-I shall stand by your side, even when your pride crumbles into the sea, when the waves will have smoothed all your hopes. The Ravens shall crowd the sky and bring a night of dark feathers above anyone who shall hurt you. Once again we stand together, as we always have, and always will.-

Maedhros and Fingon
(Aka I like tragic ships)


ok I just love that ‘minor melkorism’ is actually a thing

also the slightly passive aggressive tone of voice here is kinda hilarious

(from athrabeth finrod ah andreth, morgoth’s ring)


Очаровало это поле) Хоть физика и графика в игре немного отстает, но атмосфера в ней сказочная. Прекрасное звуковое сопровождение, яркие краски, и прям колоритные уголки мира *-*