It’s a hot summer day here at home and this is all I can think of as I wilt like a dead plant in these stifling conditions. A few weeks ago in Olympic National Park’s Hoh Rain Forest, I was gazing down into the crystal clear waters of a spring-fed stream as water drips from curtains of moss. What a refreshing sight! The vivid green of the weeds in the water contrasts nicely with the blue-gray clay and silt on the stream bottom. The last photo shows the moss-draped temperate rain forest that the stream passes through.

Gal Gadot is the Bizarro-Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Think about it.

Both have thick accents, both are pretty shitty actors all things considered, both have charming smiles, and both have bodies that look like chiseled marble statues that came to life. The difference is that whereas Arnold had a larger-than-life personality plus boatloads of charm and charisma to make up for his non-acting, Gal Gadot has the personality, charm, and wit of a sand-blasted cinder block. And nowhere does that show more painfully obvious than in both the Wonder Woman trailer and the Batman League sneak-peak that were both released at ComiCon today.

Look, I know some of you are sick of hearing me harp on Warner and DC all the time, but it isn’t easy for me either! You think I enjoy dumping on them all the time? No, I really fucking don’t! I want them to be good, but between the silted acting in the Wonder Woman trailer and the absolutely cringe-inducing Justice League sneak-peak then what the fuck else am I supposed to do!? Why the fuck should I put my trust in them to bring these great characters to life when they can’t even fucking get Superman right!?

Tell you what. I’ll stop ranting and raving about DC when DC stops doing stupid shit!


British archeologists just dug up a 3,000-year-old lost settlement

The Archaeological Unit from the University of Cambridge, has been excavating a site they’ve called the Must Farm Timber Platform, a site the team believes to date back to around 1,000 to 800 B.C., buried under a quarry two hours north of London.

The site is being called “Britain’s Pompeii,” since the silt-covered preservation of the Must Farm site is reminiscent of the Roman town. Must Farm is at least 800-odd years older, but may have met a similar end.

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16.diena - Iedvesma.

Mani patiešām ļoti iedvesmo saulains laiks. Tas ne no šā, ne no tā spēj mani iedvesmot pat ģenerālai mājas uzkopšanai, nemaz nerunājot par citām radošākām un patīkamākām izpausmēm vai aktivitātēm. Tā kā jā - saule tā ir. Bet nevis tā, kas svilina un liek svīst kā cūķim, bet tā jaukā, maigā, kas sildošām roķelēm glauda.

Latest archaeological finds at Must Farm provide a vivid picture of everyday life in the Bronze Age

Excavation of a site in the Cambridgeshire fens reveals a Bronze Age settlement with connections far beyond its watery location. Over the past ten months, Must Farm has yielded Britain’s largest collections of Bronze Age textiles, beads and domestic artefacts. Together with timbers of several roundhouses, the finds provide a stunning snapshot of a community thriving 3,000 years ago.

Archaeologists have made remarkable discoveries about everyday life in the Bronze Age during their ten-month excavation of 3,000-year-old circular wooden houses at Must Farm in Cambridgeshire, a site that has been described as the ‘Pompeii of the fens’.

Believed to be the best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings ever found in Britain, the houses were destroyed by a fire that caused the settlement, which was built on stilts, to collapse into the shallow river beneath. The soft river silt encapsulated the remains of the charred dwellings and their contents, which survive in extraordinary detail. Read more.


sleepless in a nightgown stinted like moonlight
the lace forlorn against my cold body

i’m gilded tongue, rosewater rinds, the jeweled 
evening’s soft mumbled lullaby 

pained by every crook of your belligerent bones,
the thudded heart spits out a peace offering

a kiss of candlelight for your winter-fractures, 
embossed like silvered embers and the brocade,

like the tips of your hair or sifting through the 
smokescreen of a madly grinning country

i see how you flirt with the rain, the way the 
stars ride your eyes like blurring trains 

the night and all her sisters, attuned to the 
sand & silt of your familiar touch, the

sorrowed veins of sempiternal dreams
and the frosted novices of sparrows 

brimming tears or fugacious flowers 
curling into the lantern of restlessness.

