toffee)

Supergirl ep 4

watched it a day late because the Adventure Time special “Stakes” took priority for me ( I don’t have a review for that other than AWESOME so far).

Onto SG…. ohhh the melodrama.  It combined with the special effects make this show really feel like it’s from the late 90′s/early 2000′s… in both good and bad ways.

Livewire seemed more like she was there for Cat Grant character development, to take her from arrogant boss to a little more “tough love”… which I think I’m ok with.

I am so not interested in the Winn/Supergirl/Jimmy Olsen/Lucy Lane love quadrangle.  *sigh*

I am more interested in the backstory of Mr. Danvers and the DEO.

Comic Shop Trip 7/19/2013

Bought: Redhood & The Outlaws #33, Robin Rises Omega, Harley Quinn invades SDCC, Legenderry #5, All-New Soulfire #6 and Soulfire Annual #1.

A little over $20 for 6 comics, most of which I read in one afternoon… this is becoming too expensive of a hobby, really.

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I just finished reading a novel with the worst ending ever.

It was a sci-fi novel that I picked up because 1) written by two female authors about a female protagonist 2) about how being in cryogenic sleep and waking up decades later affects her life in every way (I wonder where I picked up an interest in that plot  *cough cough* ).  But it ended up going away from that plot and into a completely random direction that I didn’t sign up for, one that made me regret wasting my time.

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Batman Bad Blood

I watched it tonight.  Glad I got this one on DVD.  Of all the post-Flashpoint Bat movies, I liked this one best.  As in…I actually really liked it, whereas I had a lot of problems with the others ones.  Had a few problems with this: a tad too violent, a tad too much bad language.   Also the birds-eye view of street scenes? The buildings and cars look like such cheap CGI… I know DC can afford better.   Maybe they blow their budget on the fight coordination, which is pretty rad. 

Overall liked the movie, and would watch it again.  Mainly because of Batwoman.  I wish we could get a stand-alone movie of her story arc with her sister… but I guess something is still better than nothing.  I also liked the whole Dick/ Kate/ Luke team dynamic.    All three characters were really good in this, in my opinion.  Alfred was also rather badass.  Great sass from everyone.

DC did a fairly decent job of condensing a bunch of storylines together and I liked the outcome of this much better than the Batman Inc comics.  But if you’re going to have fights with Black Mask and lectures about the batfamily not using guns… why no Jason? 


Was violent but good.  Not a fan of what they’re doing with Ivy, and how characters with weight are either now thin or thinner (Penguin, Bullock) but other than that.  Good.  Gordon was till very Gordon, but minus the moustache and glasses which I still hope he’ll gain in a later season.  Little Bruce was perfect.  Alfred is a little gruff… but he did just lose his employers and close friends.  Little Catwoman intrigues me.  Good to see Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen.  Renee and Barbara (senior) “knowing” eachother in the past, I think we know what they means *wink*.  Fish may be an original character but she fits right in to the Bat universe.  I think they tried a little too hard to cram in intros to different future Batman villains in the first ep….  like Riddler, and that might be Joker?

I liked that they filmed in modern day New York but gave it a somewhat 70s feel with the cars and graffiti and such.

If you liked the comic books Batman Year One and Gotham Central, I think you’ll like this show, despite some changes to the mythos.

Supergirl ep 8

This is my favorite episode so far.  Badass Alex!  Resolving some issues!  Mystery of the father’s death solved.  Please be an end to the love quadrangle!  Hank Henshaw secret identity reveal!  A situation where Supergirl has to talk her way out instead of using violence (which I was hoping for the last ep on anger) .  The message of how ordinary people can be heroes (always nice).  The special effects didn’t look TOO hokey and there were some genuinely tense situations.  Cat’s redeeming herself more and more. 

Overall I give this one an A.

Not an A+ though, because I have a minor nitpick…. if solar rays help her get her powers back and she was worried it was taking too long, being underground all weekend and wearing long sleeved sweaters doesn’t help!

Review time for New Titans #108-114

Kory, confused after her disaster of a wedding and fearing she is still possessed by EVIL!Raven, zooms off to South America to go through a Tameran warrior ritual to find herself again.  Thank the heavens that because of her alien body, the “demon seed” didn’t take root in her.  DESPITE THIS BEING THE MOST HIDEOUS COVER OF STARFIRE EVER, this issue is one of my favorites that Starfire has been in.  Because she needs to re-find herself, before she can be in a relationship with others she must know who she is and love herself.  That is a good message.  Throughout this arc, though she loses her memories for a bit (from stress, it seems to me), she states again and again that is important to have peace but to also fight for yourself and for peace.  Defend what you believe in, defend the innocent, defend your body, your home and your planet. I wonder why there haven’t been Wonder Woman and Starfire team-up books because they both have the woman warrior who also want to spread the message of love and peace thing going for them. 

Dick goes off to look for her but she doesn’t recognize him.  It gives them both time to think and when she does regain her memories they both decide, on their own, to spend time apart form eachother and part from the team and other responsibilities until they can get a handle on their lives and identities.

If you’re going to break up a couple, this is a good way to do it.  The wedding was god-awful, but this part was good.  You need to know yourself and love yourself before you can love others.  You need to be sure before you settle down in a life with another.  You need to be an individual, someone you can be proud of, and not just one half of a couple, you can’t expect the love of another person to fix everything for you.  It resonated with me so well because I went through something similar myself— twice in my life (once as a teen, once in my early 20’s) I wanted a romantic relationship to fix everything when I was in an emotional turmoil, and twice I feel apart when it didn’t.  Others can help you, support you, but at the end of the day you need to be able to stand up for yourself.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team (plus Kory) fight some Eco-terrorists (who turn out to be just regular thugs holding the world hostage until they get ransom money in the billions) aboard a satellite and gain that satellite as their new base.  Dick quits the New Titans for good.  Roy and Wally hang out in some fun scenes, Roy goes jogging with President Clinton.  Roy signs the team over to the government/Checkpoint which doesn’t sit well with some of the members.  Beast Boy and Roy are the only ones who stay on.  Beast Boy had a run-in with Raven and he might be possessed.  Pantha, baby Wildebeest, and Red Star decide to travel the world a while instead.  So the team is going to be VERY different for the remaining issues (115-130) but that’s all I’ve read for now.  I enjoyed this group of issues greatly.  I’ll call this “the good part of the 90’s New Titans, with a little bit of bad art/bad costumes”

Comic Shop Trip 9/17/2014

Only bought 2 things because the other comics I wanted they either don’t carry anymore (Soulfire) or is delayed (Legenderry) or just wasn’t on the shelf yet (Superdictionary)

Bought: Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #2, Edge of Spiderverse #2 (with Gwen Stacy as Spiderwoman). Thoughts (potential spoilers):

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