12 Days Left to Chicon!

This is the first in a silly, smutty little series of drabbles written for my @oriona75 as we count down to Chicon. It’s a single!Jared and single!Ori au and is totally just for fun.

Ori smooths her dress for the hundredth time. She knows she looks good, knows that she should just be reveling in this moment. And she is. The whole weekend has been perfect, but the last hour, the J2 panel with the boys laughing and talking with the audience just as perfectly as she’d imagined, has been incredible. And now she’s standing in line, waiting to enter a room where Jared Padalecki is waiting to wrap her in his long moose arms for a picture.

“Nervous?” Kim grins, cheeks flushed with excitement. Kim’s done this before, but Ori can tell she’s still buzzing with excitement, more than ready to do it again.

“A little,” Ori admits. “I just…he’s right in there!”

Kim laughs. “Yep. With his pink lips. The ones that are the same color as his cock.”

Kim repeats the old joke one more time, knowing that it flusters Ori. Ori thinks she just likes making her squirm.

But the line is moving before she has too much time to dwell on it, and suddenly she’s in a smaller room, a surge of something intense in the air as classic rock music blares. She watches as Kim starts dancing to the music, not caring about making a fool of herself.

And then she sees him. He’s standing in front of the tall backdrop, making a silly face at the camera as Chris takes some test shots. Ori’s breath catches in her throat as she realizes that everyone was right. He’s even more beautiful in person. Bigger somehow, with this warmth radiating off of him. Kim is suddenly silent, staring at him with wide eyes.

Ori smooths her dress one more time, trying her best not to think about how Jared will sound and smell, trying her best not to hyperventilate before she gets to him.

Before she knows it, it’s her turn, and Kim is gently nudging her forward, straight into the arms of a smiling JarPad.

OMG I forgot this thing xD Before we started the Beetlejuice and Lydia’s webserie, we planned to do a Joker x Harley webserie xD This is the intro of it, but never happened anyways. ;.; HAHA

Tell me what you think xD

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