Burned 3,000-Year-Old Settlement Frozen in Time Had Been Torched by Raiding Party

An apparent tragedy, possibly arson, caused a settlement to burn and fall into a river, where it was preserved in silt for about 3,000 years. Experts call the Must Farm site in England the most important Bronze Age settlement ever found in Britain. Archaeologists have excavated a fantastic array of artifacts, including vitrified food, pottery, tools, jewelry, worked wood, slaughtered animals and textiles and are set to enter the laboratory and do many years of work analyzing their discoveries. They even hope to get Bronze Age recipes from the prehistoric smorgasbord.

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And I’ll think of us still. Even when the ocean before me
has stopped shallowing like silt burying gold.

Under every cheek of the moon, I’ll say there is no religion here
until it runs home all pink.

That I am not unravelling within.

Not remembering how looking up at him is always like
walking into old cathedrals. Like sighs.

—  astagesetforcatastrophe, under moons 

On this day, 17th July 1900, the Bubonic Plague cleansing operations ceased in Sydney

Sydney suffered a severe outbreak of Bubonic Plague in the early part of the 20th century. It began in January 1900 with one case and within eight months, 303 people had contracted the plague, and 103 of them had died.

Cleansing operations began in Sydney on 24 March. Extensive washing, liming, disinfecting and burning of property was undertaken, while buildings classified as slums were demolished in an attempt to rid the city of the rats spreading the disease. More than 44,000 rats were burned by rat-catchers. Wharves and docks were also cleared of silt, debris and sewerage.

The Cleansing Operations finished on 17 July 1900. However, ships continued to bring the disease to Australia, and between 1900 and 1925, there were twelve major outbreaks of Bubonic plague, with Sydney bearing the brunt of the disease. In all, 1,371 cases were reported, along with 535 deaths – certainly far fewer than the deaths reported in some countries.

The infected areas, and buildings selected for demolition because of the health risks they supposedly raised, were recorded by photography. 
Photographed by John Degotardi Jr., photographer for the Department of Public Works.

Photographic albums of the plague in The Rocks, Sydney, 1900 / under the supervision of Mr George McCredie ; [photographed by John Degotardi Jr.]

6 albums containing 379 photoprints  

The collection, often referred to as The Plague Albums” is held at the State Library of New South Wales.

To find our more - see also Plague in Sydney - Flickr

nightmare in blue

the barren ribcage of his ship’s hull
lies buried beneath millenia of silt,
the tides pulling his body in and out of the cabin.
after all this time his hair still sticks
to the side of his face,
grimy with tears and the ocean’s kisses.

his lungs are split open,
begging for air they can no longer inhale,
and inside sprouts coral,
reefs growing through his chest.

shipwrecked, his body a carrion-feast
for the icy tendrils of hel,
she draws him into her chilled embrace
and he sighs, his left temple
coming to rest on her rotting breast.

Playing an Elder Scrolls game for the first time

Skyrim: Hey, don’t worry about it. Just use whatever skills you feel like, man. Don’t wanna do the main quest? Go right ahead, have fun messing with bandits for a few hours and I’ll be right here waiting for you. I love you. ❀ (◕‿◕)  ❀

Morrowind: Look, it can get confusing sometimes. I don’t have fast travel, but there’s a few beginner quests in this town and you can take the silt strider to Balmora whenever you’re ready. Why don’t you pick up some armor at the shop? Don’t forget to manage your fatigue!

Oblivion: Just. Fuck you. Oh, what, you wanted to play as a monk? Pfft. Good fucking luck. Have fun trying to use a bow. I see you lowering the difficulty, you piece of shit. For your first quest, how bout you trek through the wilderness for three hours? Not good enough for ya? Hey, look, it’s an Oblivion gate. Yeah, have fun. Actually, you know what? Fuck you. Just. Fuck.. You. You were just killed by a moth