2P!Russia Boyfriend Headcanons

((okay ive gotten  shit ton of passive aggressive asks for him and china and romano they’re cOmIng PatienNce ples. ))

  • hi hello is this thing on yes thaNK YOU WELCOME FOLKS
  • app*
  • okay it jus one boy
  • ur boi
  • ;)))))))))
  • wowie what a man
  • such a tol boi i mean are you short????
  • are you tall??
  • it doesn’t matter
  • he;ll do it all
  • like i can see him in sweater vests and button ups and his lil scarf for some reason just with you on his shoulders mounting a paper plate on the wall because he’s fucking weird as hecke
  • SO
  • he wont cry if you call him that dont worry he isn’t a shark he’ll just snark
  • he m e mes im so sorry,,,,,
  • like he’s such a fucking dad it’s never funny they’re all from 2009 and you’re probably cringing but he thinks its funny and he doesn’t have a visible sense of humour so you chuckle and tell him that that cat in the ceiling is hilarious
    - “how did he get up there heh sillyy cat”  
     " :,<)) gee bab e i dunno aha h ahA" *scrapes teeth along cheese grater*
  • i havent even explained oh me oh m y
  • dearest apologies friends
  • viktor is seen by most as tall, dark, and mysterious (spoiler: he is),,,
  • i see him, also, as this , like, almost snobby quiet guy?? that was brought up sheltered from the outside world?? ya dig??
  • like
  • he doesn’t suck a whole bunch, he’s just inexperienced
  • he loves to read and write and is a pacifist ((so you could sayy,,,, he wanted to write, not fight,,,, ive already made three im so sorry))
  • so,,, he does not want to fight with you, eve r
  • but he will not hesitate to tell you if he doesn’t like something you’re doing
    - my dude doesn’t have time for fuckery
    - unless it’s meant to be fun
    - like,,,
    - he doesn’t want to be mean, but he doesn’t like that you are being mean, ya dig??????
  • anyway
  • so the dude is like Ivan, just harder??? like physically and emotionally
  • he’s been very distanced from people his whole life, so he comes off as rather blunt, crude, and cold,,
  • im sorry it’s not 2011 anymore someone drag me from this pit
  • he is like francois and kuro;;;;; he likes romanticism
  • he also likes quiet
  • so gentle, quiet dates at home are his favourite
  • he isn’t one for social interaction,,,
  • but if you really wanna, then he will go !
  • he really likes ballet and opera and classy things
  • my dude will d r a g you to recitals and performances all the time
  • he’s a theater nerd
  • you can hear him humming to les mis while he reads and francois hating the room a little bit less because of it
  • i feel like he’s actually so ripped but if his skin touched sunlight he would be banished to sibera
    - welcome home comrade
  • he likes,, soft
    - if you have a soft body he has a new pillow and a lead head
    - rip @ur thighs they are asleep
  • he and francois go to poetry slams often and he wants you to come too so he knows someone
  • he will lift you
  • unexpectedly
  • anywhere
  • if you are in the way you’re on the ceiling now bye
    like,,, you are i n the spot he needs to vaccuum at that exact second right then all the time what the hecke he just mopped and you’re s t an di n g
    i n
    th e f ll oor with your s OCKs
  • yOU were just in the Ga Ra ge you H e ck  Er
  • you’re on the chandelier now
  • no you’re not he needs to dust up there get down what the fuck e
    Swifter no Sweeping™ !!
  • he is ur mom and ur dad
  • did u do ur laundry?????????????? no?????????????? good he already did like seven weeks ago catch the fuck up
    “honey where are the ??? bills???”
    “i did them approximately eighteen billion years ago? get on my level?”
  • he speaks to you *and only you* in a friendly joking way
  • he speaks fluent sarcasm to everyone
    - if you aren’t familiar with the language you will be the first day into the relationship
  • t o u c h this boy he needs your touch like he needs a  i  r
  • he will most likely complain but he is a dirty liar
  • the dude’s hair is messy 24/7 but it looks  so,,, good,,,,

  • he’s an early riser but hates waking up which is The Worst™
    - he’s got breakfast ready at 3AM tho

