silm sketches

I was very happy to receive an invitation to take part in Ages of Arda Anthology.

This is my first draft for it. Luthien, actually just a part of picture where Curufin, Celegorm and Huan meet her for a first time during their hunt. It`s not finished yet of course.

I`ll plan to make 2 illustrations, so I`ll post other sketches tomorrow.

Я не очень люблю вывешивать полуготовые эскизы, но таковы правила в данном случае. Ничего не имею против репостов моего арта Вконтакте, но мне не очень бы хотелось видеть там этот, пока он не готов окончательно.

Some warm up sketches of young Elrond


Yes, I definitely have more motivation to draw when I should be doing sooo much Uni-work, but who cares?^^ Seems Finrod had me inspired, so I evolved the sketch a bit, and started on the proper drawing!

Do you like it so far? I’m still nervous about it as I haven’t drawn anything in A4 format since the death of Fëanor, back in February!