silt fence


she said
give me a piece
of your mind so i
can have peace of mind
& i spit in my hand and made a
split decision like an incision to
give her a tiny particle to hold
near her heart like a picture
in a locket, and
her chest was a locker
where she locked her
deepest emotion,
sweet and sorrow and
sour and deeper than
any number of fathoms
you could fathom or count
& a lantern flickered in a
dimly lit cave and i was a
miner with the soul of
an old timer, some say
& the dimples on her back
looked the same
as the ones on her cheeks
and she turned over
and over and over and over and o-
me oh my, i saw the
stress in her spine
saturated on her teeth
which held back the truth
like a silt fence that i
couldn’t step over but only
run my tongue along in
hopes to find something sane.