  • read to him! he will Die

  • if you know russian he will never speak english to you again it’s settled
    -if you don’t you will never speak english again it’s settled, he’s teaching
    boy howdy would he be a sexy teacher holy fuck

  • i feel like his ass is so firm it could crush coconuts between its cheeks
    - its its own entity

  • he unfortunately is good friends with Zao and is unfortunately dragged on unfortunate events all the time, unfortunately,,,
    - save him
    - he is a cry for help

  • he goes on trips a lot and no on knows why? like sometimes he’s gone and then he’s back and everyone is like????? where go??
    - “i was in wales. doing things.”
    “hey sorry im late i didnt want to come”

  • he sometimes calls you in the middle of the night when he wakes up from a nightmare, but most of the time if you dont answer he’ll just listen to your voicemail so he knows you’re still there


  • he gives a good ol’ massage
    - not the most empathetic but he isn’t apathetic either, he just isn’t the best comforter

  • i feel like he is vladimir putin and leisurely rides bears with matt

  • i dont understand him at all like he will be crying in his bathtub, bottle of whiskey and pure vodka mixed, watching Barbie in the Pink Shoes one second and on top of the empire state building with three pitbull bodyguards and a Gucci cigar
    - i don’t eventhink those exist but he has one??? he doesn’t even smoke that often??

  • looks super cute baking muffins in a pink apron at 4pm on a Tuesday

  • looks super cute gutting a fish on a rock in the siberian tundra at 4am on a Thursday

  • he always wears longsleeves but looks SO GOOD in short sleeves or tanks like FUCK

  • his sweaters hide his secrets but you can wear them so you know he used to want to be a cowboy when he was seven and b o u g h t a wax replica of indiana jones for his collection

  • he looks so damn good in a suit holy shit

  • i feel like he’s a tailor but only for dolls, its cute
    - he will make you origami things all the time idk why he is so good at them tho

  • he’ll wrap the two of you in a blanket burrito on a hot day and refuse to let go
    “get off my lawn”

  • youre dating a grandpa

  • he is kinda a sugar daddy tho, but he’s reserved and doesn’t wave it because he is an Adult McGrownUp

  • actually is probably a traffic conductor in his spare time, but only in andorra? on the weekends? that’s probably where he actually is

  • viktor lOves tobe called vitya and its probably as good as a daddy kink

  • clevverr, clevverrr boi

  • hs is a Good Boi i promise

  • will be ur angle or ur dev i l tho ;))

  • just ask and he’s urs


miyakokurono  asked:

Can I get a HC for 707 and Zen react to MC who doesn't like to cry in front of people as it makes her feel weak and pathetic(she knows its not true but that's just how she feels when she Cry's which is very rare) although the odd time she will allow them to comfort her but most of the time she will just hide herself away or just curl up and hide her face? I understand if you don't feel comfortable writing this but thank you anyways.

Hey, thanks for the request! I hope I managed to do it some kind of justice!


  • takes off his glasses because “now I can’t see you cry, MC, so you don’t need to worry”
  • but gets it, honestly
  • has spent a lot of time hiding his real feelings and pushing people away, so he kind of understands how you feel
  • will give you space whenever you need it
  • but is always low-key keeping an eye on you from a distance to make sure you’re ok
  • will be extra cheerful whenever you’re feeling down, hoping he can lift your spirits by acting silly
  • is over the moon on the rare occasions you actually let him comfort you,
  • will wrap you up in his hoodie for long hugs and lots of smooches until you’re feeling better 


  • felt a little awkward the first time you shied away from him when you were upset
  • was scared that you weren’t comfortable sharing that side of yourself with him,but when he found out that’s just the kind of person you are, he understood
  • tries to keep his distance when you need some space
  • but is constantly reminding you that you’re so brave and amazing and that it’s ok for you to cry, you have nothing to be ashamed about
  • there’s just constant praise from this boy
  • wishes he could support when things get tough for you, the way you did for him
  • but would never do something that makes you uncomfortable
  • whenever you let him comfort you, he’ll cuddle with you, stroking his hands through your hair and telling you how tough and beautiful you are, and how precious you will always be to him 

(Real life came up, and it’s taking a little longer to work on requests than I anticipated, but to anyone who has sent in/sends in a request, I am definitely working through them slowly!)

