First 4 hours (or however long LotR: FotR (extended) lasts!) and I have to say I am quite in love with it so far! I will say noting yet of the meaning, just that the colors are very intentional, and yes Amrod is supposed to be blue-looking, whereas Amras got a bit too purple, but this is only the beginning and I’m sure I’ll clear that up in no time! ;)

Nerdanel the Wise

Daughter of Mahtan

Wife of Fëanor

While not considered the fairest of her people Nerdanel was strong and free of mind, but also wise. She was also a master artist, making such lifelike sculptures people thought they were real first. 

I tried to make freckles but it’s my first try at it ever so please be kind! I always imagined she’s be may more laid back that Fëanor when it came to everyday clothing. While he always made a point to dress like the prince he was, and later King, she was a smith’s daughter and prefered comfort and practicality when not in a formal setting. 

Fingon and Maedhros - Their ancient friendship

Long before, in the bliss of Valinor, before Melkor was unchained, or lies came between them, Fingon had been close in friendship with Maedhros; and though he knew not yet that Maedhros had not forgotten him at the burning of the ships, the thought of their ancient friendship stung his heart. Therefore he dared a deed which is justly renowned among the princes of the Noldor: alone, and without the counsel of any, he set forth in search of Maedhros; and aided by the very darkness that Morgoth had made he came unseen into the fastness of his foes.

None wrote friendship like Tolkien!

And have it ever been characters I’ve wanted to draw of Tolkien, it was these two. I truly love Tolkien’s works, and to be able to draw his characters how I want have been my dream for years, and even if I know there are issues with this drawing, anatomy especially, I can’t but love it! Considering I only spent a few hours on this I am very happy, and it’s the first border I’ve done In a while, so that was fun.

Now to the characters..

As cousins they are as different as night and day, all irony aside, and as friends even more so. One gallant and pure of heart with only good intentions, and the other irrational and fuelled by his fathers rage and a vow of vengeance. In my head this has translated also to their appearance, most especially their hairstyles. Fingon represent the pure and good elf, everything in his life controlled and perfected (like his hair) while Maedhros’ wildness and rebellion shows in his unkept hairstyle. I do not know if this theory is a universally known one, but it dawned on me yesterday, and I love it!

In all seriousness, I have a deep love and fascination with friendships, and while I know that many ship these two as a romantic couple, I do not. I find it a bit juvenile to make Tolkien’s elaborately portrayed friendship into something as cheap and shallow and (honestly) common as romantic love. While I have nothing against homosexuality or any sort of romantic relationship in general, I think that the portrayal of Fingon and Maedhros friendship is so beautiful in an innocent way, I suppose, that to make it sexual is to corrupt it. We don’t treasure friendships the way Tolkien did, and in our modern society I think we have forgotten how important it really is to love our friends. This is why I hate the romanticising of Sam and Frodo as well, because I feel like we do not respect the level of friendship that Tolkien tries to portray in his writing! Just the idea that two characters so driven by their fathers’ differences still kept the love for the other through thick and thin, and came through for each other time and time again, it shows that level of trust and love that friendship is based on, and I think that lacks in both films and litterature today. Don’t corrupt the little representation we actually have of it, I beg of you! I’m sure people will hate me for this, but these are my thoughts, and I am always open for civil discussions.

(However I completely respect anyone who ships them, just wanted to make that come across, we all have different opininons and I am sure I ship things you despise as well, so lets be understanding and respect each other!)

I truly hope you like this drawing, however quick and riddled with mistakes it may be! Truthfully I am very happy with it, and there are nothing I would really want to change about it!

Fingon and Maedhros © Tolkien

Art © me ~ Deviantart: ingvild-s ~ IG: iggys_art ~ tumblr: ingvildschageart

Idril Celebrindal and Aredhel

Princess of Gondolin and the White Lady of the Noldor

I imagine they were good friends when alone but when Aredhel spent time with the sons of Fëanor Idril always kept her distance. When they moved to Gondolin their friendship grew. She has a ability to judge character and has the gift to sense intent and to a lesser degree sense certain foreknowledge. She is careful with advise but greatly enjoys light conversation with anyone that she deems has pure intent, if not she will probably treat you passive aggressively.

