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Sorry if I missed anyone and I hope  you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year !


you know what i may be reading too much into this but i dont fucking care. i logged on a few hours ago and i felt like shit i just felt horrible and then i logged on to my valentine, jess, and we were talking and she made me feel 2000% better and then i was scrolling through my dash and i saw colfersglasses so i read the post carefully and it was fucking jess complimenting me so i was happy and i was blushing and i was flailing and then whats this? my prince andrew fucking added to it and what was he doing? making me feel good about myself. and then, oh! meg liked and reblogged it and she is one of the nicest and funniest people i know, and then sara reblogged it like seriously she’s my fav and so i was all /)*u*(\ and then anna fucking reblogs it and her fucking tags were telling me to never change and there were legit tears and then people that i’d never even talked to reblogged and liked the post ok moral of this story is that even if theyre not right next to me, i have the best of friends ever and you all make my life 80,000,000 times better