This is the Lock Screen/Home Screen tag 

Mine (of course) are these gay ninja dorks (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I love them so much! And serious kudos to the amazing artist that drew them ٩(^ꇴ^)۶

As for tagging other people… I’m not sure how many you are supposed to tag but I will tag: kungfuskittle​ – twinsacrifice​ – ragginess​ – sasunaru-forever-narusasu​ – masamumu​ – marcelekprecelek​ – gummikeii​ (as always you don’t have to do it) and if you have already done it sorry for tagging you in it again…

AND OF COURSE! a big thanks to the awesome rosswen113 for tagging me! It made me so happy! 

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favourite drawing blogs?? :)

okokokok I follow at least 2 million art blogs so if I could I would put them all but heres a few that I really love and have really helped me inprove my own art.

sillybro  (The blog that inspired me to start my own drawing blog)

arcanabreak  (Her line less drawings and shading will be the end of me)

punziella  (Amazing edits and I cry every time I look at her work)

happy-lollipop  (I’ve been a fan of her since the beginning of time)

always—an—artist  (A really good friend of mine who really deserves more followers)

megzilla87  (Another friend of mine who helped me with textured brushes and is kinda good at everything..)