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shadilver for the ship thing!!!!!!

Hey Mark xD 

send me a ship and i’ll tell you:

When or if I started shipping it:
So far I haven’t really considered but it seems really really cute! Shadow being from the past and Silver being from the future and trying to get by in the present together is super cute!
Who wakes the other one up with kisses:
Silver; Shadow doesn’t really need to sleep so Silver will tell Shadow that he’s awake by leaning up and kissing him and then Shadow will go make them coffee.
Who is the morning person/night person:
Weirdly, Shadow is the morning person and Silver is the night time person. That said, they’re both quite content with either; Silver likes the stars because the sheer amount of light pollution from the lava in the future meant he couldn’t see them and Shadow likes them because he grew up staring at them and can point out each one by name. Shadow likes the mornings because he likes to watch the dawn and see all the colours in the sky, Silver loves that he can actually see it and will enjoy it with him.
Who is the romantic one:
Neither really, they tend to just be content in one another’s company so they don’t really have to be spontaneous or romantic. 
Who is the more cuddly one:
Silver shows it more and is definitely more cuddly; neither of them were really cuddled when they were small so while Silver takes as much as he can get Shadow is happy to just have physical contact - which Silver no doubt gives in pulling him every which way and that.
Who cooks:
Silver does; Shadow never had to and so doesn’t really know how considering he doesn’t have to eat. Silver uses his psychokinesis to do most of it and once showed off by cooking dinner while sat in the living room with Shadow.
Favorite nonsexual activity:
Learning about the world; they’ve both been in the present for a while now but every now and then something will catch them out and they’ll both have to investigate it together. Shadow teaches Silver about the past while Silver teaches Shadow about the future - “Hey Shadow?…” “Hm?” “I always wondered, what happened to the other half of the moon?” “….” “What’s wrong?” “That was, uh, kind of my fault.”
Their favorite place to be together:
Anywhere, doesn’t matter as long as they’re together.
Any traditions:
Silver will wait up for Shadow when he know that he’s supposed to be coming home from a mission that night so that he can help him relax or fix him up (psychokinesis is really useful for setting broken bones.) Shadow cleans up the house (both of their shoes are always spotless thanks to him.) I’m not sure if these count as traditions???
Their “song”:
Cliche as hell but Count On Me - Bruno Mars
What they do for each other on holidays:
Shadow doesn’t really care about holidays, it was hard to have a Christmas on the ARK and he didn’t even really know people did stuff for it until Amy and Rouge tag teamed in forcing him to the Christmas party, I HC that Maria was Buddhist anyway so he felt no need to celebrate Christmas. Silver on the other hand loves holidays, everything about them and will go over board with everything; Shadow humours him and they both get each other presents and buys the food for him. He even lets Silver hold their Christmas party at their house (usually Shadow will slip out for an hour or so for a break and then come back to the party.)
Where did they go for their honeymoon:
Tempted to say space but probably the casino zone. No one was really expecting them to say this but they literally just sat down a few days after the wedding and were like ‘okay, we both live pretty serious lives so lets just go have some fun and blow some money we don’t need.’
Where did they first meet:
Shadow stopped him from murdering Sonic and kicked him in the back of the head.
Any pets:
None so far but Silver is trying to get Shadow to warm up to the idea of getting a chao. “C'mon, please! We can make it look just like you! It’ll be so cute!!” “Silver, no.” “Silver, yes.”
What do they fight over:
Shadow’s recluseness mostly - if he doesn’t want to do something then he won’t do it and he doesn’t really care if him not doing it upsets his friends. This gets on Silver’s nerves a lot because he wants to spend as much time making people feel good as possible - their arguments get pretty heated too. e.g. “I didn’t ask them to throw a party! I don’t have to go!” “I said we would!” “Well that was stupid wasn’t it!” “Your friends won’t be around forever Shadow and you’re gonna just brush them off?We’re not immortal like you!” “…” “…I’m sorry.” “Save it.”
Do they go on vacations, if so where:
They go everywhere, Shadow using chaos control makes it a hell of a lot easier than getting plane tickets. One time they disappeared for 3 months from travelling around the world and the only reason their friends actually knew where they were is because Blaze and Rouge were told that they were going on a trip and when they asked where to their answers were both simply 'everywhere.’

Hope this was okay sweetheart!!