silmarillion quotes

I would say it’s time to play Let’s Find The Motherfucker Who Caused This Mess, but I know who you are, I know what you did, and I’m standing outside your house. Are you going to come out like a sensible demonic force of evil, or am I going to have to take your mountain range off its hinges?

- Manwë, to Melkor, the Silmarillion, Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath


Concerning Sauron:
“In all the deeds of Melkor the Morgoth upon Arda, in his vast works and in the deceits of his cunning, Sauron had a part, and was only less evil than his master in that for long he served another and not himself. But in after years he rose like a shadow of Morgoth and a ghost of his malice, and walked behind him on the same ruinous path down into the Void.” 

-The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien (Ed. Christopher Tolkien)  

“An oath I too shall swear, and must be free to fulfill it, and go into darkness. Nor shall anything of my realm endure that a son should inherit.”

-Finrod Felagund, fairest and most beloved of the house of Finwe.-

tfw u reach this

“Here ends the SILMARILLION. If it has passed from the high and the beautiful to darkness and ruin, that was of old the fate of Arda Marred; and if any change shall come and the Marring be amended, Manwë and Varda may know; but they have not revealed it, and it is not declared in the dooms of Mandos.”

and all u are left with is

No, I’m not proud of you. You got the guy who successfully kept us all from murdering one another locked in a dungeon on Werewolf Demon Island, you almost started a civil war, and my favorite nephew is now calling me ‘Imperialist Bastard’ in all of his letters home.

- Maedhros, to Celegorm and Curufin, when asked his opinion of their Nargothrond exploits, the Silmarillion, Of Beren and Lúthien


MOODBOARD: Idril Celebrindal

“The key to your happiness is to […] own who you are, own how you look, own your family, own the talents you have, and own the ones you don’t.”
— Abraham Verghese, Cutting for Stone

For Silmweek Day 2: Elves

Nonetheless Ulmo loves both Elves and Men, and never abandoned them, not even when they lay under the wrath of the Valar. At times he will come unseen to the shores of Middle-earth, or pass far inland up firths of the sea, and there make music upon his great horns, the Ulumúri, that are wrought of white shell; and those to whom that music comes hear it ever after in their hearts, and longing for the sea never leaves them again.
—  Valaquenta, The Silmarillion