I colored that thing I drew of Daxter being a seriously cute ball of anxiety in the new clothes Robin gave him in her sneak peek of the upcoming Frat party chapter.

It’s because of the skinny jeans, I needed to draw them. *3*

Also please ignore the shoddy quality, I’m tired as hell, got hit in the forehead with a baseball while playing(probably a factor in the tiredness), but this is the first home alone time I’ve gotten to invest in little ventures like this so I’m taking a little advantage of it.

Or rather, taken advantage of, and now going to bed. :3

…That plastic cup is god-awful. lolol


sillynekorobin, I have done the thing. I made a (totally professional) floorplan of our Jaxter dormitory haven.

Basically this my personal, consistent idea of their room arrangement, based on little drops of description and how characters interact with the space.

I think there was only one big dresser/mirror though? But I think I might recall there being separate Wardrobes, unless I’m wrong. But mostly yeah, this is it. :D

Because Floorplans make me happy. Though I am a little new to Dorms and don’t quite know how they’re all put together other than efficiently and with little space. lol. Either way this was a fun exercise.


(Right-click; View Image recommended for full photo!)

One more commission done for sillynekorobin, who conspired with me to make a cool little Rule 39 piece of grimreaperchibi‘s Phoenix and Razer doing completely legal things such as drag racing(and apparently not wearing seatbelts woops)

Robin commissioned this to me as a secret commission for Grim’s Birthday! So happy birthday! 

Part of her request being along the lines of “Phoenix looking far more gung ho about Razer’s driving vice than any normal person should.” XD

And a part that I concocted myself was an idea for that little Sootball; The way I see this is that, given that Phoenix is a proven Miyazaki fan, I bet he’s introducing Razer to all of the movies in part of their shared downtime. One day, being the dork he is, he turns up and presents Razer with a little Sootball keychain! Because “hey look, it’s cute and you seemed to really like Spirited Away the other night! And look, I got a Totoro!“, etc.

Obviously Razer is a little befuddled at the gesture and poo-poo’s the sentiment as he slides the thing onto his key ring.

(fun fact, tried doing a Kodama keychain, but at that size was having tons of trouble making it look recognizably like a Kodama. So Sootball it was!)

Anyway, For Robin and her awesome ideas for Commissions, and For Grim for her birthday and being an awesome person and author! :D <3


I realized I never posted this dorks’ information. So here it is! (Remember, these are based off of their Room and Board selves in sillynekorobin’s story. Not their game selves. The personalities would have been drastically different. I.E., Jak would be hot tempered, brooding and perceptive, etc. Dax would absent minded, inappropriate, etc.)

Jak’s personality traits are:
Great Kisser (Dax you lucky bastard)
AND Good Sense of Humor

(I got to choose an extra trait -Good Sense of Humor- from being a high level jock. I can do the same with Dax later on.)

His sign is Taurus, and his favorites are:
Music- Island Life
Food- Dim Sum
Color- Blue

Daxter’s personality traits are:
Good Sense of Humor
Socially Awkward
Party Animal

His sign is Aquarius, and his favorites are:
Music- Geek Rock
Food- Waffles
Color- Red

sillynekorobin replied to your post: Okay so is there a person alive who does not enjoy…

I miss the Denver Zoo! My dad used to live in Broomfield :) But my stepmother HATES zoos because in her opinion it’s inhumane to keep animals captive for ANY reason, so now every time I go to a zoo I have this undercurrent of guilt -_-

OMG. Small world! We live just south of Broomfield in Westminster!! :D And the Denver zoo has had some crazy cool renovations in recent years, there was a lot of different stuff today than I remember! It looks fantastic! And…Uh well it’s tricky, because yeah, they have a lot less room than I think they’re designed to…but also it’s like… becoming very hard to preserve some of these animals otherwise, and zoos at least don’t have poachers??
 IDK. We did happen to see some of the keepers working with a rhino, they had this gate he wanted to go through to get to a different enclosure, and he’s actually trained to kind of nudge up to the gate, then move back to the gate when it is ready to swing open, then he just went through, looked pretty happy. So at the Denver one they do work to keep the animals stimulated and not in the same exact enclosure every day…at least the Pachyderms, I suppose. But it was a really nice thing to see, how they have these little ways between the enclosures for the animal to take so they don’t get bored. Other enclosures for like, climbing animals, have really good amounts of things to climb and play on. As long as the animals aren’t mistreated or horrendously bored and miserable, I love zoos. And Denver I think has a really good one, it’s always been a good experience.

So, the house is being majorly glitchy, (Jak keeps floating and walking through the floor, and they can’t interact with each other) but thankfully the break ended quickly and I can work on a way to fix that while they’re back at University.

(This will have no effect on their wedding~ It’s being planned now~)

But here is Daxter in his formal clothes, modeled after the incredible and amazing spoopytime-meeko’s rendition of the outfit he wore in sillynekorobin’s Room and Board. (Mmm, skinny jeans)

I know it looks like bare chest, that’s intentional, but he’s actually wearing a tank top~

Robin ignore my butt-face I am between a 12-hour shift and my night shower, but

The Eagle has landed! <3

Or might I say, the Blottsel? ;D (that was cute, btw)

Now it is time for me to stare at the clays and/or my sketchbooks and fashion them in a way that is pleasing and proper payment to you, friend!

Thank you very much!



Finally! I redesigned Jak and Daxter’s dorm room to more closely resemble not only sillynekorobin’s Room and Board fic, but the lovely floor plan of spoopytime-meeko’s, which can be seen here:

I really hope you both feel like I’m bringing your ideas and illustrations to life ^^ The only difference I made is that Jak’s desk is positioned next to Daxter’s instead of next to the ‘totally not a secret ferret cage’, simply because there wasn’t enough space for it to fit without blocking the door.

I’m proud to have remembered to add Daxter’s radio he uses to tune into the weather and his bulletin board to post certain newspaper clippings about him above his desk too~

sillynekorobin said: “Breakfast power sandwich.” Wtf is so hard about just calling the thing “breakfast power sandwich” and leaving it at that? Now I want to walk into my Panera and say “Give unto me the sandwich which shall make me POWERFUL!!!”

Oh Robin! See that’s not even where it ends, because

We have an entirely different sandwich called the Breakfast Power Sandwich that comes with ham on it! Which is why I have to be real sure what exactly the customer means when they throw words at me because sometimes, they don’t even know what they’re talking about, and I prove it when I ask “that has this, this and this on it, is that ok?” and they look at me all bewildered.

They’re all “Power” sandwiches cause its the latest thing to attach the word to everything containing Spinach and kale and egg whites and whatever else is deemed healthy and good for you by the masses at the moment,

But this one they just


after a friggin’ LIST of ingredients strung together

And it sure doesn’t help that the little bagel thing on it is surprisingly hard to get out of your mouth in one try. SPROUTED GRAIN BAGEL FLAT.

IT’S A MOUTHFUL ALREADY why did they have to add Turkey Sausage to the name?? (since we already have the “Spinach and Egg White Avocado Power Sandwich) Just make some stupid catchy name for it.


SMH Whoever named this dumb thing just does not have any idea the slap in the face they just dealt the cashiers(or to be fair, the customers, because HOW YOU GONNA KEEP ALL THIS SHIT STRAIGHT ON THE DISPLAY MENUS MAN)