silmarillion parody


It’s been a while since I published one of these, but my sense of responsibility urged me to gift the fandom with some more crappy sketches and bad jokes, so enjoy your comeback to the world of the FINWIONS, now with additional side characters because I don’t have enough time to color the Nolofinwions’ portrait.

P.S.: Matt Groening please don’t sue me I don’t have enough money.

Anybody up for rewriting “Master of the House” with an Angband theme?

Maedhros: “Master of the House”? What a piece of shit! Murderer and burglar and a giant git.
Maeglin: Cunning little schemes…
Hurin: Nailed me to a chair!
Sauron: Thinks he’s quite a lover but there’s not much there!

The most watched TV series in Beleriand

a.k.a. a friend of mine misspelled “the Addams family” and instead said “the Angband family” and I HAD TO DO THIS.

With the appearence of:

Melkor as Gomez,

Sauron as Morticia, 

Thuringwethil as Wednsday,

Gothmog as Pugsley

and Carcharoth as Cousin Itt.

Special guest: Maedhros’ severed hand as Thing.

There’s a special circle of hell waiting for me because of this, isn’t it?