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Tanaka fluff like omg, I need that shit in my life. Idc what it is.

best senpai boi

  • gets super emotional about cute puppy videos 
  • also cat videos
  • and like, all videos that shows animals being cute and silly
  • is the kind of person that sends his friends “saw this and thought of u” 
  • would walk a mile with a bag of rocks if it made his sad friend happy bc they like rocks and he is on his way to deliver them
  • super cool dude bro friend to kids 
  • kids love him
  • could, would and will spend a whole day at a cat café to cuddle cats 
  • or owls at owl café’s
  • shoujo manga boi who totally rescues stray animals in the rain 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons on what it'd be like to be best friends and/or have dinner with the Pevensies? :)

Hey! I did this for them individually, if you wanted one for dinner with the whole crew let me know :)


  • loves to eat, but is too impatient to make his own meals
  • you’re like another one of his siblings
  • he just loves you so much that he will spoil you silly
  • is constantly taking you to five star restaurants
  • even if those restaurants are hours away
  • you two make adventures out of the trips
  • once he insisted on visiting a wax museum
  • the goal is to never have the same dish from two different restaurants
  • your palate has developed so much since you met him
  • as a tradition, you both split the most bizarre dessert on the menu
  • when the bill comes Peter insists on paying
  • you offer to pay every single time but he’ll only let you pay the tip


  • quite the cooker
  • every Friday, you bring a new recipe over to her house for dinner
  • she tries so hard to teach you how to cook
  • it seems like every time you’re assigned a task you get too busy chatting with her and forget
  • very forgiving when things go wrong
  • “you know what, why don’t you just sit down and talk to me while I make it?”
  • you happily pull up a chair and gossip
  • she’s always worried that the food won’t be good
  • in reality the meals are so good you both devour them and leave no leftovers (much to Peter’s disappointment)
  • because she cooks it all you wash the dishes
  • Susan protests only once that you don’t have to
  • really, she’s relieved she doesn’t have to do it


  • will only cook as a last resort
  • invites you over to eat takeout with him
  • Edmund will memorize your takeout order and have it waiting for you when you arrive
  • movie marathons while you snack
  • you don’t know how many times the two of you have watched Star Wars
  • he learns what your favorite type of candy is and has a bowl full of it on the kitchen table
  • dinner is always very casual
  • usually you’re both in sweatpants
  • he will steal bites of your food and then pretend he didn’t take anything
  • you both always order waaaaaay too much, but whatever you don’t eat Ed will
  • even if it makes him horribly sick
  • and no matter how full you are you eat all of his candy


  • honestly I see her as being vegetarian or vegan just because she loves animals so much
  • makes really good food??
  • probably makes a lot of juices that you enjoy sampling
  • you were skeptical of the first meal she ever gave you
  • brown rice pasta was something you had never tried
  • but it became your new favorite thing
  • every time you go over, the table would be all set and fancy
  • she likes to have fresh flowers as the centerpiece
  • dinner chit chat starts off casual and always develops into a deep conversation
  • you learn a lot about Lucy during your talks after dinner
  • she’ll never send you home without a to go cup of decaf coffee and extra dessert

i can’t believe im getting anon hate for thinking hannah montana’s wardrobe looks silly

I knew this website would gang up on me eventually but i never could’ve guessed that this is how it would unfold 

 wow Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender is so cool and strong and beautiful  She is my fave, <3 <3 I’m so glad she and Sokka ended up together and it's definitely not because I identify with Sokka the most out of all the characters and imagine myself in that relationship don’’’t be sillyy. II am 10000%% straihgt listten,.,,,

Our Story Begins- Sammy Wilk Imagine

Chapter 14

 Sam’s Pov  

      People come in and out of our lives, all this for a reason. We learned so who deserves value and who doesn’t deserve any value. We also learned that each of them had a reason for entering our lives. Jamie came into my life. She made me love her. But then, she left me, she came out of my life. I thought I would never find anyone, until I met Y/N. She came into my life and messed up everything! I feel something very strong for her. I feel that she entered and will stay in my life. This feeling that I’m having now, is very complicated. I don’t know if I like her because I want to forget Jamie, or because I really like Y/N. I don’t want to be using her just to forget Jamie.

