Oh look, it’s my terrible OTP again. How shocking.

I actually drew this a few weeks ago– I had indulged myself by buying some lovely new colored pencils because I wanted to work on colored paper, and the thing is, if you ask @thearrogantemu what you should draw to test out new art supplies, she basically always says the same thing.

This is another excerpt from the AU where Sauron didn’t join Melkor before the first age, and he and Tyelpe got to meet when they were young and happy. And they even got to stay basically happy through, like, halfway through the first age! 

Fantasy Music Recomendations

Here are some songs I like inspired by books I like.


Song of Seven Sorrows


Tinker Tanner

Jackass Jackass

The Lay of Sir Savien

Wheel of Time:

Wheel of Time

Middle Earth:

Lord of the Rings

Nightfall in Middle Earth Full Album

The Bard’s Song (Favorite Blind Guardian song but not about Middle Earth)

The Dark Tower:

The Gunslinger

Seize the Day 

Touched by the Crimson King Full Album

A Song of Ice and Fire:

Timbers and Wind

The Stormlight Archive: 


Parshendi Song of Secrets