Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

Random Actions-Edition {Action Starters}
  • *punches you in the face*
  • *dips and kisses you*
  • *hands you an ice cream cone*
  • *pokes your cheek*
  • *turns off the lights*
  • *spills coffee on your lap*
  • *throws ball at you*
  • *hands you a bouquet of flowers*
  • *drops a sandwich in your lap*
  • *boops your nose*
  • *hands you a kitten*
  • *hits you over the head with a book*
  • *pats your head*
  • *runs right into you*
  • *hands you a puppy*
  • *pours a bucket of water on the floor*
  • *slams door in your face*
  • *hands you a gun*
  • *tosses video game controller at you*
  • *puts tiara on your head*
  • *splashes water on your face*
  • *throws glitter on you*
  • *hands you a hamster*
  • *pushes you into a lake*
  • *ties a bowtie in your hair*
  • *pushes you against the wall*
  • *offers you a doughnut*
  • *puts hand over your mouth*
  • *smacks you with a shoe*
  • *slaps you across the face*

Hey look at that! A new episode! Reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated! I just want to say that the speech that I wrote for Nagisa wasn’t a huge call out against our fans. I love our fans dearly. But entertainment is a form of self expression and you always put parts of yourself into characters that you write. I’ve been doing this show for a few years now and it’s winding towards the end, so why not get a little weird? I wrote Nagisa’s little rant as some one who is a queer individual working and being privy to a culture that fetishizes the queer lifestyle. I don’t think this is MALICIOUS but sometimes its odd and upsetting. 50% Off may be a silly abridged series but it is by and large a show about queer characters, written by myself (a queer person) and made of course with love from both me and Alex alike. I hope we can have some fun with the last few episodes and continue till the end making a goofy show that treats queer people with respect while we poke a little fun. Y’now, and make jokes about supreme brain overlords, cursed amulets, and of course swimming!


General Danvers + text messages [1/?] (insp)


I’ve owed dealanexmachina this comic for like, ever. 

for some reason it really bugs me when people say it isn’t, so just so we’re clear: animorphs is a children’s series. it’s written expressly for children and preteens. it’s young adult lit at the most. it’s goofy and full of holes and ridiculous plot lines sometimes. yes there are dark and fucked up parts, but there are dark and fucked up parts in 98% of novels and series targeted to that age group. i mean, look at harry potter! those are meant to grow with the reader, but it’s still a kid’s series. it’s made for kids and kids read it and can handle the content and it’s good. you don’t have to say “these aren’t for kids!!! they’re SO MUCH BETTER and DARK and GRITTY!!!” to make people take you or the series you enjoy seriously.

“You’ve gotta clean the stone first.”

Excuse me, I know what I’m doing. I’m the one that almost became an engineer in this room.”

Cabbie/illegal tinker Mark and newspaper boy with a part-time job Jack. If you’ve seen the old steampunk sketch of these two I did a loooooong time ago, you know what I’m up to. 

I actually don’t even know if this is steampunk. this is more like neo-steampunk, or a bad mix of sci-fi and victorian fashion. 

Bonus process GIF, even though almost nothing have changed since the last one: 

So I’ve been watching Brave Police J-Decker and have been loving the shit out of it but I realized I’ve taken quite a few screenshots with observations and posted them on my twitter account (which you should totally follow), but not on here! So here goes. 

First, I noticed this little reference in episode one (and a couple others) to another famous robot police officer. 

Not to mention, I realized that Deckerd’s name is itself a reference to a sci-fi detective who may or may not be a robot himself. 

Then, there was this one episode where the bad guys concocted a gas that makes people believe really stupid things are cool, basically creating fads to make everyone look really stupid. 

Then it seems the group that subbed the show had some disagreement about one of the episode titles. 

Then in the same episode, we get one of the best explanations for a design element ever. 

Then I recently got to an episode where a panda grows to immense size (it’s that kind of show) and the show demonstrates an excellent self-awareness of its own nature. 

We also get the formation of a new religion which I’m sure many people would be into. 

