Euphonium, The Forgotten Instrument

In your typical band there is an instrument that is always forgotten, the euphonium. The euphonium is a standard brass instrument in bands, not some obscure instrument that only a few hundred exist of it in the world. Somehow despite this, a good majority of people have never heard of it, or when they see one they give a blank stare and ask, “Hey is that a tuba?” This misidentification with the tuba is the most common mistake, well, with that and the baritone horn. I’ll let the baritone one slide, however if you’ve ever seen a concert tuba, you know that a euphonium does not nearly compare in size. […]

Thought I might as well share this editorial (AKA excuse for me to rant) I did last year in Creative Writing here for any euphonium players since people seem to like it on deviantART. :)


Various solo’s I have learned in high school (Nyssma’s, college auditions, IB Music), college (classes, lessons, juries), or just for fun. This list shall also include the pieces I am learning in this list, and eventually I will polish up some (or all as far as euphonium/trombone is concerned) of these again to record. Hopefully I’ll get to that soon. Maybe you can use this as a reference in picking a piece? That would be pretty cool, if you do I also have the contents of this awesome book of solos I have to reference. But feel free to ask me anything as far as euphonium solos or brass questions. ^^


  • Courante, Minuet II, and Gigue from Suite No.1 of 6 Cello Suits” ~ J. S. Bach
  • Concertino” ~ Ferdinand David
  • Allemande et Allegro” ~ J. Ed. Barat
  • Sonata” ~ Fred L. Clinard, Jr.
  • Sonata, K.292” ~ W. A. Mozart
  • The Bride of The Waves” ~ Herbert L. Clarke
  • Ständchen” ~ Franz Schubert
  • Concerto” ~ Alexander Arutunian **
  • From The Shores of the Mighty Pacific” ~ Herbert L. Clarke
  • Sonata Breve” ~ Walter S. Hartley
  • “Eidólons” ~ Willian P. Latham **
  • Andante and Rondo” ~ Antonio Capuzzi
  • Colors” ~ Bert Appermont * (probably will also try learning on trombone after)
  • Prelude from Suite No.2 of 6 Cello Suits” ~ J. S. Bach
  • Sonata for Euphonium and Piano” ~ Alec Wilder **
  • Euphonium Concerto ~ Joseph Horovitz *


  • Morceau Symphonique” ~ Alexandre Guilmant
  • Sontata” ~ A. Giffels **


  • Aurore” ~ Gabriel Fauré
  • Alma del core” ~ Antonio Caldara
  • 4. Pie Jesu from “Requiem” ~ Gabriel Fauré
  • Amarilli, mia bella” ~ Giulio Caccini


  • L'Arabesque, La Pastorale, and Innocence from “Twenty-Five Easy and Progressive Studies” ~ Friedrich Burgmüller
  • Für Elise” ~ Ludvig Van Beethoven
  • Reverie” ~ Claude Debussy
  • Arabesque"  ~ Claude Debussy
  • Little Prelude in C Minor“ ~ J.S. Bach
  • Waltz in A Minor No.2“ ~ Franz Schubert
  • Sonata No. 1 in C“ ~ W.A. Mozart ^
  • Of Foreign Lands and People“ ~ Schumann ^
  • Prelude ~ Bach ^*
  • Venetian Boat Song ~ Mendelssohn  ^*

* currently learning
** put on hold
^ version edited by Russel E. Lanning

Also, if you have any suggestions of solo’s for me to learn I would appreciate it. :)


My name is Laura, and music is pretty much my life. I play the euphonium, trombone, piano, and sing (by the way I’m a music major in case you can’t tell). I also enjoy drawing, especially anime (and fanart) since I find it quite relaxing. I’m a bit awkward/shy and terrible when it comes to starting conversations or keeping them up.. I’m working on that though.

One musician who I find so extremely inspirational is Steven Wilson. I love all his music, but also just the amount he has been able to accomplish and his musical integrity are just mind blowing. I have this crazy dream of getting a job in music, specifically: I want to eventually get a job in euphonium performance, which is pretty (extremely) unrealistic, but I want to try anyway! Hopefully as I work on improving my compositions, maybe I can? Doubt it, but I want to be hopeful dammit! :)

At one point I made an additional blog CrazyPenguin for some unknown reason but yeah that’s not appearing to happen, so this blog just is what it is. If you do want to read more formal write-ups on concerts, events, or reviews and such check out my blogspot (where I actually do legit blogging).

If you ever have any music questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to assist. I love listening to a wide variety of music, and I’m currently studying that so I might be able to help or what not (and I have my list of solo rep up).. Just to note I have all things relating to my art/writing/music tagged sillypenguin2 (since that’s my username on dA) and sometimes I tend to mess around with instagra(ha)m (crackers). Also here is a list of concerts/set lists I have been to, some awesome local bands, and if you go through my audio tag you might find something magical (high chance of it being prog). If you want to recommend any music for me to listen/learn to play go ahead and feel free to, the more music the merrier!

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* Will eventually have music/videos/recordings up, hopefully this will occur sooner rather then later.


Some photo’s (and the setlist via from the Primus concert the other night.

First Setlist:
01. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
02. Prelude to a Crawl
03. Hennepin Crawler
04. “Eleven”
05. Over the Falls
06. Last Salmon Man
07. Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
08. Groundhog’s Day
09. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
10. My Name Is Mud

Second Setlist:
11. Eyes of the Squirrel
12. Tragedy’s a’ Comin’
13. Lee Van Cleef
14. Mr. Krinkle
15. Eternal Consumption Engine
16. Moron TV
17. Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
18. Mr. Krinkle
19. Eternal Consumption Engine
20. Jilly’s on Smack

22. Harold of the Rocks
23. Southbound Pachyderm
24. Pudding Time

Oh yeahh, I almost forgot about this. I should get back to this over the summer and actually finish it.

Pretty much this is from that time I wanted to do an arrangement combining elements from Between The Buried And Me’s album “Colors” with the trombone piece Colors by Bert Appermont.