YOU ARE SUPER AMAZING. We talk all the time on skype and I know sometimes its hard because of our different time zones and like iTS ALWAYS WHEN IM GOING TO BED YOURE LIKE ‘but get this’ aND IM LIKE OH GOD IM SO SORRY. We literally just scream about trolls at eachother and you let me vent at you a lot and it means so fucking much to me. yOU ALSO DRAW ME SO MUCH ART. IT’S ABOUT TIME I RETURNED THE DAMN FAVOR. Thanks for bein’ a superb friend and always bein’ there for me.

ok guys, i need some help and input

i feel like a way i can be happy and clear my head rn is to write. but i have to pick one story to work with from now on

do i go with:

Angel, which is about a symbiotic space monster and little girl

Siluri, which is a young child exploring a fantasy world

Turn, which is about sentient zombies in an abandoned city

or Hero, which is a lighthearted anti-political medieval fantasy

please respond in any way. itll help a lot in me figuring this out

CARACTATUS.... Il Re della guerriglia

CARACTATUS…. Il Re della guerriglia

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CARACTATO… IL RE della GUERRIGLIA! !Caractatus! Il “barbaro” che anche da sconfitto “conquistò” Roma. Tacito ne parla nel Libro XII dei suoi “ANNALI” con accenti di sincera ammirazione. Siamo nel 51 a.C. – Galles Meridionale. I Siluri, popolo ostile e bellicoso, sono per anni la spina nel fianco dei Romani. Comandati da re Caractato, tengono in scacco le Legioni Romane da ben nove anni,…

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