Then, after they’ve gotten the panda to stop destroying the city, this 1994 anime semi-predicts the future of children’s media. 

And finally, McCrane has a really weird way of flirting. 

That’s all for now. last episode I watched was 20, so please no spoilers.

Pirate meta of doom

by request of @quirkygown , I have very carefully not really sorta kinda put together a fun lil’ meta about the parallels between young Victor Trevor wearing an eye patch and John Watson getting shot in the eyeball.

First, let’s say for funzies that EMP is not involved, and Sherlock was alive and awake for the bizarre duration of TLD.  I have theories about the wonky timeline in that episode, but for now we will stick to what we were given.

The opening scene in TLD is an image of a literal smoking gun.  

Then it pans slowly down 

I assure you, if I could do gifs, I’d be all over that, but I’m not that crafty.

And lands on an image of John on his back with only his right eye showing.  The angle is strange and is probably done that way because, well, artistic intent. or whatever. But also as if we are experiencing this from John’s level.    The next frame is from above John:

Again we only get a shot (haha) of John’s right eye.  He does not appear as one would after being shot with a tranquilizer gun.  He looks more like he is in shock.  Also- tranq guns don’t smoke.  that’s what the inter-webs told me.

The scene changes to John lying in bed (not this hardwood floor) with an imaginary Mary.  The rest of the episode goes on.  This is where the Mind Bungalow theory comes in.  And the wonky timeline.  

At the end of TLD, Eurus confronts John and the big reveal is that she’s Sherlock’s sister etc. and says she wants to put a hole in his face.  

And fires a shot. We don’t see the bullet leave the chamber, but there is a puff of smoke and we get this:

Which is very James Bond, but also suggests blood running through John’s vision, since we are made to look at it through his eyes.  

Now I could post a bunch of links from Google to pages where people discuss getting shot in the head vs. the eye and basically it breaks down to this.  If it is a glancing blow, it can destroy the vision with bone fragments but not penetrate the brain.  Others said that you can survive without quite a bit of brain matter, but that is neither here nor there.  My best source was the director of a particular series involving zombies and a character getting shot in the eye.  Not gonna spoiler it.  

I theorize that Eurus didn’t want to kill John so much as use him as bait for Sherlock.  The “miss me” implies Moriarty after all, and she claimed that Culverton gave her the original note.  And she was surprised he missed the invisible writing and probs needed a new way to bring Sherlock to her.  But let’s not get into that.  Let’s talk about pirates instead!  

In ASiB, when Mycroft tells John about Irene and speaks of Sherlock’s heart, he mentions that Sherlock wanted to be a pirate.  This was startling news to John because he had just stated that the man didn’t feel things the way others do.  So it humanized his friend.  And of course Mycroft teases Sherlock with the pirate thing in T6T but John wasn’t there for that.  Unless…[insert other wild theories I have]

So if we follow the Mind Bungalow theory- that John has been injured and is currently hanging out in his version of a MP while in a coma- and that he is basically dreaming all of TFP, and I would link the metas on all this, but I’m tired and  bit lazy, so here’s the gist.  Every imaginable movie tropes from John’s fav genres, the little girl on the plane is a mirror for John being in a coma and doesn’t know how to land, Molly is a mirror in that she’s wearing the same sweater as when she played John in TEH and is looking sad and lonely at home and making tea and pining after Sherlock etc, and tiny baby Victor Trevor, Sherlock’s only friend, looking a lot like a little John.  Plaid shirts and such. Adorbs.  He has an eye patch over his left eye and was put in a well by Eurus.  If none of this is real, and all of it is John, he easily could have made that connection because wherever Sherlock went, John followed and if Sherlock wants to be a pirate, so will he.  Because that’s what he deduces about Sherlock’s heart.

So yeah, I guess in conclusion, I’m saying that John got shot in or around his left eyeball, and will have to wear a sexy new eye patch which Sherlock will think is awesome.  

so there it is; my slapdash eye patch theory in all its glory.  possibly with typos.  Based off of this post