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I always thought he had dark hair? Like I thought all the sons of feanor had dark hair except for maedhros and the two youngest…i didn’t know that people thought otherwise o_O

oh hell yeah. the dominant interpretation of Celegorm is as fair haired, either blond or silvery - primarily due to interpretation of “the Fair” and, as people will aggressively tell you, the Old English name in History of Middle Earth (which is Cynegrim Faegerfeax (Faegerfeax being “fair-haired”) but then there are a lot of things from HoME that either don’t appear in later drafts or are directly contradicted, so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(and don’t I just love people condescendingly informing me of that little tidbit, as though I don’t already know)

t b h. when I was a wee baby in this fandom with no idea what I was getting into, I headcanoned Celegorm as dark-haired because I liked it better, with no idea that there was any kind of controversy about it?? and, predictably, as more and more people told me I was Wrong and I encountered more people condescendingly informing me that I just Didn’t Understand Canon, I dug in my heels harder and spite headcanoned more aggressively and now I’m never going to budge, god dammit