      But now, right now, with Y/N in my arms, I’m not thinking about Jamie. Perhaps my search is over, I don’t know. There are millions of girls in this world. But selves into this time, I found the right. I wanted to tell her everything I’m feeling, but I have not the courage for that. I think Y/N and I have a destiny together. There are so many houses here and so many neighborhoods, how did precisely I met the most amazing girl in the world who lives in front of my house? That must have some reason, right? Why is it that Jamie appeared again in my life? Does the target is trying to confuse me? Telling me that I made the wrong choice and I lost Jamie and I met someone different, only to show me that Jamie is the right girl, and I let her go? It’s all confused.

Your Pov

      After spending the afternoon with Sam, I went home. I went to open the door, but it was already open “Wtf? I had locked it before leaving…” I went home and heard the TV on. Thank God it was just Josh watching TV on the couch. I walked slowly, I wanted to scare him. But when I was very close to him, he turned and who ended up being scared I was. “Ah!! How did you know it was me?” I asked and sat down beside him. “Let’s say I saw you through the door and saw her reflection in the mirror,” he said and smiled. “I do not believe it! I forgot that stupid mirror” I said and put my hand on my face. It made Josh laugh. “How was your day? Not found ourselves after the restaurant…” I asked. “When you went to the bathroom, I talked to the boys. They are really cool. But I can not talk to Sam… He closes completely with me…” Josh looked dumbfounded. I looked away from him and looked at the TV. “Sometimes he’s so… He, he just wants to protect me..” I said without looking at him. “He wants to protect you from what? From me?” He said hurt. I could not look at him, so I looked down. Josh held my hands “Hey, I will not harm you at all. I never will.” I felt my eyes getting wet. “But… you already hurt me. You made love you and then you just left me, you left me alone…” He sighed “I know and this was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my life. I was happy and I did not know. But I came behind you, I want you to forgive me.” I do not quite know if Josh was being honest with me. He already hurt me once,why would he not hurt me again? I got up from the sofa and said there was nothing to forgive him. I went to my room and slammed the door. I lay in bed. Strange as that seems, those tears that wanted to fall before, they didn’t fall. I was lying on the bed, just sad. I took my notebook and open skype. Sam was online. A few seconds later, we were already talking. (S= Sam  Y= You)

S: Hey babe (:
Y: Heey hon, how are you?
S: I’m better now are you?
I wanted dzer tusdo that was horrible, but I do not want to worry him
Y: I’m fine, my love
S: That’s fine (: We’re going out tomorrow
Y: I have to see if I can go…
S: That was not a request.
Y: Oh, of course! (I said ironically) is you who will plan my life now?
S: Of course I will. And the first thing is that you will always be by my side
Y: You fool
S: silly
Y: Ugly
S: Ugly
Y: Your boring
S: You’re beautiful
Y: You’re cute
S: I love you
My heart stopped. My breathing became faster, so I answered
Y: I love you more.
After a while, we decided to put the webcam. Sam was lying on the sofa, with only her face showing. He looked very tired. I smiled to see it
S: How is being away from me?
Y: It’s the worst thing in the world…
I said and put my note aside and lay down in bed, laying me almost like him.
Y: I feel so alone…
I did not say that wanting something. I was even feeling alone and abandoned. My mother has not even given me news. I barely looked at Sam.
S: I wanted to be there with you…
I looked at the webcam and saw that Sam looked at me. I wanted to be with him now … We still talk a lot later. When I looked at the clock, were three forty-five in the morning. I was dead tired.
Y: Babe, I’ll go to sleep.
I said barely let your eyes open
S: Do not turn off the webcam, so it seems that we are together.
Sam did not seem so sleepy. I closed my eyes and listened to Sam sing a calm and soft music for me to fall asleep.


Part 15? i’m so sorry if it takes me years to post a new chapter.. I have so much things to do ):