Aredhel is less concerned with politics and more concerned with more enjoyable things. She did not judge nor scorn in secret, she is straightforward and prefer more active pastimes such as riding and hunting. Her carelessness is what eventually leads to her being ensnared by Eöl, but it was a carelessness that had grown only because of the years of restraint in Gondolin. Her genuine personality makes it hard not to like her but Idril could sometimes find her unwillingness discuss serious matters somewhat off putting. I like to think Aredhel was very intelligent, but liked to pretend the world was different than it really was, something Idril did not.

Here they both walk barefoot in one of the gondolin gardens, but Idril preferred to be barefoot at all times.



Say hello to Fingolfin, my first silmarillion character sketch in a while. It was very nice to get to sketch something real for once, and I am so very happy with this portrait. Still do not know if this is how I see Fingolfin, but I am non the less happy with it!

This is very much inspired by a conversation with @myth-durleck where I realized that Fingolfin is a character I have highly neglected, despite his awesomeness. And I truly hope he likes it, as he is one of his favorite characters!

This was not a request or commission, simply my own need to draw him. Conversations about silm characters tend to have that effect on me ^^’

“An oath I too shall swear, and must be free to fulfill it, and go into darkness. Nor shall anything of my realm endure that a son should inherit.”

-Finrod Felagund, fairest and most beloved of the house of Finwe.-

More Silmarillion and lotr sketches :)

Young Galadriel, young Celeborn, and a little Celebrían.

Also Beren and Lúthien. 

As I’m reading the book I’m sketching out the characters as they appear in my mind. I’m having lots of fun sketching out how I imagine the characters… but I’m falling behind :’O

Thingol and Melian

Finwë’s Daughters

Faniel, Lalwen Irimë, Findis

Faniel is youngest, actually scrapped but I’m just going to ignore that and pretend she was born after Finwë followed Fëanor in his banishment hence never meeting his youngest child and she, without her father, not as strong in spirit as her siblings. Favours light fabrics and soft dresses.

Lalwen favours bright colours and rich fabrics, and what colour is happier than yellow? She followed her brothers out of curiosity, not ambition. Finds joy in the littlest things. Greatly missed by her sisters and Finarfin while away, she has the ability to brighten anyone’s day.

Findis is the older daughter and also the most Vanyar of all her siblings. Ironically enough she bears an uncanny physical resemblance to her father not her mother. She favours the Vanyar style in, well, everything. Feathers are common and light, soft colours.


Oh how I’m in love this Finrod, with his face, and his clothes and his hair and just everything. And yet… I am feeling strangely unenthusiastic about it. I don’t understand it, tho I have a thought that it might be that in mentally still very focused on watercolors and transitioning got a bit abrupt. I’m therefor contemplating the idea of letting this rest until I can focus compelled and in the meantime start working on my next feanorian; Curufin! What do you think?


Inspired by Phobs’ beautiful headdress and tiny Russian lacquer box paintings, I started thinking about elven fashion that was a little different than the more undone, ethereal brand we’ve been seeing in both of the Trilogies.  What if first-age elves wore layers of rich silks that moved with a heavy grace and voluminous veils to shade them from the sun?

1-5-2016 • Maedhros - The Fire of his Heart

Here is Maedhros, for my Sons of Feanor-series. I knew I already painted him, but I wanted it to be much better because he is after all my favourite of the sons, and I have grown quite a bit since the first painting I made of him.

In this painting he is watching the ships burning at Losgar, his heart burning with fear and anger for his fathers actions, and yet he cannot abandon his love for his father and his faith in him. (I feel I need to say that Feanor is my favorite of the Noldor, maybe especially because he is so damaged and strong-minded ^^’)

Maedhros © Tolkien

Art © me ~ IG: iggys_art ~ deviantart: Ingvild-s ~ tumblr: ingvildschageart (please let me know if you see my artwork anywhere else)

Ps. Only 22 days to my birthday!!!!


Fingolfin’s host arriving in Middle Earth at the light of the first dawn, after the crossing of the Helcaraxe. From The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

(Pictured are Fingolfin, Turgon and Idril, and Aredhel)

Drawn for judgeofarda :)

© 2014 Antonia Alksnis